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Confs: Germanic Linguistics Conference

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  1. Dave Holsinger, GLAC2: The Second Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference

Message 1: GLAC2: The Second Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference

Date: Sat, 23 Mar 1996 15:55:35 CST
From: Dave Holsinger <>
Subject: GLAC2: The Second Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference
GLAC2: The Second Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference
Society for Germanic Philology

Friday, April 26
Historical Phonology I
Page: On Verner's Law
Davis, Iverson, Salmons: Peripherality in the spread of the OHG Consonant Sh=
Buccini: Consonantal palatalization in the southern Dutch
 dialects and its relationship to the development of umlaut

Ekerot: Outline of a typology of adverbial constructions
Kappus: More evidence for the DP analysis from Swabian

Kallinger: The Philologist's Task: To provide evidence for the linguist,
 but what evidence? An application to Das Buch von Troja II
Woods: The New Philology and Germanic Linguistics: Where do they connect?
Israel: Nibelungen des Nordens

11-12:30: K. J. Mattheier: Soziolinguistik der II. Lautverschiebung

Riad: The origin of the Scandinavian tone accent
Holtman & Zonneveld: A linguistic analysis of poetic rhyme
Golston & Riad: The meter of Beowulf

=46agan: Tests for unaccusativity revisited
Abraham: Unaccusativity, split ergativity, & Burzio's generalization revisit=
Van Gelderen: The self in reflexives

Sociolinguistics I
Zimmermann: The art of academic praise: A matter of politeness
Listen: Polite German SIE and abstractions of address in Late Middle Low Ge=
Dailey-O'Cain: Die Bayern klingen alle wie Kabarettisten

Kuipers: Vocalic /r/ in Old English break and backing of [E]
Humbert: Stable variation in the behavior of -r- in Dutch dialects

Gender assignment
Steinmetz: The Great Gender Shift and the fate of neuter nouns
Kilarski: Gender assignment of English loans in Scandinavian

5:50: RECEPTION, Max Kade Institute

Saturday, April 27
Language Contact
Southern: Convergence vs. normativism: contact-induced change, standard
 languages & the Drang nach Normen
Evans: Bodleian MS Laud 626 as early evidence of grammatical borrowing in
 Middle English
Roberge: Remarks on an adjectival peculiarity of Afrikaans

Cognitive Linguistics
Diessel: German wenn: A study in cognitive semantics
Shannon: Hawkins' Performance Theory and ordering in Dutch & German
Hens: The semantics of the pluperfect in German

King: Word boundary and drift in Yiddish
Jacobs: Phonemic and phonetic vowel length in Yiddish dialects
Manaster-Ramer: Yiddish plural origins

11-12:30 Ellen F. Prince: The Non-unitary Nature of Yiddish Subject-Prodrop

Hist. Verb Morphology
Niepokuj: Zero-grade vocalism in TVT- roots in Germanic and other IE
 languages: A treatment in Optimality Theory
Varley: The longer present optatives in OHG
=46ertig: Changes in the stem vowels of the German modal verbs

English Historical Syntax
Blockley: Subordination and word order in OE verse made explicit
Iyeiri: Negative contraction in ME verse and chronological conditions
Crawford: The impersonal construction in OE and syntactic theory

Sociolinguistics II
Benndorf: German-American clubs: Maintenance efforts & reality
Holsinger: Sociolinguistic variables in the speech of 19th
 century German students
Lane: Understanding dialect history through sociodemographic history:
 Thyboron, Denmark

Becker: Recasting Lautgesetze in computer code

Mood & Aspect
Arnett: Processual and statal passives in Old Saxon: wesan
 vs. werdan
Mun: Referenzzeit und Temporale Perspektivzeit in Diskursanalyse des
 deutschen Perfekts

Word Order
Louden: Synchronic aspects of Pennsylvania German word order
Eichinger: Distanz als Planungshilfe: Zur Funktion der Satzklammer im
 heutigen Deutschen

8:30-9:30 Robert Stockwell: Vocalization, length & diphthongs in Early Engl=

Sunday, April 28
Consonantal Changes
Stevens: On the bifurcation and repression theories
Denton: Versch=E4rfung & gemination: Processes in complementary distribution
=46ulk: Consonant gemination in OE and West Germanic

The Syntax of NPs
te Velde: Deriving conjoined NPs/DPs: Must the underlying structures be
Sprouse: Germanic attributive adjectives in the Minimalist Program
Mallen: Genitive case matching in NPs in German

12-1 James Milroy: Gender differentiation as a factor in language change

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