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Sun Feb 25 1996

FYI: Shanghai Linguist, Cyrillic texts

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  1. Lu Bingfu, Reannouncement of Shanghai Linguist
  2. Krasner Vitaly, Cyrillic texts

Message 1: Reannouncement of Shanghai Linguist

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 22:04:43 PST
From: Lu Bingfu <>
Subject: Reannouncement of Shanghai Linguist
 In the previous announcement of Shanghai linguist, I forgot to put
 the method to subscribe. Here it is now.

 We are pleased to announce the establishment of interenet forum
 of Shanghai linguists.

 The principle goal of this forum is to promote the understanding
 of and research in Shanghai Chinese -- the language spoken by citizens
 of the largest city on earth. Although it has always been referred to
 as a dialect of Chinese, and although it shares a large portion of its
 vocabulary with standard Chinese, Shanghai Chinese is different enough
 in its phonology, morphology and even syntax from standard Chinese
 that it is a unique linguistic system in its own right. A more
 rigorous study of this system will no doubt enrich our knowledge of
 human languages in general and of Shanghai Chinese in particular.
 Toward that end, this forum provides an ideal environment where people
 can solicit data or exchange ideas related to Shanghai Chinese without
 having to disturb those who are not interested in these matters. With
 the help of every one of its participants including you, we trust this
 forum will prove its worth to you.

 If you need to post a message to this forum, simply mail it to But if you decide to subscribe to it in the
 future, please remember that you should send in you request to The message body should just be:
	subscribe shanghai yourfirstname yourlastname
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Message 2: Cyrillic texts

Date: Thu, 08 Feb 1996 18:32:40 +0300
From: Krasner Vitaly <>
Subject: Cyrillic texts
Dear colleague,

If you or your friends have to deal with Cyrillic texts in your work, you are 
welcome to the new series of the CyrWin cyrillisators:

CyrWin for MS Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 and Windows NT.

We also call your attention to the universal gallery of Cyrillic
TrueType fonts suitable for all three operating systems
 listed above.

 The major purpose of using the Cyrillisator is to provide you
 with the ability to
- work with a Cyrillic interface;
- switch keyboard layouts by means of a wide variety of hot keys;
- have the current status of the keyboard indicated;
- customize your keyboard layout;
- read Cyrillic texts using the included set of Cyrillic True Type fonts.

We offer you the following products:

1. CyrWin 4.0 for Windows 3.1x - a powerful multilingual support 
 system allows you to

* Substitute standard Windows fonts for their Cyrillic analogues. 
(Standard Windows fonts are used in Windows menus and dialogue
 boxes, Help-texts, Print Preview presentations, etc.)
* Automatically adjust system fonts when switching the video mode;

* Edit a keyboard layout and save various layouts using the simple and 
intuitive Keyboard Layout Editor. A number of ready-to-use 
keyboard layouts for several languages are also available.
 By modifying an existing layout, you can develop the desired one.
 For instance, if you need the Ukrainian layout, you can add extra 
 characters to the standard Russian layout and save 
 the result under a new name. In the alternative ("Russian") mode
 you can use the "third layout" by pressing the ALT key. 
 For example, it is useful to include in such a layout some
 characters ("?","-","/" and other special symbols) that are absent
 from the Russian layout. 

* Use a number of functions which work with large font collections. First, 
you can view font samples before the fonts are actually
 installed in Windows. 
 Second, you can divide the collection of fonts into groups
 (Windows standard font group, Cyrillic font group, etc.) and then
 manipulate them instead of manipulating single fonts. Third, you 
 can assign hot keys to the most frequently used fonts.
* Install CyrWin 4.0 in the national version of Windows. Such an 
 installation allows you to use the above described powerful
 features of CyrWin 4.0. In particular, the keyboard layout editing,
 quick switching of keyboard layouts, and font managment are 
 available. Files created in DOS programs are compatible with 
 Windows applications and vice versa. The system fonts installed
 by CyrWin are automatically restored after a change in
 display driver or an occasional failure.

