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Fri Apr 5 1996

Confs: Lang contact, Mathematics ling

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  1., Conference on language contact
  2. Carlos Martin Vide, ICML'96 pre-programme

Message 1: Conference on language contact

Date: Tue, 02 Apr 1996 11:33:02 +0100
From: <>
Subject: Conference on language contact
Would you please announce the following conference:

The International Ivar Aasen Conference 1996
at the University of Oslo
November 14-16 1996.

The preliminary title of the conference is Language Contact, with the
subtitles: Multilingualism in a Majority/Minority Perspective and
Norms, Status and Standardization, and our aim is to treat these
themes both from a linguistic and a more socio-cultural point of view.

The invited lecturers are:

Professor Suzanne Romaine, Merton College, Oxford University
Professor Peter John Trudgill, English Department, U of Lausanne
Professor, Uffe =D8stergaard, The Center for Cultural 
Reseach,U.of Aarhus
Professor, dr.phil. Frans Gregersen, Department of Danish Dialect 
Reseach, University of Copenhagen
Dr.phil. Inegerd Municio, Department of Political Science, 
U. of Stockholm
Dr. Aija Priedite, FN-Coordinator for the Education Program for 
Language Minorities in Latvia
Mr. Donall O Riagain, Secretary General of EB (The European 
Bureau for Lesser used Languages)
Dr.phil. Herbert Chimhundu, Coordinator for the ALLEX-Project, 
U. of Zimbabwe
D. Miguel Strubell, The Catalan Sociolinguistic Institute, 
Departement of Culture, Barcelona
Reader Stephen Walton, Scandinavian Department, University 
College London
Mr. John Hume, MP, MEP (Member of The European Parliament), 
Northern Ireland

Congress Organizers are Department of Scandinavian Studies and
Comparative Literature and The Ivar Aasen Foundation

More information at our Internet address:

Oslo, April 2 1996

or the Organizing Committee
Dagfinn Worren

Dagfinn Worren
Avdeling for leksikografi
Institutt for nordistikk og litteraturvitskap
Universitetet i Oslo
Tlf.: +47 22 85 43 91
=46aks: +47 22 85 43 81
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Message 2: ICML'96 pre-programme

Date: Wed, 03 Apr 1996 11:38:26 +0100
From: Carlos Martin Vide <>
Subject: ICML'96 pre-programme

Tarragona, Spain, May 2-4, 1996

Place: Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Facultat de Lletres
Pl. Imperial Tarraco, 1
43005 Tarragona
Fax: 34-77-55.95.97

Room: Sala de Graus (1st floor)

PRE-PROGRAMME (minor changes may occur: involved speakers will be
informed about) Talks: 30 minutes long + 5 minutes for discussion

May 2:

8.45 Opening words
9.00 M. Kudlek (University of Hamburg, De), "A mathematical 
model of personal pronouns"
9.35 L.T. Polkowski (Warsaw University of Technology, Pl) & M.
Semeniuk-Polkowska (Warsaw University, Pl), "Approximate synthesis of
complex objects in natural language processing"
10.10 M. Vilares Ferro & M.A. Alonso Pardo (University of A Coruna, Es),
"Towards analyzers based on efficient logical frames"
10.45 B. Say & V. Akman (Bilkent University, Tr), "An 
information-based treatment of punctuation"

- --- Break

11.45 M.B. Ignatiev (St. Petersburg State Aerospace Instruments 
Academy, Ru), M.L. Mironovskaya & V. Nefedova (St. Petersburg 
State University, Ru),
"Trained automatic system for speech translation"
12.20 Z. Frajzyngier & J. Mycielski (University of Colorado, 
Boulder, USA),
"On some fundamental concepts of mathematical linguistics"
12.55 N. Bassols (Ramon Llull University, Es), Ch. Mellish & 
N. Nicolov (University of Edinburg, UK), 
"A case-based algorithm for Catalan stress assignment"
13.30 A. Lecomte (CRIN-CNRS, Fr) & C. Retore (INRIA-Lorraine, Fr), 
"Words as modules and modules as partial proof nets"

