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Thu Mar 7 1996

Sum: Regarding Free-/Shareware Font Editors

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  1. Fred Baube[tm], Regarding Free-/Shareware Font Editors

Message 1: Regarding Free-/Shareware Font Editors

Date: Wed, 06 Mar 1996 17:36:44 +0200
From: Fred Baube[tm] <>
Subject: Regarding Free-/Shareware Font Editors
Some time ago I asked the list for information about freeware or
shareware font editors. I received several messages, all to the
effect that, for work with Windows or the Mac, there exist only
commercial packages.

I did find some free and shareware font editors for PC VGA fonts.
These do not work within Windows, and cannot be printed, but one can
at least experiment with them, and even modify one's standard DOS font
to one's liking. This same font would be usable within (for example)
"emacs" and DOS "edit". One of these packages includes fonts for
Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, and Thai.

To repeat, one could not produce printed documents with these
packages, but one *could* do actual font design, and use them for
certain PC tasks outside of Windows.

On request, I can email any of the following: a compilation of
messages re. commercial font editors; VGA font editor descriptions;
the VGA font editors themselves (uuencoded).

My thanks to all that responded to my original query.

Fred Baube
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