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Wed Mar 20 1996

FYI: Humor Studies Seminar, O-Hayo Sensei, Japanese Conf

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  1. Amy Carrell, Humor Studies Seminar
  3. Hiroshi Nara, Proceedings of the Eighth Lake Erie Teachers of Japanese Conference

Message 1: Humor Studies Seminar

Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 20:22:36 CST
From: Amy Carrell <>
Subject: Humor Studies Seminar

The first International Humor Studies Seminar will be held at the
University of Central Oklahoma from July 22 until August 2, 1996. The
Seminar, organized by Amy Carrell and the Office of Outreach
Continuing Education, will feature two two-week courses: the
Psychology of Humor and Laughter, taught by Willibald Ruch of the
University of Duesseldorf; and Features, Functions, and Subjects of
Humor Research, taught by Don. L. F. Nilsen of Arizona State
University. Alleen Pace Nilsen, also of Arizona State, will guest
lecture. Classes will meet for three hours each weekday morning and

UCO is located in Edmond, OK, on the outskirts of Oklahoma City, and
is serviced by Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City. UCO
enrolls approximately 16,000 students and is the third largest
four-year institution of higher education in the state. UCO will host
the International Society for Humor Studies Conference in July 1997.

The Seminar is endorsed by the International Society for Humor

For more information, please contact Amy Carrell or the Office of
Outreach at the addresses below:

Amy Carrell, Seminar Director
Department of English
University of Central Oklahoma
100 N. University Drive
Edmond, OK 73034-0184 USA
(405) 341-2980, ext. 5609


Office of Outreach Continuing Education
University of Central Oklahoma
100 N. University Drive
Edmond, OK 73034-5209 USA
(405) 341-2980, ext. 2413
FAX: (405) 330-3803
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Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 15:34:02 -0800
Subject: O-Hayo Sensei #4 Now Available

The latest electronic issue of the free bi-weekly newsletter O-Hayo
Sensei (#4) is now available -- it lists 19 English-teaching positions
in Japan, and contains articles, tips, airfares, exchange rates, and

Visit the WWW site for a preview, and instructions for requesting the
complete issue, via e-mail:

Good luck!

Lynn Cullivan
O-Hayo Sensei
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Message 3: Proceedings of the Eighth Lake Erie Teachers of Japanese Conference

Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 10:06:36 EST
From: Hiroshi Nara <>
Subject: Proceedings of the Eighth Lake Erie Teachers of Japanese Conference

 The Proceedings
 of the Eighth Annual Lake Erie Teachers of Japanese
 University of Pittsburgh
 February 23, 24, 1996

The Eighth Annual Lake Erie Teachers of Japanese was held on February
23 and 24, 1996 on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. The
theme of the conference was 'Back to the Basics--Building
Automaticity, reaffirming the importance of thorough acquisition of
the basic skills in language curricula.

The conference was attended by approximately 100 people from various
parts of the United States and Canada. The plenary presentation of
Charles Perfetti outlined the basic ideas and issues surrounding
automaticity and it was extremely well received by all the
participants. Speaking more practically, Keiko Koda suggested
techniques and methodologies for implementing automaticity in class.
Other presentations explored various topics relating to automaticity
(e.g. in reading and vocabulary learning, programmatic and
methodological issues).

The proceedings of the conference, containing all the presentations
(at the time of this writing), will become available this spring. If
you are interested in the issue of achieving automaticity in the
classroom and in learning what is being done to achieve automaticity,
we encourage you to get a copy of the proceedings. We anticipate that
the cost of the proceedings will be $10 per copy, including domestic
postage and handling. It can be obtained by contacting the editors:

	Sono Takano Hayes,
	Etsuko Takahashi,
	160 Baker Hall
	Department of Modern Languages
	Carnegie Mellon University
	Pittsburgh, PA 15213, U.S.A.

 Conference Program

 Friday evening, February 23, 1996

Session I
Moderated Discussion on Issues in Japanese Language Classroom.

Session II
Demonstration of CAI materials for Building Automaticity.

Mari Noda, Ohio State University.
Japanese: The Spoken Language Multimedia Edition.

Hiroshi Nara, University of Pittsburgh.
Interactive Japanese: Understanding Written Japanese I and II.

 Saturday, February 24, 1996

Plenary Session
Charles Perfetti, University of Pittsburgh. 'Automaticity: What Is It and Why
Is It Important in Language?'

Session III
Keiko Koda, Carnegie Mellon University.
'Automaticity in the Foreign Language Education.'

Session IV

Group discussion on Issues with Automaticity in Japanese Language
Classroom (in three groups; K-6, 7-12, and collegiate levels).

Session V
Sachiko Matsunaga, California State University, Los Angeles.
'What Eye-Movements Can Tell Us about Automaticity in Reading Japanese.'

Dan P. Dewey, Brigham Young University.
'Strategies Used in Encoding Kanji in Short-term Memory.'

Session VI
Motoko Tabuse, Eastern Michigan University.
'Automaticity and Learning Opportunities: A Functional View.'

Yoshiko Mori, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 'What are
the Major Vocabulary Problems Faced by Learners of Japanese?'

Session VII

Haruki Yokochi and Hua-xin Xu, Salem-Teikyo University, WV.
'Controlled Interaction with Native Speakers and Its Effects on

Isabel Espino de Valdivia, Perry Traditional Academy, and Sono Takano
Hayes, Carnegie Mellon University. 'Repetition as an Automatic
Process in Foreign Language Discourse.'

Miki Shibata, University of Arizona. 'The Effects of L1 Orthographic
System on the L2 Writing Processes of the Learners of Japanese.'

Discussant's comments. Keiko Samimy, Ohio State University.

Session VIII

Noriko Iwasaki, University of Arizona. 'Audiolingualism or
Automaticity: Rethinking 'Practice' and 'Drills' in Pursuit of the
Effective Eclectic Middle Ground.'

Tom O'Connor, Ohio State University. 'An Actor's Take on Language
Learning: Towards a Transdisciplinary Model for Performance'

Laura Kimoto, University of Hawaii at Hilo. 'A Model for Developing
Basic Skills in the First-Year Japanese Language Classroom: Listening,
Viewing, and Thinking.'

Discussant's comments. Mari Noda, Ohio State University.
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