 CyrWin 4.0 requires:
-Windows 3.1x (national, in particular Russian, version is
- Processor 80286 (or better) IBM-compatible computer;
- 2 MB of free space on your hard disk.

 CyrWin 4.0 for Windows 3.1x has already been successfully distributed for 
some years. Among the users of CyrWin 4.0 there
are Embassies of the USA, France, Canada, Belgium, New Zealand,
as well as the Moscow offices of AT&T GIS, General Electric, 
Technoware Ltd. from Tokyo (installed in Japanese Windows) and
 many others.

2. CyrWin 95 for Windows 95 allows you to

* Use the set of Cyrillic system fonts which make it possible to work
 with any Cyrillic program. Use the set of Cyrillic (Russian) TrueType
 fonts (3 typefaces, 12 fonts) in the Unicode coding. These fonts are 
 compatible with the fonts from the previous CyrWin versions and 
 have the same names, so CyrWin users will not have to change 
 fonts in a previously created document.

* Use several alternative layouts to work on bi- or multilingual 
 documents during one Windows session.

* Create new, and modify existing keyboard layouts, in a wide variety of 
possible ways. To switch layouts, you can use one of the
 following methods:
- Press the switching key (CTRL, SHIFT,...) or key combination (a control 
key+regular key(s)). Languages in the list are switched 
- Choose the desired keyboard layout from the list using the mouse pointer.
- Press the shortcut key assigned to the given language.
 The built-in Keyboard Layout Editor allows you to develop new
 layouts,as well as to modify the existing ones. You can easily 
 customize key assignments. To make an assignment you simply
 click on the desired key image and then on the character from the 
 character table. With CyrWin 95, you can, in addition ,to the usual
 keyboard layout, also use characters that are accessed with 
 special key combinations including Right ALT and Right ALT + 
 SHIFT. Thus each of the keys can be used in four modes 
 (as it is, combined 
 with SHIFT,combined with Right ALT, combined with Right
 ALT+SHIFT) allowing you to enter almost all of the characters
 directly from your keyboard. It is extremely convenient when you 
 use different kinds of special, graphic,mathematical or mnemonic
 characters. Such a "multidimensional" keyboard allows you to 
 enter characters of another language in a temporary mode. For
 example, working on a Russian text, you can put in an English 
 word or character without changes in the layout - it can be done
 simply by holding down the Right ALT key. It is proved that such
 input of multilingual texts kept in line with Windows 95 approach)
 helps to avoid dispersion of attention while switching layouts and 
 reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury.
* Download your files created in DOS programs to Windows 95 
 applications and vice versa.

* Have a handy customized indicator of the current keyboard status.

3. CyrWin NT for Windows NT 3.5 and 3.51 offers the same features and 
capabilities as the CyrWin described above. CyrWin NT allows
you to work with the Cyrillic fonts on both MS Windows NT Server 
and MS Windows NT Workstation.

All the CyrWin versions include the built-in function UNINSTALL. It gives you 
an optional ability to delete the previous CyrWin version
or to completely delete CyrWin.
4. The Font Gallery for Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 and Windows NT
 contains 21 typefaces of Cyrillic TrueType fonts divided into the
 following groups:

*	art
*	business
*	education
*	pressman
*	science.

 These fonts are compatible with all the MS Windows operating
 It means that you can create a document in the Windows 
 3.1x text editor and then easily read it in the Windows 95 or
 Windows NT text editor using the same fonts and vice versa. In 
 other words, the text looks the same in any of the listed operating 
 systems. Clearly, you can also substitute the language used for the
 new one you need and continue your work with the same fonts.
 Interactive installation program makes it easy to install the fonts on
 your computer. The original package includes two 1.44 MB diskettes 
 and the manual where all the available fonts from the Font Gallery 
 are presented.

 All the supplied products are provided with the technical support of
 the producer by E-mail, fax, and phone.

For more information,contact with us


Fax:(718) 373-94-51

We hope that you will be interested in our products.

PS: Please indicate programs with Cyrillic fonts that you may be
interested in:
- optical recognition of Cyrillic texts;
- intellectual spell checker;
- automatic bi-directional translators;
- information retrieval system;
- other programs.
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