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Fri Mar 22 1996

Confs: Multilinguality in the Lexicon

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  1. Lynne Cahill, CFP: Multilinguality in the Lexicon

Message 1: CFP: Multilinguality in the Lexicon

Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 15:30:00 GMT
From: Lynne Cahill <>
Subject: CFP: Multilinguality in the Lexicon

 AISB96 Workshop: Multilinguality in the Lexicon

 21st March 1996

Dates: 1st - 2nd April, 1996
Venue: University of Sussex, Brighton, UK

This workshop aims to bring together active researchers with an
interest in the issues surrounding multilingual aspects of lexicons.
Traditionally, multilingual issues in the lexicon have primarily been
a concern of applied NLP research, notably machine translation and
more recently multilingual generation; the recent upsurge of work on
more theoretical aspects of lexical representation has focussed on a
monolingual view. However, these two strands are now beginning to come
together: theoreticians are branching out into multilingual issues,
and applied researchers are beginning to exploit some of the newer
developments in lexical representation. This workshop provides an
opportunity for lexical practitioners of all sorts to focus on the
particular problems and questions associated with multilingual lexical

The workshop is part of the AISB96 Workshop and Tutorial series being
held at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. The series comprises
eight (one or two-day) workshops and two (one-day) tutorials which
will all run simultaneously. The refreshment breaks will be common to
all, so there will be an opportunity to mix with attendees of other
workshops. The full list of workshops is given at the end of this

- - Provisional programme ---

The papers are grouped together with a guided discussion for each
group. The final session will include a more general discussion of
issues raised and future directions for research.

April 1st AM
 `A Multilingual Lexicon Based on Frame Semantics'
 U. Heid and K. Krueger
 `IWNR - Extending A Public Multilingual Taxonomy to Russian'
 Richard F. E. Sutcliffe, Jean Veronis, Anatoliy Anatolievich
 Polikarpov and Leonid Aleksejevich Kuzmin
 `Lexicons in the MikroKosmos Project'
 Sergei Nirenburg, Stephen Beale, Kavi Mahesh, Boyan Onyshkevych, 
	Victor Raskin, Evelyne Viegas, Yorick Wilks and Remi Zajac

April 1st PM
 `English vs German Verbs in Multilingual Generation'
 Manfred Stede
 `An Approach to Lexical Choice in Highly Derived Languages'
 Saad Al-Jaabri and Chris Mellish
 `Exploiting inheritance in multilingual lexicons'
 Roger Evans

April 2nd AM
 `Multilingual Representation of Related Languages: Numerals in 
	English, German and Dutch'
 Lynne J. Cahill
 `Cross-Linguistic Semantics for Complex Nominals in the Generative
 Federica Busa and Michael Johnston

April 2nd PM
 Site visit to the Information Technology Research Institute,
 University of Brighton, for demonstrations of some of the systems
 discussed in the talks (including Heid & Krieger, Nirenburg
 et al, and Stede, as well as some home-grown ITRI work).

- - How to register ---

Full details of the workshop series plus registration forms and
information may be found at

or by emailing a request to

Note that late registration applies from 1st March 1996.

- - Points of Contact ---

For registrations, general enquiries and AISB Membership, contact:

 AISB Executive Officer
 School of Cognitive & Computing
 University of Sussex
 Brighton, BN1 9QH, UK

 Tel: +44 1273 678448
 Fax: +44 1273 671320

Specific enquiries about this workshop may be addressed to:

 Lynne Cahill Roger Evans
 School of Cognitive & Computing Information Technology Research
 Sciences Institute
 University of Sussex University of Brighton
 Brighton, BN1 9QH, UK Brighton, BN2 4AT, UK

 Tel: +44 1273 678564 Tel: +44 1273 642902
 Fax: +44 1274 671320 Fax: +44 1273 642908
 Email: Email:

- - AISB96 Workshops and Tutorials ---

Here is the full list of workshops and tutorials running in AISB96.
For further information see

 Introduction to the SOAR Cognitive Architecture
 Artificial Life & Adaptive Behaviour
 Rule-Extraction from Trained Neural Networks
 Multilinguality in the Lexicon
 Language Engineering for Document Analysis & Recognition
 Evolutionary Computing
 Intelligent Feature Selection
 Post Graduate Workshop
 Learning in Robots & Animals
 Automated Reasoning
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