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Thu Apr 4 1996

Sum: Linguistics for speech therapists

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  1. Helge Dyvik, Sum: Linguistics for speech therapists

Message 1: Sum: Linguistics for speech therapists

Date: Tue, 02 Apr 1996 11:38:49 GMT
From: Helge Dyvik <>
Subject: Sum: Linguistics for speech therapists
Last week I posted the following query:

>A colleague has asked me to post the following request:

>Can anyone suggest suitable reading material, approximately 500 pages,
>about "clinical linguistics", i.e., linguistics as a basis for speech
>therapists/correctionists? No previous knowledge of linguistics should
>be presupposed. The language should be English (or a Scandinavian
>language, but we more or less know that such material does not exist
>in those languages).

My colleague Kolbjoern Slethei and I are grateful to the following for very
useful references:

Ian Crookston
Lynne Hewitt
Pirkko Kukkonen
Matti Lehtihalmes
Mick Perkins
Asha Rajan
Gregory Roberts

This is the union of their suggestions:

Caplan D. Neurolinguistics and linguistic aphasiology. Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 1987

Crystal, D. Profiling linguistic disability. London: Arnold, 1982

Crystal, D. Clinical linguistics. London: Arnold, 1987.

David Crystal (1989) Clinical Linguistics.(2nd edition) London: Whurr

Crystal, David. Introduction to language pathology. 3rd ed. London: Whurr. 1993

Crystal, Fletcher & Garman _The Grammatical Analysis of Language Disability_.

Dressler WU, Stark JA. Linguistic analyses of aphasic language. New York:
Springer-Verlag, 1988.

Kim Grundy, Linguistics in Clinical Practice (Whurr Publishers 1989)

Grunwell K [or P?] _Clinical Phonology_

Grunwell K ed (1995 ed) _Linguistics in Clinical Practice_ Whurr [Or should
it be Grundy? Cf. above. HD]

Hegde, M.N. (1991)_Introduction to Communicative Disorders_ Pro-Ed,
 Austin, Tx.

Hegde, M. N. (Mahabalagiri N.). Clinical methods and practicum in
 speech-language pathology. 1992.

Lesser R. Linguistic investigations of aphasia. London: Arnold, 1978

Lesser R, Milroy L. Linguistics and aphasia. London: Longman, 1993

Lund, N. & Duchan, J. (1993). Assessing children's language in naturalistic
contexts. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall.

Matthews, Cindy B. Marketing speech-language pathology and audiology
services: a how-to guide. San Diego, Calif.: Singular Pub. Group. 1993.

Perkins M & S Howard (1995 ed) _Case Studies in Clinical Linguistics_
London: Whurr pubns

Ryalls JH, ed. Phonetic approaches to speech production in aphasia and
related disorders. Boston: College-Hill, 1987.

Shipley, Kenneth G. Assessment in speech-language pathology: a resource
manual. San Diego, Calif.: Singular Pub. Group. 1992.

Smith BR, Leinonen E. Clinical pragmatics. London: Chapman & Hall, 1992.

Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics

There is also a volume of Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics, but it
may require some previous knowledge in linguistics.

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