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Fri Mar 29 1996

Confs: Slavic ling, Austronesian formal ling

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  1. George Fowler, Conference Program: Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics V
  2. <>, Forwarded: AFLA III--Registration

Message 1: Conference Program: Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics V

Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 18:10:27 EST
From: George Fowler <>
Subject: Conference Program: Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics V
 5th Annual Workshop on Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics (FASL V)

 Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana
 17-19 May 1996

If you are interested in attending FASL V, please request detailed
information on registration, travel, and accommodations from Information is also available on our www page at


Friday, 17 May

2:55 OPENING remarks
Session I
3:00-3:40 George Fowler, Indiana University
 "Toward a Rapprochement between Form and Intuition: 
		Approaches to the Russian Double Nominative Construction"
3:40-4:20 Natasha Borovikova, Indiana University
 "Negated Adjunct Phrases are REALLY the Genitive of Negation"
4:20-5:00 Olga Babko-Malaya, Rutgers University
 "On Aspect and Case in Russian"
5:00-6:30 Dinner BREAK
6:30-7:30 Invited speaker: Catherine Rudin, Wayne State College
 "AgrO and Bulgarian Pronominal Clitics"

Saturday, 18 May
Session II
8:40-9:20 Roumyana Izvorski, University of Pennsylvania
 "Diachronic Changes in the Bulgarian Clitic System"
9:20-10:00 Elizabeth Laurencot, University of Connecticut
 "On Secondary Predication and Null Case"
10:00-10:40 Arthur Stepanov & Carol Georgopoulos, University of Utah
 "Structure Building and the Conceptual Interface: An 
		Analysis of Russian 'Long Distance' WH Questions"
10-40-11:00 BREAK
Session III
11:00-11:40 Geraldine Legendre, Johns Hopkins University
 "Long Head Movement: Bulgarian vs. Romanian"
11:40-12:20 Adam Szczegielniak, Harvard University
 "A Minimalist Account of Polish Auxiliary Clitics and of 
		Why there is No Long Head Movement in Slovak"
12:20-1:00 Svitlana Budzhak-Jones, University of Ottawa
 "WP Conditioning of Long Head Movement in Hutsul"
1:00-2:30 Lunch BREAK
2:30-3:30 Invited speaker: David Perlmutter, UC San Diego
		 "Explanation through Syntactic Representation"
3:30-4:30 POSTER SESSION (for alternate papers)
Session IV
4:30-5:10 Eva Bar-Shalom & William Snyder, University of Connecticut
 "Optional Infinitives in Child Russian and their 
		Implications for the Pro-drop debate"
5:10-5:50 Irina Sekerina, CUNY Graduate Center
 "Syntactic Processing of Discontinuous Constituents in 
5:50-6:30 Maaike Schoorlemmer, Utrecht University
 "The Affix-Clitic Distinction and Russian -sja"
6:00 Business MEETING
6:30 Dinner PARTY

Sunday, 19 May
Session V
9:00-9:40 Uwe Junghanns, Universitat Leipzig
 "On the So-called eto-cleft Construction"
9:40-10:20 Kai Alter, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial 
 "Russian Prosody: Phrasing and Tonal Structure"
10:20-11:00 Ronald Feldstein, Indiana University
 "On the Relations between Russian Desinences and Stress 
11:00-11:20 BREAK
Session VI
11:20-12:00 Sandra Stjepanoviec, University of Connecticut
 "Is Inherent Case Structural?"
12:00-12:40 Maria Babyonyshev, MIT
 "The Possessive Construction in Russian: A Crosslinguistic
12:40-1:20 Zeljko Boskovic, University of Connecticut
 "On the Order of Fronted WH-Phrases in Serbo-Croatian"
1:20 CLOSING remarks

Alternate papers:
Maria Polinsky, USC
 "The Acquisition of Information Structure by a Monolingual Russian Child"
Sue Brown, Indiana University
 "Negative Concord in Russian"
Ljiljana Progovac, Wayne State University
 "Slavic and the Structure for Coordination"
Jennifer Dickinson, University of Michigan
 "Multiple Argument/Adjunct WH-word Coordination"
Robert Beard, Bucknell University
 "How Many Declensions?"

