LINGUIST List 7.494

Tue Apr 2 1996

FYI: New Conference List, The Finite String, LSA nominations

Editor for this issue: Ljuba Veselinova <>


  1. Peter White, New Conference List
  2. Richard Sproat, The Finite String
  3., LSA nominations

Message 1: New Conference List

Date: Mon, 01 Apr 1996 14:45:47 +1000
From: Peter White <peterwlingua.cltr.uq.OZ.AU>
Subject: New Conference List

The April edition of the Conference Schedule: Linguistics and Related
Topics, is now available at URL

This edition now features the 'mailto:' application, allowing readers
to mail directly to conference organisers, when they have provided
email addresses.

If there are any errors, amendments, deletions or additions, please
contact me on

Peter White
Director, NLLIA Language and Technology Centre
Centre for Language Teaching and Research
The University of Queensland, Qld 4072
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Message 2: The Finite String

Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 15:05:47 EST
From: Richard Sproat <habanero!>
Subject: The Finite String
The FINITE STRING is the quarterly newsletter of the Association for
Computational Linguistics (ACL), and is a supplement to the journal
Computational Linguistics. The function of the STRING is to provide a
forum for advertising events -- especially conferences and workshops
- of interest to the ACL community.

Starting in 1996, the STRING is published as an html document,
available at the ACL website at Columbia University. The URL is:

There is a European mirror at:

Organizers of conferences and workshops that are likely to be of
interest to the ACL membership are invited to submit a description of
the conference to the STRING. Details on submission are given below.


The following types of submission are appropriate for the FINITE

- Announcements of meetings of potential interest to the membership of
the ACL. 
- Summaries of research in progress - of particular interest would be
 perspectives on the activities at a particular institution. 
- Personal Notes (e.g., honors, moving, changes in status). 
- Any other items of potential interest to the ACL membership. 

Submissions must be sent via email to the Finite String editor. No
hardcopy submissions will be accepted. Submissions should include the
"Subject:" line "Finite String Submission".

Particularly welcome will be documents that are already in HTML
format. Even more welcome will be short descriptive texts containing a
URL link to more complete descriptions elsewhere: for example, a title
and short description of a conference or workshop, plus a URL link to
the homepage for the meeting.

For submissions that are not in HTML format I will perform the
following editing operations:

 Add HTML commands for paragraph and line breaks where appropriate; 
 Add HTML commands for lists where appropriate; 
 Put strings that appear to be section headings into boldface; 
 Add links for all http URLs. 
 Add "mailto" links for all email addresses. 

Richard Sproat, Editor, FINITE STRING 
Speech Synthesis Research Department
Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
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Message 3: LSA nominations

Date: Tue, 02 Apr 1996 09:08:17 EST
From: <>
Subject: LSA nominations

The Committee on Committee and Delegate Appointments of the LSA will
be nominating members for committee appointments in early May. The
names of those who expressed interest in committee assignments last
year will be forwarded to the Committee. Your suggestions of
additional potential nominees would be most appreciated. Send names
by 6 April 1996 at the latest to: LSA Secretariat, 1325 18th St, NW,
Suite 211, Washington, DC 20036;
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