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Tue Mar 5 1996

Sum: Parallel Text Analysis

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  1. Alberto Alvarez Lugris, Sum: parallel text analysis

Message 1: Sum: parallel text analysis

Date: Tue, 05 Mar 1996 12:50:11 +0100
From: Alberto Alvarez Lugris <>
Subject: Sum: parallel text analysis

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a message requesting information about
software designed to analyse texts and their translations. The idea
was to somehow relate the original sentences with its target
counterparts. I had written a very simple macro for Windows Word, but
it only "recognized" full stops as sentence delimiters (but not
colons, question marks, etc); it was indeed a very limited tool.

But I received various messages with valuable information.

First of all I would like to thank the following fellow netters

Catherine N. Ball
Denis Williamson
Deborah D.K. Ruuskannen
Jussi Karlgren
Suzanne E. Kemmer
Michael Niv

Catherine Ball directed me to her course "LING361: Introduction to
Computational Linguistics", which has a page at

Denis Williamson suggested to go to the Summer Institute for
Linguistics page at


and look for the item "IT, Interlineal Text processor (DOS. Mac)

Deborah Ruuskanen commented that IBM's Translator's Workbench has an
utility for aligning texts.

Jussi Karlgren gave me two references:

and the proceedings of the Second Workshop on Very Large Corpora, held
in Kyoto, 1994.

Suzanne Kremmer suggested to look for ParaConc, a program for aligning
and comparing parallel texts. She directed me also to Barlow's Corpus
Linguistics page at

Michael Niv told me to look in th journal "Computational
Linguistics". In volume 19, nBA 1, 1993 there are two useful articles:

W.A. Gale & Kenneth Church "A program for aligning sentences in bilingual

corpora" (the core of the program -called align- is actually printed
as an appendix to the article).

M.Kay & M. Roscheisen, "Text Translation Alignement".

Thanks again for your kind help.

Alberto Alvarez Lugris 
Traduccion e Interpretacion 
Facultade de Humanidades email:
Lagoas - Marcosende s/n Tlf.: (986) 81 22 71
Universidade de Vigo FAX: (986) 81 23 80
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