**We gratefully acknowledge our sponsors:**

**Indiana University: College of Arts and Sciences
 Dean of Faculties
 Research and the University Graduate School
 Russian and East European Institute
**Wabash College

Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics V
May 17-19, 1996 [tel] 1-812-855-2624
Steering Committee: [fax] 1-812-855-2829
 Steven Franks
 Martina Lindseth
 George Fowler
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Message 2: Forwarded: AFLA III--Registration

Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 14:35:09 PST
From: <> <>
Subject: Forwarded: AFLA III--Registration

AFLA III--the Third Annual Meetings of the Austronesian Formal
Linguistics Sociey will be held at UCLA April 26-28. Registration
fees before April 22 are $20/$30 (student/faculty) and $25/$35 after
April 22. The preliminary schedule and other registration information
is available below. 
***********************Registration Form***************************

Name ________________________________________________

Affiliation: ________________________________________

Please check one: (preregister=register before Apr. 22)
Faculty pre-register ($30) ____ Student pre-register ($20) ____
 " non-pre-register($35) ____ " non-pre-reister ($25) ____

Email Address _______________________________________

Austronesian languages I have worked with/studied:

Email addresses of people pre-registering will be printed out and
distributed at the conference. If you pre-register, do you want to be
left off of this list? yes, leave me off _____ no, put me on _____

Please return this form and your check (made payable to "UC Regents")
UCLA Dept. of Linguistics
405 Hilgard Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1543

Friday, 26 April, 1996
1:00pm	Welcome
	Invited Speaker
1:00-1:50pm	Abby Cohn (Cornell University)
		[title TBA]
1:50-2:00pm	Break
	Phonology Session I
2:00-2:00pm	Sean Erwin (UCSD)
		Finish What's on Your Template: Deep-Surface and 
		Surface-Surface Disparaties in Malagasy
2:00-2:30pm	Edward L. Keenan (UCLA) and
	Jean Paulin Razafimamonjy (Universite d'Antananarivo)
		Reduplication in Malagasy: A Proboblem for an OT Analysis
2:30-3:00pm	Paul Lassettre (University of Hawaii, Manoa)
		Rule and Constraint Interaction in Ponapean Reduplication
3:00-3:50pm	Break
	Phonology Session II
3:50-4:20pm	Keiichiro Suzuki (University of Arizona)
		Distributive Correspondence in Palauan Reduplication
4:20-4:50pm	Kie Ross (UCLA)
		Moving Phonotactics: Variability in Tagalog Loanwords
4:50-5:20pm	Harry van der Hulst (Leiden University/HIL) and
	Marian Klamer (Free University Amsterdam/HIL, Royal Academy of
		Reduplication in Leti
5:20-5:30pm	Break
	Phonetics Session
5:30-6:00pm	Ian Maddieson (UCLA) and
	Richard Wright (UCLA)
		Small Vowel Systems and Phonetic Variability: 
		Evidence from Amis
6:00-6:30pm	Rachel Walker (UC Santa Cruz) and
	Geoffrey K. Pullum (UC Santa Cruz)
		The Phonetic Definition of "Nasal": Evidence from 
		Austronesian Phonology
	Invited Speaker
6:30-7:20pm	Ian Maddieson (UCLA)
		[title TBA]

Saturday, 27 April, 1996
	Invited Speaker
9:00-9:50am	Sandra Chung (UC Santa Cruz)
		[title TBA]
9:50-10:00am	Break
	Syntax/Semantics Session I
10:00-10:30am	Maria-Eugenia Nino (Stanford University)
		Clitics, Prosodic Inversion and Phrasal Predicates in 
10:30-11:00am	Lillian M. Huang (National Taiwan Normal University)
		Interrogative Constructions in Mayrinax Atayal
11:00-11:30am	Diane Massam (University of Toronto)
		Predicate Fronting and Focus in Niuean
11:30-11:40am	Break
	Invited Speaker
11:40-12:30pm	Diana Archangeli (University of Arizona)
		[title TBA]
12:30-1:30pm	Lunch
	Parallel Sessions: Syntax/Semantics II and Phonology III
1:30-2:00pm	Syntax/Semantics:
	William D. Davies (University of Iowa)
		Minimal Insights into Madurese
	Katherine Crosswhite (UCLA)
		A Non-Cyclic Approach to Chamorro Cyclicity
2:00-2:30pm	Syntax/Semantics:
	Mark Honegger (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
		Integrity in Malay VPs
	Mark Hale (Harvard University) and
	Madelyn Kissock (Concordia University)
		The Phonology-Syntax Interface in Rotuman
2:30-3:00pm	Syntax/Semantics:
	Hooi Ling Soh (MIT)
		On A-bar Extractions in Malay
	Marian Klamer (Free University Amsterdam/HIL, Royal Academy of
		Optimal Clitic Placement in Kambera
3:00-3:20pm	Break
	Parallel Sessions: Syntax/Semantics III and Phonology IV
3:20-3:50pm	Syntax/Semantics:
	Norvin Richards (MIT)
		Syntax Versus Semantics in Tagalog Wh-Movement
	Sean Hendricks (University of Arizona)
		Voice Licensing and Sonorant Linking in Malakmalak
3:50-4:20pm	Syntax/Semantics:
	Elizabeth Pearce (Victoria University, Wellington, NZ)
		DP Licensing and Spec Roles in Maori
	Niken Adisasmito (Cornell University)
		Faithfulness Constraints and Consonant Clusters in Indonesian
4:20-4:50pm	Syntax/Semantics:
	Matthew Pearson (UCLA)
		Domain Phrases and the Syntax of Specificity: The Case 
		of Malagasy
	Juliette Blevins (Stanford University, UC Berkeley, University of
		Western Australia) and	Andrew Garrett (UC Berkeley)
		Compensatory C/V "Metathesis"
4:50-5:10pm	Break
	Syntax/Semantics Session IV
5:10-5:40pm	Randall Hedrick (University of North Carolina)
		Tongan Definites and Specificity Effects
	Invited Speaker
5:40-6:30pm	Lisa Travis (McGill University)
		[title TBA]
7:30pm	Party

