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Sat Mar 2 1996

Confs: Yuen Ren Society, 2nd Lang Research Forum

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  1. David Prager Branner, Yuen Ren Society Conference program
  2. ADUDSICCCIT.ARIZONA.EDU, Announcement of SLRF '96 Speakers

Message 1: Yuen Ren Society Conference program

Date: Sat, 02 Mar 1996 12:25:53 PST
From: David Prager Branner <>
Subject: Yuen Ren Society Conference program
Yuen Ren Society for the Promotion of Chinese Dialect Fieldwork

	 Conference on Fresh Dialect Fieldwork
The Society's next conference will be held on 17 March, 1996, in
conjunction with the 206th Annual Meeting of the American Oriental
Society, at the Penn Tower Hotel in the noble city of Philadephia,
Pennsylvania. This will be an open panel discussion of a number of
original dialect reports, all of which will appear in the next issue
of the Society's journal, the Treasury, which will be available for
purchase beginning in mid-February as well as at the meeting. A brief
program for this conference is given below.
		Program for the 17 March, 1996, Meeting
The conference meets on Sunday, 17 March, 1996, from 1:30 pm until
roughly 6 pm. All speakers are allowed 30 minutes to use as they
please for a combination of presentation and discussion. We try to
keep our meetings somewhat informal, and audience participation is
greatly encouraged.
 Panel I: Fresh Descriptive Material from Poorly Known Dialects
			 S. Coblin, Chair

 * Jerry Norman: Tonal Development in the Jennchyan Dialect. A
brief comparative study of the Miinbeei dialect of Jennchyan in Fukien
 * R. VanNess Simmons: A Dialect of the Harngjou Suburbs - a
Vocabulary for Jiangjiatarng. A distinctly Wu-type dialect spoken on
the outskirts of Mandarin-speaking Harngjou City
 * David Prager Branner: A Gerchuan Juyu Dialect Notebook. A short
glossary of an unusual Hakka-like dialect of central Liancherng in
western Fukien.
 Panel II: Studies of Fresh Miinnan Dialects
		 R. VanNess Simmons, Chair
 * Ch`en Shu-chu"an: [A Study of the Guanmiaw Dialect.] Material
in a Taiwanese Miinnan dialect. In Chinese.
 X * Jeff Crosland: A Glossary of Gai4-de2 Dialect. A Chyuanjou-like
variety of rural Miinnan from Fukien's Derhuah County. [Cancelled.]
 Panel III: Studies of Sandhi in Already Well-known Dialects
			 D. Branner, Chair
 * W. South Coblin: Tone and Tone Sandhi in Early Qing1
Guan1-hua4. A study based on Western records of the time.
 * Benjamin Ao: Nantong Tone Sandhi. A descriptive study of a
Jiangsu dialect.
 * Li Zhuqing: Fu2-zhou1 Trisyllabic Tone Sandhi. A comprehensive
description of the various kinds of sandhi in Foochow dialect.
For more information, please contact us by email at or by regular mail at
 The Yuen Ren Society,
 att'n: David Prager Branner
 Asian Languages and Literature
 University of Washington, Box 353521
 Seattle, WA 98195-3521 USA
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Message 2: Announcement of SLRF '96 Speakers

Date: Fri, 01 Mar 1996 17:04:16 MST
Subject: Announcement of SLRF '96 Speakers
	Announcement of SLRF '96 Speakers
 October 24-27, 1996
 University of Arizona

 Conference Theme: Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries

The 1996 Second Language Research Forum Planning Committee is pleased
to announce the participation of the following speakers:

Plenary speakers: Ilona Leki, William Rutherford, Muriel
Saville-Troike, and Samuel Supalla.

Colloquium organizers: Phillip Elliott, Fred Genesee, Gabriele Kasper,
Dean Mellow, and Renate Schulz.

Moreover, in response to the SLART-L debate spawned by the inclusion
of L2 Pedagogy within the scope of SLRF '96, we are pleased to
announce that a brown bag colloquium on L2 theory vs. praxis will be
organized by Susan Gass.

Questions regarding SLRF '96 may be directed to:

REMINDER: The abstract submission deadline for SLRF '96 is March 15,
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