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Tue Mar 26 1996

Confs: Fourth Phonology Meeting, Manchester

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  1. Wiebke Brockhaus, Confs: Fourth Phonology Meeting, Manchester

Message 1: Confs: Fourth Phonology Meeting, Manchester

Date: Sun, 24 Mar 1996 11:11:03 GMT
From: Wiebke Brockhaus <>
Subject: Confs: Fourth Phonology Meeting, Manchester
 University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University,
 Salford University, UMIST

 Constraints and Representations in Phonology

 University of Manchester
 16-18 May 1996


Thursday 16 May

12.00-13.00 REGISTRATION
13.00-14.00 BUFFET
14.00-14.55 Plenary Session: Constraints on diphthongisation and
 lengthening in Arawan - Dan Everett (University of
15.00-15.40 Session A: Pasiego Vowel Harmony, or How OT Can Solve a
 Problem for Unary Feature Theories - Krisztina Polgardi
 (HIL/Leiden University)
 Session B: The syllable of Romanian: another experience
 of deja vu? - Aimee Anastasiu (University of Sussex)
15.40-16.00 TEA
16.00-16.40 Session A: The psychological reality of language-
 specific constraints - John Coleman (University of
 Session B: Vowel harmony and clitics in Basque -
 Margaret Cobb (SOAS)
16.45-17.25 Session A: Dynamic processes in phonology - Marc Klein
 (Universite de Paris VIII)
 Session B: Phonetic detail, declarative phonology,
 postlexical and lexical processes: a synthesis - Richard
 Ogden (University of York)
17.30-18.30 Plenary Session: Consonantal clusters and governing
 relations: Polish initial consonant sequences - Eugeniusz
 Cyran and Edmund Gussmann (Catholic University of Lublin)


Friday 17 May

09.00-09.55 Plenary Session: Constraints on Luganda nasals - Francis
 Katamba (Lancaster University)
10.00-10.40 Session A: A deconstruction of Optimality Theory's
 NOCODA constraint - Randall Gess (University of Utah)
 Session B: The acquisition of melodic primes in infancy
 - Phil Harrison (UCL)
10.45-11.15 COFFEE
11.15-11.55 Session A: taking the phon out of phonology, or, what do
 phonological representations represent? - Sean Jensen
 Session B: A constraint-based explanation of stability
 effects in historical phonology - Renate Raffelsiefen
 (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
12.00-12.55 Session A: Optional processes in OT - Roland Noske
 (HIL/University of Leiden)
 Session B: Prosodic waves in Portuguese - Bernard Laks
 (Universite de Paris X)
13.00-14.00 LUNCH
14.00-14.55 Plenary Session: Complex segmental alternations in
 Optimality Theory - Richard Wiese (Philipps-Universitaet
15.00-15.40 Session A: Another look at French liaison (to be read in
 French) - Pierre Encreve (Ecoles des Hautes Etudes en
 Sciences Sociales, Paris)
 Session B: Switching - Monik Charette (SOAS)
15.40-16.00 TEA
16.00-16.40 Session A: Some aspects of representation: abstraction,
 dialect variation in Malay and panlectal grammars - Ken
 Lodge (University of East Anglia, Norwich)
 Session B: Representation as pure markedness - Chris
 Golston (Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet Duesseldorf)
16.45-17.25 Session A: Romance suffixes in modern English, German
 and Dutch: consequences for cyclicity and level ordering
 - Paula Fikkert (Universitaet Konstanz)
 Session B: The particle representation of place in
 consonants - Judith M. Broadbent (UCL)
17.30-18.30 Plenary Session: Reasoning on conceptual adequacy and
 generative power: strategies for comparing approaches to
 segmental representation - Michael Ingleby*, Wiebke
 Brockhaus** and Carl Chalfont (*University of
 Huddersfield,**University of Manchester)


Saturday 18 May

09.00-09.55 Plenary Session: Source contrasts - John Harris (UCL)
10.00-10.40 Session A: An alternative means of expressing 'manner' -
 Nancy Ritter (New York University)
 Session B: Optimality Theory and historical language
 change - John Hutton (University of Manchester)
10.45-11.15 COFFEE
11.15-11.55 Session A: Constraints on complexity in the Berawan word
 - Paloma Garcia-Bellido (University of Oxford)
 Session B: The representation of a tonal contrast in
 British Panjabi - Jane Stuart-Smith (University of
12.00-12.55 Plenary Session: Symmetry in phonological structure -
 Harry van der Hulst (HIL/University of Leiden)
13.00-14.00 BUFFET LUNCH

Organised by:
Wiebke Brockhaus (University of Manchester)
Jacques Durand (University of Salford)
Marc Klein (Universite de Paris VIII)
Bernard Laks (Universite de Paris X)
Nigel Vincent (University of Manchester)

For further information please contact Wiebke Brockhaus.

(Dr) Wiebke Brockhaus tel: +44 (0)161 275 3180 (direct line)
Department of German tel: +44 (0)161 275 3182 (secretary)
University of Manchester fax: +44 (0)161 275 3031
Manchester e-mail:
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