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Thu Mar 28 1996

Qs: Spanish, Films/Videos, Bibliography on Theme/Topic

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  1. Joseph Kozono, Spanish articles with letters
  2. Ernest Scatton, Films/Videos
  3. Maria A. Gomez, bibliografy

Message 1: Spanish articles with letters

Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 10:49:22 EST
From: Joseph Kozono <>
Subject: Spanish articles with letters
In an conversation with a colleage of mine, the following question

If one were to refer to letters and consonants in Spanish, the article
is usually omited. Thus, one could say, "En en aleman bajo, "h" en
"th" es muda pero afecta "t" de tal manera que se pronuncia como "d"
en Castellano".

Since Spanish is not really my area of expertise, if this sentence is
faulty, I apologize. The question we had yesterday was: if we would
like to use the article, how does one determine the "gender" of the
letters. Can one say "la H" or "el H" or the article is definitely
out? Any literature on this topic?

Joseph M Kozono
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Message 2: Films/Videos

Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 21:49:44 EST
From: Ernest Scatton <>
Subject: Films/Videos

I'm putting together a collection of films/videos in which language in
one way or another is the central theme. For example,

The Miracle Worker
Pygmalion and My Fair Lady
The Wild Child (Truffaut)

I'd be grateful for any additional suggestions or pointers to existing
sources. Many thanks.

Ernest Scatton Germanic & Slavic Hum254
518-442-4224 (w) UAlbany (SUNY)
518-482-4934 (h) Albany NY
518-442-4217 (fax) 12222 (WWW)
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Message 3: bibliografy

Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 19:38:41 +0100
From: Maria A. Gomez <>
Subject: bibliografy
Dear colleagues,

I'm now about to finish an analysis of the category of Theme/Topic
within functional frameworks. However, my references are still
incomplete. For that reason I'd appreciate it very much if any of you
could help me complete/check the 6 following references:

1. Aaronson, D., and Ferres, S. 1983. Lexical Categories and Reading
Tasks. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance
9: .

2. Behagel, O? 1923

3. Bolinger, Dwight L. 1952. Linear Modification. Publications of the
Modern language Association of America 67: 1117-44.

4. Luchins, A. 1957. Primacy-Recency in Impression Formation. In Hovland
et al. (eds.) 1957. The order of presentation in persuasion. New Haven:
Yale University Press.

5. McCutchen and Perteffi. 1982.

6. Weiss. 1975.

Looking forward to hearing from you, remain

Yours sincerely,

Maria A. Gomez

Maria A. Gomez
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
Dept. Ingles e Aleman
Avda. de Castelao S/N
Compostela 15771
Tel. (9)81 563100 (Ext. 1856)
Fax. (9)81 574646
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