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Sat Mar 2 1996

Books: Toronto Working Papers In Linguistics Dissertations

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  1. paivi koskinen, TWPL Dissertations

Message 1: TWPL Dissertations

Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 09:13:12 EST
From: paivi koskinen <>
Subject: TWPL Dissertations

CDN$12 + p/h ($4 Ontario/Quebec; $5 rest of Canada; $6 U.S.; $8 overseas
by surface, $16 overseas by air). Please make cheques payable to LGCU and
send to: TWPL, Dept of Linguistics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario,
M5S 3H1, Canada. e-mail: TWPL.LINGUTORONTO.CA

Brunson, Barbara 1992 Thematic discontinuity
Cummins, Sarah 1996 Meaning and mapping
Dyck, Carrie 	 1995 Constraining the phonology-phonetics interface:
 with exemplification from Spanish and Italian dialects
Ghomeshi, Jila 1996 Projection and inflection: a study of Persian phrase
Hamilton, Philip 1996 Phonetic constraints and markedness in the
		 phonotactics of Australian aboriginal languages
Moorcroft, Regina 1995 Clause-level functional categories in Germanic V2
Wu, Yuwen 	 1994 Mandarin segmental phonology
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