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Thu Feb 29 1996

Sum: Sicilian

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  1. Dan Maxwell, Summary: Sicilian

Message 1: Summary: Sicilian

Date: 28 Feb 1996 23:14:10 EST
From: Dan Maxwell <>
Subject: Summary: Sicilian
A few weeks ago I asked for information on sicilian and venetian dialects of
Italian. I got three answers, all concerning Sicilian. Deborah Dubartell of
the linguistic program at Edinborough university of Pennsylvania noted that
Sicilian should be considered a separate language(rather than a kind of
Italian), at least according to the common linguistic criterion of mutual
intelligibility. Furthermore, there are bilingual Italian-Sicilian
dictionaries. Michael Mazzola of No. Illinois University recommended his own
book "Proto-Romance and Sicilian" as well as more recent materials at the
University of Palermo. Chris de Santis of Brigham Young University offered an
additional reference called "Arba Sicila: La revista de folclori e littiratura
di la lingua siciliana." This has information not only about literature, but
also about music and poetry. 

I hereby thank these respondents, while at the same time regretting that no
Venetian savants had anything to offer. 

Dan Maxwell
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