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Tue Mar 5 1996

FYI: Historical Ling Methodology, Journals Listserver

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  1. Mark Hale, Historical Linguistics Methodology: Papers Archive
  2. VIRPI YLANNE-MCEWEN, journals listserver

Message 1: Historical Linguistics Methodology: Papers Archive

Date: Tue, 05 Mar 1996 08:50:16 GMT
From: Mark Hale <>
Subject: Historical Linguistics Methodology: Papers Archive
I have created a WWW-site which is intended to serve as an archive of
unpublished papers, research materials, and links to same dealing with
the subject of the methodology of historical linguistics. At present,
since the site was just created, there is very little there. I hope
this posting addresses that shortcoming... Point your browsers to
or, equivalently,

This will call up my home page. Just click on the Avestan graphic to
get to the HLMPA (i.e., the archive).

I would recommend Netscape 2.0 or equivalent (Micro$oft IE, e.g.), and
it would be a good idea to get one's hands on the Adobe Acrobat (pdf)
plug-in for same ( -- this enables one to read
fully-formated and fontified documents on the web (and print them,
formatting intact).


You can anonymously ftp documents to the above address (i.e., ftp Go to the 'incoming' directory (cd
incoming) and upload materials at will. (You might send me an email
message -- -- once you've done so.) .

The only restrictions (at present -- space is no problem right now)
are (1) that they be in some way relevant to the theme of the archive
and (2) that they be in a potentially usable format. I'll be the judge
of (1) (hey, it's *my* site, ok?) and, in order to verify (2),
documents must be in a format that I can check locally (just to make
certain they are readable). This includes, but is not necessarily
limited to (email me if your favorite is lacking), the following:
Acrobat (pdf), Word 6/7 for Win(95,NT), Word 5/6 for Mac,
p(ost)s(cript), dvi, (La)TeX, html, Pagemaker 6, RTF, and plain text
(ASCII). To post a link to your own site (the ideal of the web,
obviously), just email me the URL

Please try to keep font calls as generic as possible (e.g., use freely
distributable IPA fonts such as the SIL fonts, rather than the set you
made up last year on your own...). Unless you use a format that embeds
fonts (like pdf), this is critical to portability.

Email me if you have questions or comments, technical or substantive.

				Mark Hale
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Message 2: journals listserver

Date: Tue, 05 Mar 1996 11:10:48 GMT
Subject: journals listserver


The subscribers of Linguist are invited to join a recently founded
listserver JOURNALS-L. This list is for the discussion of all issues
relating to journals and is primarily designed to link journal
editors, sub-editors, book reviews editors etc. into an electronic
forum. Topics might range from requests for information on
publications, to offers of books for review, to philosophical
discussion on the role and purpose of journals and the review process,
but it is not intended that there will be any restrictions on the
subjects or academic areas covered.

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with the message Subscribe Journals-L

List owner, Peter McEwen (

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interested people etc. Thanks!
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