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Sat Mar 2 1996

Confs: Lang acquisition (GALA 1997), Northwest Ling Conference

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  1. Caroline Heycock, Conf. announcement: GALA 97 in Edinburgh
  2. Maria Galvao, NWLC 1996 Program

Message 1: Conf. announcement: GALA 97 in Edinburgh

Date: Fri, 01 Mar 1996 17:33:37 GMT
From: Caroline Heycock <>
Subject: Conf. announcement: GALA 97 in Edinburgh
			International Conference
 Language Acquisition: Knowledge Representation and Processing
			 GALA 1997

			 4th - 6th April 1997
			 University of Edinburgh

			 Melissa Bowerman
			 Nina Hyams
			 Peter Jusczyk
			 Steven Pinker
			 Andrew Radford
			 Bonnie D. Schwartz
			 Paul Smolensky

This, the third of the GALA conferences on Language Acquisition, will
be held at the University of Edinburgh in 1997. Building on the
success of its predecessors (Groningen 1995, Durham 1993), this
conference aims to encourage a spirit of dialogue between
linguistically-oriented and psychologically-oriented researchers.

A call for papers and posters will be issued shortly.

Organisers: Antonella Sorace (Applied Linguistics), Caroline Heycock
(Linguistics), Richard Shillcock (Cognitive Science).

Address for email correspondence:
Other correspondence:	GALA 97
			HCRC, University of Edinburgh 	
			2 Buccleuch Place
			Edinburgh EH8 9LW

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Message 2: NWLC 1996 Program

Date: Fri, 01 Mar 1996 11:47:59 PST
From: Maria Galvao <>
Subject: NWLC 1996 Program

 Northwest Linguistics Conference	
	 University of Washington
			 Saturday, March 30th


9:00-9:30	Eliminating Overt Verb-Movement in Korean and Checking Theory
		Tai-Soo Kim, University of Washington

9:30-10:00	Long-Distance Anaphora: the Minimalist Approach
 		Hyeran Lee, University of Florida

10:00-10:30	Attributive Adjectives and Case Matching
		Enrique Mallen, Texas A&M University

10:30-10:45	BREAK

10:45-11:15 	Syntactic Analysis of Focus Sentences in Japanese and its
		Yuki Matsuda, University of Southern California

11:15-11:45	Right Dislocation as IP-ellipsis
		Yael Sharvit, Rutgers University

11:45-12:15	Overt Expletive Subjects in Pro-drop Languages
		Luis Silva-Villar, UCLA

12:15-12:45	Metalinguistic Use of "Any" and the Distribution of Free-Choice
	Items in Polarity Contexts
		Subhadra Ramachandran, University of Ottawa, Canada

12:45		LUNCH

2:15-3:15	*Invited Speaker: Heles Contreras
		'Deconstructing Weak Crossover'

3:15-3:45	Locative and Temporal Weak Proforms
		Javier Gutierrez and Luis Silva, UCLA

3:45-4:15	Mora Conservation in Optimality Theory: evidence from
		Spanish diminutives
		Gorka Elordieta, University of Southern California
		Maria M. Carreira, California State University at Long Beach

4:15-4:30	BREAK

4:30-5:00	Suprasegmental Changes in Progress: Parallelism Between
		Japanese and English
		Noriko Hattori, Mie University, Japan

5:00-5:30	Untitled
		Bowen Hui, University of British Columbia, Canada

5:30-6:00	Categorial and Phi-Features in Language Disorders
		Monica Eszter Sanchez, Brock University, Canada

6:00		DINNER
			 Sunday, March 31st


9:00-9:30	The Acquisition of Determiner Phrases in Early Child Language
		Ute Bohnacker, University of Durham, England

9:30-10:00	Morpheme Acquisition and the Count/Mass Distinction of Nouns
		Keiko Okada and Yoichi Miyamoto, Ohio University

10:00-10:30	Assimilation, Weakening and Geminate Inalterability
		Chang-Kook Suh, University of Arizona

10:30-10:45	BREAK

10:45-11:15	Nasal Harmony is Strictly Local
		Rachel Walker, University of California, Santa Cruz

11:15-11:45	An Analogical Approach to German Plural Formation
		Douglas J Wulf, University of Washington

11:45-12:15	Propositional Anaphora and Presupposition Denial
		Orin Percus, MIT

12:15-12:45	Contrastive and Exhaustive Focus Readings in Korean
		Mean-Young Song, Georgetown University

12:45		LUNCH

2:15-3:15	*Invited Speaker: Siri Tuttle

3:15-3:45	Syntax and Discourse Function of "Wa" Marking in Japanese
		Akihiko Uechi, University of British Columbia, Canada

3:45-4:15	Transitivity and Japanese Floating Numeral Quantifiers
		Yuji Yamaura, Saga College, Japan

4:15-4:45	Referentiality Effects and Verb Compounds
		Ke Zou, California State University		

4:45-5:00	SNACK
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