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Confs: Student Conference in Linguistics

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  1. Mark Brand, SCIL8 Schedule

Message 1: SCIL8 Schedule

Date: Fri, 01 Mar 1996 10:05:17 EST
From: Mark Brand <brandmacf2.NYU.EDU>
Subject: SCIL8 Schedule



Saturday, April 20th

9:00-9:25	syntax
Mark Brand NYU
"On Adverbial Adjunction in the Subject-Verb Break"

9:30-9:55	syntax
Martin Honcoop Holland Inst. of Generative Ling.
"A Dynamic Binding Approach to Weak Islands"

10:00-10:25	syntax
Felicia Lee UCLA
"Aspect, Negation and Temporal Polarity in Zapotec"

10:30-10:55	syntax
Michael Gamon U of Washington
"Two Types of Expletive Constructions in English:
LF associate and Raising Revisited"

11:00-11:25	syntax
Yuki Matsuda USC
"A Syntactic Analysis of Focus Sentences in Japanese and
its application"

11:30-11:55	syntax/sem
Richard Breheny University College London
"Pro-active Focus"

12:00-2:00 LUNCH

2:00-2:25	syntax/sem
Sarah Kennelly Rutgers University
"Nonspecificity in Turkish"

2:30-2:55	syntax
Takeo Kurafuji Rutgers University
"Case-checking for accusative WH-adjuncts"

3:00-3:25	syntax
Irina Sekerina CUNY
"Scrambling in Russian and S-structure/PF interface"

3:30-3:55	syntax
Dalina Kallulli University of Venice
"Optional Verb Movement: Albanian Imperatives"

4:00-4:25	syntax
Luis Siva & Javier Gutierrez UCLA
"Temporal Adjectives and the Feature-structure of DPs"

4:30-4:55	syntax
Xuan Zhou SUNY Stonybrook
"The Interaction of Mandarin Aspectual Particles 'guo, le and ze'"

7:00 PARTY!!!
Saturday, April 20th

9:00-9:25	phonology
Ruben Van de Vijver Vrije Universiteit Holland
"Spreading and Licensing in Two Palestinian Dialects"

9:30-9:55	phonology
Soek-Chae Rhee University of Illinois
"Release vs. Non-release distinction in Phonology: Comparison
between Hindi and Korean"

10:00-10:25	phonology
Jason Eisner U Penn
"FootForm Decompsed: Using Primitive constraints in OT"

10:30-10:55	phonology
Rose Yang NTU
"Patterns of Tonal Parsing in Taiwanese Quadrisyllabic Idioms"

11:00-11:25	phonology
An-nah Moon NYU
"Old English Gemination and its Related Paradigmatic Alternation:
an OT Theoretic Analysis"

11:30-11:55	phonology
Chang-Kook Suh Univ. of Arizona
"Consonant geminates in Imdlawn Tashlhiyt Berber Syllabification"

12:00-2:00 LUNCH

2:00-2:25	phonology
Kyunghoon Suh NYU
"Dipthong Formation in Optimality Theory"

2:30-2:55	phonology
Eric Holt Georgetown University
"Constraint Ranking and Divergent Outcomes in Spanish"

3:00-3:25	historical
Najib Jarad University of Wales
"The Origin and Reanalysis of "for" as a Complementizer

3:30-3:55	historical
Ljuba Veselinova Eastern Michigan University
"Why 'first' and 'second' and not 'oneth' and 'twoth: suppletion, a case study

4:00-4:25	psycholinguistics
Whitney Postman Cornell University
"Evidence for Strong Continuity of Inflection based on new experimental
results of VP-ellipsis"

4:30-4:55	computational
Malek Ghenima Ecole National Superieure des Sciences
"Morpho-syntactic parsing of Arabic language based on the
Tree-adjoining Grammar (TAG) Formalism"

Sunday April 21st

9:00-9:25	semantics
Maya Arad University College London
"Projection without Thematic Roles"

9:30-9:55	semantics
Silvia Gennari Brown University
"Temporal and Modal Aspects of the Meaning of 'would'"

10:00-10:25	semantics
Joao Costa Leiden University
"NP-Scrambling in European Portuguese"

10:30-10:55	sem/Syntax
Sharon Armon-Lotem Tel-Aviv University
"Partial Trees, Partial Knowledge"

11:00-11:25	syntax
Gertjan Postma Leiden University

11:30-11:55	morph/phon
Rajesh Bhatt U Penn
"Matching Effects in Hindi Correlatives"

12:00-2:00 LUNCH

2:00-2:25	psycholinguistics
Laura Wagner U Penn
"The Development of Aspect"

2:30-2:55	syntax
Zvjezdana Vrzic NYU
"A Minimalist Account of word order in Chinook Jargon and the
Theory of Creole Genesis"

3:00-3:25	syntax
Marga Petter
"Licensing pro-Subjects in Inflected Infinitival Complements to

3:30-3:55	semantics
Javier Gutierrez UCLA
"The Semantic Basis of NP-Licensing in Questions"

4:00-4:25	syntax
Milagrosa Ramos-Santacruz Georgetown
"On the Derivation and Interpretation of quantificational null

4:30-4:55	semantics
Ron Artstein Tel-Aviv University
"Cardinality Adverbials in Event Semantics"


Dist: synt-16, sem 4/interface 2, phon-8,
soc, comp, hist, psych, morph-1 each

Mark Brand <>
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