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Fri Mar 22 1996

Sum: Correction: Language Attitude Summary

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  1. Xu Daming, re: Correction: Language Attitude Summary

Message 1: re: Correction: Language Attitude Summary

Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 20:20:16 +0800
From: Xu Daming <>
Subject: re: Correction: Language Attitude Summary
**Editor's note: "W=F6lck" below is the result of a transfer error, and
should be read as "Wolck" with the two dots over "o"**

I would like to thank Michele Disser, Peter Daniels, Elsa Lattey, and
Glynis Baguley who pointed out to me that "Woelck" was NOT an
error. Apparently, whether it be a file-tranferring outcome or
original keying-in, it was an intended result following a convention.
With his permission, I quote Michele Disser: 

>Either W=F6lck or Woeclk would be fine -- in German, an e after vowels 
>such as
>o or u simply indicates the presence of an umlaut on the preceding vowel
>(especially useful for keyboards that aren't set up for German). I'm not
>sure what English-based data bases do with such names, though, so it's
>probably useful to be aware of the alternatives.

My original posting is as follows:

>After I posted the summary on Literature on Survey of Attitude , I
received the following message from Charles Belair:
>>In your recent posting to the LINGUIST you included the following source:
>>Woelck, Wolfgang, 1985. 'Language attitude studies. Problems and
>>suggestions'. In: Hartig, Matthias, ed., Perspektiven der angewandten
>>Soziolinguistik, Tuebingen: Gunter Narr Verlag, pp. 35-48.
>>I thought you would like to know that the actual spelling of the author's
>>surname is Wolck (umlaut on "o").
>>Charles Belair
>The error might have been an file-transferring error, since no re-typing
was involved. However, I appreciate Charles Belair's message alerting me to
its existence. I am re-posting the message to LINGUIST for the benefits of
those who received the summary.

However, I would like to know it if there's more to the matter.
Daming XU/FAX: 65-793-1471/
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