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Sun Jan 7 1996

Sum: Non-Converging Discourse

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  1. "Henk Wolf", Summary: non-converging discourse

Message 1: Summary: non-converging discourse

Date: Sun, 07 Jan 1996 00:01:22 +0700
From: "Henk Wolf" <>
Subject: Summary: non-converging discourse
Many thanks to everyone who responded to my query on non-converging
discourse. I will pass everything on to Reitze Jonkman, for whom I put
the query on.

Below I will give a short summary of the regions or language pairs you
mentioned, realizing that I am not giving full credit to the sometimes
very detailed and richly illustrated responses you all so kindly

Emylene Aspilla: the Philippines: English/Visayan/Spanish-Tagalog a.o.
Hartmut Haberland, Mikael Parkvall, Louis A. Pitschmann, Reinhard
F. Hahn: the Scandinavian languages
Karen S. Chung: ethnic Chinese in Malaysia, using different Chinese
Ruud Harmsen: Dutch and Afrikaans on Internet
Sheila McGregor: Scotland: English and Scots
David Nash: Australia: several languages
Anouk Hoedeman: Canada: immigrant Dutch/Frisian and English, French
and English
Elena Bertoncini: Czech and Slovaks
Peter McGraw: Alsace: French and Alsatian
Bruce Donaldson: South-Africa: Afrikaans and English
Christopher M. Stevens: North Frisia
Jan Tent: Fiji: Fijian lects with other lects and English, Fiji Hindi
and Shudh Hindi
Reinhard F. Hahn: Northern Germany: Low Saxon (Low German) and High
German; Israel: Polish, Yiddish and Hebrew; different Turkic
Norbert Strade: Finland (historical): Finnish and Swedish; Norwegian
and Saami.
K. Reinhardt: South-West of the USA: English and Spanish.

Joerge Koch provided me with the following reference: Brigitte
Jordan/Nancy Fuller (1975): On the Non-Fatal Nature of Trouble:
Sense-Making and Trouble-Managing in Lingua Franca talk. Semiotica 13,

David Nash gave a reference to a paper he wrote: Warlmanpa lost and
found, to appear in _Can Aboriginal and Islander languages survive?_,
ed. by P. McConvell & R. Amery. ?University of Queensland Press.

Christopher M. Stevens provided this one: Walker, A.G.H. 1980. "North
Frisian and linguistics". Nottingham Linguistic Circular, vol. 9,
no. 1, pp.18-31.

and Hartmut Haberland referred to his paper: Daenisch, eine kleine
Sprache in der EU, in heteroglossia (Ancona) 5, 1993
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