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Sun Feb 25 1996

FYI: Indo-European newsletter, Book on bi/multilingualism

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  1., Indo-European Newsletter
  2. Jane Garry, Book on Bi/Multilingualism

Message 1: Indo-European Newsletter

Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 11:34:47 PST
From: <>
Subject: Indo-European Newsletter
A new edition of the Indo-European Newsletter has just appeared. It contains
news, listings of new books and upcoming conferences as well as essays.
The focus of most of the essays in this edition concern recent developments
in Germanic.
Among the short reports in this issue are:
 a report by E.J.W. Barber on her trip to China;
 a summary of papers presented at the XIIth ICHL conference by Carol
 a note by Fredrik Hiebert on his work on the desert oases of western
 Central Asia and its relation to Xinjiang (as well as a summary
 of his recent archaeological work on the Indo-Iranians);
 a report on the recent Hittite finds in Kusakli, Turkey.

The essays in this issue include:
 Commentary on the terms Old, Middle, and Late Indo-European by
 Alfred Bammesberger.
 Recent Developments in Continental Celtic: Addendum by Joseph Eska
 Essays on Germanic:
 Report on Recent Runic Finds by Tineke Looijenga
 Additional Remarks by Heiner Eichner
 On the Consonants of Proto-Germanic and the Second Consonant
 Shift in German by Chris Stevens
 New Publications: Recent Work on Proto-Germanic and Northwest
 Germanic by A. Bammesberger

Subscription rates: $10 for students, $20 for U.S./Canada, $25 for
outside U.S./Canada. (Checks should be made payable to "UCLA
Foundation/FAIES" and mailed to: FAIES, 2143 Kelton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
90025. Please include your mailing address.) Contributions go toward
publication of two newsletters per year, prizes at the annual UCLA IE
conference for best paper by a new scholar, and lectures during the academic
year and at the annual conference. The newsletter is formally associated
with the Indo-European Studies Program at UCLA, but includes much
information for those interested in Indo-European both within the U.S. and

For further information, please contact: Deborah Anderson, Vis. Scholar,
Dept. of Linguistics, 2337 Dwinelle Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley CA
94720; e-mail:

Past issues are also available. The last newsletter focused
on Tocharian (its linguistic position among the dialects), but also
included an update on Continental Celtic as well as an article by Joseph
Greenberg and a memorial in honor of Sandor Bokonyi.
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Message 2: Book on Bi/Multilingualism

Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 20:59:46 EST
From: Jane Garry <>
Subject: Book on Bi/Multilingualism

The Acquisitions Editor requests that any further responses to the
posting for a linguist with popular writing style to write book on
bi-/multilingualism and the mind be submitted by U.S. mail only. Thanks.

Contact: Aquisitions Editor
	 Plenum Publishing
 233 Spring Street
	 New York, NY 10013
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