Sunday, 28 April, 1996
	Invited Speaker
9:00-9:50am	Edward L. Keenan (UCLA) and
	Jean Paulin Razafimamonjy (Universite d'Antananarivo)
		Reciprocals in Malagasy
9:50-10:00am	Break
	Syntax/Semantics Session V
10:00-10:30am	Emily Sityar (Universitat Tubingen)
		The Preverbal Actor Construction in Cebuano
10:30-11:00am	John Alderete (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
		Canonical Types and Noun Phrase Configurationality in 
11:00-11:30am	Ileana Paul (McGill University)
		Remarks on Malagasy Nominalization
11:30-11:50	Break
	Session on Diachronic Syntax and Syntactic Typology
11:50-12:20pm	Miriam Meyerhoff (University of Pennsylvania) and
	Nancy Niedzielski (UC Santa Barbara)
		The Syntax and Semantics of olsem in Bislama
12:20-12:50pm	Joseph C. Finney (Independent)
		Diachronic Syntax of Proto-Polynesian
12:50-1:20pm	Bernard Comrie (USC) and
	Maria Polinsky (USC)
		Relativizing Genitives in Austronesian Languages

The Conference will be held at the UCLA Sunset Village facility.

By shuttle:

To make a reservation with SUPER SHUTTLE upon arrival at the LAX, dial
Ext 56735 from the courtesy phones located on the walls at Baggage
Claim. The fare is $13.00 to UCLA or Holiday Inn Brentwood-Bel Air.

By car:
>From LAX:
o	Follow signs to SEPULVEDA BOULEVARD.
o	Go north on Sepulveda to LA TIJERA.
o	Turn right (east) on La Tijera.
o	Continue on La Tijera to 405 FREEWAY (a.k.a. SAN DIEGO FREEWAY).
o	Go north on 405 Freeway...

To Sunset Village:
o	Continue north on 405 Freeway to SUNSET BOULEVARD.
o	Exit on Sunset, continue east (right turn) on Sunset to BELLAGIO DRIVE
	(one block past Veteran Avenue).
o	Turn right (south) on Bellagio to enter the UCLA campus.
o	Turn left on DE NEVE DRIVE.
o	The entrance into the Sunset Village Parking Structure will be on your
	right,	just before you reach Circle Drive.
o	Parking is $5.00 per day.


Claremont Hotel
	1044 Tiverton Ave., Westwood
	Phone Numbers:	310-208-5957; 1-800-266-5957
	Fax Number:	310-208-2386
	Rates:	Singles	$39.50	1 bed with shower
		Doubles	$45.50	2 beds with bath and shower
		Twin	$49.50	1 bed with bath and shower

Holiday Inn Brentwood-Bel Air
	170 N. Church Ln., Brentwood (1 mile from Sunset Village)
	Phone Numbers:	310-476-6411; 1-800-HOLIDAY
	Fax Number:	310-472-1157
	Rates:	Singles or Doubles $68.00 (mention AFLA III)
	Parking: $5.00 per day
	Free shuttle service to/from UCLA and the Brentwood area
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