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TOC: Rivista di Linguistica 7,1(1995)

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  1. Bertinetto Pier Marco, TOC: Rivista di Linguistica 7,1(1995)

Message 1: TOC: Rivista di Linguistica 7,1(1995)

Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 12:28:56 -0400
From: Bertinetto Pier Marco <>
Subject: TOC: Rivista di Linguistica 7,1(1995)
Dear Colleagues,
I am glad to inform you that "Rivista di Linguistica" begins a new life
with a new publisher:

 Pacini, via della Gherardesca 1, I-56121 Ospedaletto PI (Italy).

I list below the content of issue 7,1 (1995). Issue 7,2 will soon appear;
8,1 is under processing. Please enjoy!

Number 7,1 (1995): 
"The Phonetic Origins of Sound Change" (guest-edited by C.A. Fowler)

Carol A. Fowler:
Bjorn Lindblom, Susan Guion, Susan Hura, Seung-Jae Moon & Raquel Willerman:
 Is sound change adaptive?
Richard Mowrey & William Pagliuca:
 The reductive character of articulatory evolution
John J. Ohala & Maria Grazia Busa:
 Nasal loss before voiceless fricatives: A perceptually-based sound 
Patrice Speeter Beddor & David Evans-Romaine:
 Acoustic-perceptual factors in phonological assimilations: A study of 
 syllable-final nasals
Kirk A. Widdison:
 An acoustic and perceptual study of the Spanish sound change s > h
Joaquin Romero:
 An articulatory view of historical /s/-aspiration in Spanish. 

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