LINGUIST List 7.313

Thu Feb 29 1996

FYI: Research, Web Server

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  1. Sandra Whiteside, research studentships
  2. John C. Mallery, ANNOUNCE: Common Lisp Web Server (58.3a)

Message 1: research studentships

Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 14:59:18 GMT
From: Sandra Whiteside <>
Subject: research studentships


Research studentships and bursaries are available in the Department of
Speech Science to work in various areas that may include: the development
of neurolinguistic capacity, including developmental disorders of language
and cognition and the neural and cognitive processing of language; the
development of language and cognition in socially and linguistically
deprived infants; the use of automatic speech recognition technology with
dysarthric speech; developmental and acquired language disorders;
computational analysis of disordered language; phonetics and phonology.

The Department of Speech Science is a rapidly expanding research department
with a cognitive neuroscience approach to the development, applications,
and impairments of human language in all modalities. Primary research
supervisors include the new Head of Department, Professor John Locke
(recently of Harvard Medical School), Professor Jill Boucher, Dr Patricia
Cowell, Dr Peter Cudd, Dr Mick Perkins, Dr Rosemary Varley, and Dr Sandra
Whiteside. The Department enjoys close working relationships with
investigators in the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Centre and the
Institute of Language, Speech, and Hearing, and has excellent clinical
research opportunities in the
Department's own Communications Clinic and Neurolinguistics Laboratories.

Closing date for CV applications: May 15 1996. Interviews to be held week
beginning 10 June 1996.

Please send your CVs and enquiries to:
Mrs Pat Millington, 18 Claremont Crescent, Sheffield, S10 2TA.
Tel: 0114 2824819
Fax: 0114 2730547
International: +44 114 2824819
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Message 2: ANNOUNCE: Common Lisp Web Server (58.3a)

Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 03:09:31 EST
From: John C. Mallery <>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Common Lisp Web Server (58.3a)
Server: A full-featured, production-quality Web server wholely written in Commo
 Lisp is *freely* available from the following URL at the MIT Artificial
 Intelligence Laboratory.


Q: Why might you care about this?

A: You might be interested in:

 * Minimizing the cycle time from conceptualization to market.
 (Cooler than being last to market!)

 * Generating all HTML interfaces on the fly.
 (Cooler than terabytes of legacy html!)

 * Synthesing JavaScript and Java on the fly.
 (Cooler than typing it in by hand!)

 * Developing complex or advanced Web applications.
 (Cooler than serving static files!)

 * Creating intelligent, knowledge-based Web sites.
 (Cooler than even a "Netscape enchanced" site!)

Language: Common Lisp is a dynamic, object-oriented programming language
that is used to develop and deploy leading-edge applications in university,
and business settings. This highly flexible and evolvable language has been
 typically used to develop
large and complex artificial intelligence or natural languagge understanding
 systems. These kinds
of power programming tools are becoming increasingly relevant for Web
 developers as ever more is required in ever less time.

Platforms: The server presently runs with full source-compatibility on the
 following platforms:

 * Macintosh (MCL - Comes on the CD)

 * UNIX (Allegro, LispWorks, Lucid) (Many flavors, including SunOS,
 Solaris, SGI, OSF)

 * Lisp Machines (Symbolics 8.3, Open Genera 1.0)

Additional ports are underway to the Windows environment and the free CLisp for
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