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Mon Mar 4 1996

Sum: Grammatical Number

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  1. "Alan R. King", Sum: Grammatical number

Message 1: Sum: Grammatical number

Date: Mon, 04 Mar 1996 15:07:26 GMT
From: "Alan R. King" <>
Subject: Sum: Grammatical number

This is a summary of the replies I have received to my recent query on
LINGUIST asking for bibliographical references about grammatical
number. Those who provided information appearing in the following
summary are Joseph Davis, Nick Reid, Pius ten Hacken and John Verhaar,
whom I thank most sincerely.

My question began as follows:

I am thinking of writing something on the grammatical number system
(singular, plural and things like that) in Basque. Before doing so I
would like to have a look at the pertinent linguistics literature to
learn of current theories and work on this part of grammar, and more
especially the more typologically/funcionally/semantically oriented
parts thereof.

Perhaps my question was insufficiently clear, because I also received
responses discussing numeral systems, whereas my interest was
exclusively in grammatical number. While thanking those respondents
for their time and interest, I won't include their information here
since it is irrelevant to my intended question.

I have also eliminated from the following list those titles that
clearly refer to numeral classifiers, even though I think that issue
could arguably be subsumed under my question. Anybody with an
interest in classifier systems would in any case be advised to refer
to a more specialized (and no doubt very extensive) bibliography on
that issue.

There are no doubt other titles listed below that are hardly relevant
to my question (e.g. that on broken plurals in Tigrinya!), but without
checking (I still have not got to a library as I write this!) any line
I drew would have to rely on arbitrary guesswork, so I have refrained
from editing out further titles. Caveat emptor.

Nick Reid provided the info about Corbett's forthcoming book
(something to look forward to!). Joseph Davis recommended the Wallis
Reid reference highly, adding:

"It has a perspective that I think you will find nowhere else".

The work by ten Hacken is a Ph.D. dissertation in which, according to
its author:

"I discussed the question of in what circumstances a
category like number should be considered inflectional. I devoted
quite some attention to number (15 entries in the index), because
it is one of the "hard" cases, where simple approaches like the
one by Matthews (1974) tend to fail."

All the remaining references came from John Verhaar.


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Alan R. King
Gipuzkoa, Basque Country
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