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Tue Mar 26 1996

Sum: Linguistics Dictionary

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  1. Su-Hsun Tsai, Sum: Linguistic Dictionary

Message 1: Sum: Linguistic Dictionary

Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 18:39:05 GMT
From: Su-Hsun Tsai <>
Subject: Sum: Linguistic Dictionary

Dear Netters,

 I am grateful to the colleagues (names as followed) who responded
to me with helpful information regarding my query on March 15 about
Linguistics Dictionary.

 My special thanks to Prof. Trask, too, who gave a big lead.

Lisa Colvin <>
"David Weiss" <>
Kristina Pfaff <> (Deborah Bobrow) (Baden Hughes)
Victor Essers <>
Karin Stromswold <>
"Parma A. O'Bar" <>
robert boivin <> (Pete Whitelock) (Pete Whitelock)
"Larry Trask" <>
MARC PICARD <> (Bill Turkel)
Eleanor Olds Batchelder <EOBGCCUNYVM.CUNY.EDU>
 W & I Stevenson <>
dagenlERE.UMontreal.CA (Dagenais Louise) (Keith GOERINGER) (Gisle Andersen)
"B.P.H. Lee" <>
Elizabeth McKeown <>

I would now conclude the most popular linguistics dictionaries are the
following entries. Their wording doesn't look like consistent between
entries as I directly snipped down all the valuable pieces from the
replies. I am sorry for this inconsistency.

1) Crystal, David. (1987). The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of
Language. Cambridge UK

2) Crystal, David. (ed.) (1991). A Dictionary of Linguistics and
Phonetics, 3rd ed. Blackwell USA. (Or Blackwell UK; Cambridge
USA). ISBN: 0-631-17871-6.
- --- paperback, under USD20.-. Very accessible, and quite
 authoritative. This is fairly detailed, and it presupposes some
 knowledge of the subject. It does not cover applied linguistics.

3) Crystal, David. (1992). An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Language
and Languages. Oxford: Blackwell.
- --- This is more encyclopaedic in its coverage, but it does cover a
 good deal of the less theoretical stuff omitted from the (2)

3) Malmkjaer, Kirsten. (1991) The Linguistics Encyclopaedia.
- --- with a rich bibliography and an index, about Canadian Dollars 47.

4) Richards, Jack C.; Platt, John; Platt, Heidi. (1992). Dictionary of
Language Teaching & Applied Linguistics (2nd ed). Longman UK.
- --- excellent source of linguistic terminology. It gives a lot of
 linguistic terms as well as a number of statistical terms which
 are helpful when reading about research.

5) Trask, R. L. (1993). A Dictionary of Grammatical Terms in
Linguistics. Routledge. ISBN: 0-415-08628-0
- --- Focuses mostly on syntax terms, but is excellent.

6) Trask, R. L. (1996). Dictionary of Phonetics and Phonology.
- --- excellent.

7) Trask, Larry. (To be published in February 1997) An elementary
dictionary for beginning students with no background. Edward Arnold

Best wishes to everyone,

Su-hsun, research student
IOE, U. of London
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