- -------- Lunch

16.00 F.J. Sanchez Gonzalez (CSIC, Es) & J.L. Carames Casal 
(Complutense University of Madrid, Es), "Entaxis: a syntactical 
model of intonation"
16.35 Ch.D. Yang & R.C. Berwick (MIT, USA), "Minimal computation 
in the minimalist program"
17.10 R. Mitkov (University of Wolverhampton, UK) & P. Schmidt 
(University of Saarbrucken, De), "On the complexity of pronominal 
anaphora resolution in machine translation
17.45 R. Ortega i Robert (Rovira i Virgili University, Es), "Double
adjoining for coordination schemata in LTAG"

- --- Break

18.45 T.K. Vintsiuk (Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Ukr), "Oral 
dialogue dictation/translation machine structure"
19.20 M. Marimon (University of Barcelona, Es), "Implementing HPSG 
in the ALEP formalism"
19.55 V.A. Fomichov (Moscow State University, Ru), "An outline of 
a formal grammar for describing structured meanings of 
complicated discourses"
20.30 J.-M. Alvarenga (INRIA-Lorraine, Fr), "Lexical rules in 
man-machine dialogues"

May 3:

8.15 S. Matsunami (University of Hawaii, USA), "A mathematical 
model for the post-creole continuum in Hawaii"
8.50 A. Nepomuceno Fernandez & F.J. Salguero Lamillar (University of
Sevilla, Es), "Word meaning, logic and the informative 
entailment relation"
9.25 H. van den Berg (University of Twente, NL), "Anaphora, 
existential graphs, and DPL"
10.00 V. Manca (University of Pisa, It), "A metagrammatical 
logical formalism"
10.35 J.J. Almeida & J.B. Barros (University of Minho, Pt), "YaLG: 
a tool for higher-order grammar specification"

- --- Break

11.30 M. Kandulski (Adam Mickiewicz University, Pl), 
"Nonassociative and commutative categorial grammars and 
their languages"
12.05 H. van den Berg (University of Twente, NL), "Knowledge 
graphs and natural language processing"
12.40 L. Ilie (University of Bucharest, Ro), "On ambiguity 
in internal contextual languages"
13.15 A. Martinez-Etxarri (University of the Basque Country, Es),
"Syntactic argumentation favoring degrees of incorporation in Basque"

- -------- Lunch

15.45 M. Villegas & N. Bel (University of Barcelona, Es), "Bounded
dependences in Spanish"
16.20 T. Chernigovskaya (Russian Academy of Sciences, Ru) & 
T. Gavrilova (St. Petersburg State Technical University, Ru), 
"Modeling hemispheric contribution to language faculty: 'bilingual 
brain' and learning strategies"
16.55 R. Mitkov (University of Wolverhampton, UK), "Language 
engineering: towards a clearer picture"
17.30 A.V. Iakovlev (Afrika Institute, Moscow, Ru), "Preliminaries 
to automatic speech recognition phonology"

- --- Break

18.30 S. Marcus (University of Bucharest, Ro), "A century of 
19.05 J. Dassow (University of Magdeburg, De) & V. Mitrana 
(University of Bucharest, Ro), "The degree of parallelism in 
contextual grammars with the minimal competence strategy"
19.40 C. Martin-Vide, J. Miquel-Verges (Rovira i Virgili 
 University, Es), Gh. Paun (Romanian Academy of Sciences, Ro) & 
A. Salomaa (University of Turku, Fi), "Attempting to define the 
ambiguity of internal contextual languages 
20.15 D. Molla-Aliod (University of Edinburgh, UK), "A lattice 
approach to aspectual composition"
20.50 J.G. Amores (University of Sevilla, Es) & J.P. Mora 
(University of Huelva, Es), "Directed motion verbs in an LFG-based 
machine translation prototype"

May 4:

8.15 V. Mihalache (University of Bucharest, Ro), "Variants 
of parallel communicating grammar systems"
8.50 D. Casacuberta, R. Marin & L. Aguilar (Autonomous 
University of Barcelona, Es), "A formal description of a 
syntactico-prosodic analysis for unrestricted text"
9.25 C.F. Nourani (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA),
"Linguistics abstraction - A brief overview"
10.00 J. Miquel-Verges (Rovira i Virgili University, Es), 
"On contextual automata"
10.35 M.G. Fernandez Diaz (University of Sevilla, Es), 
"Incorporation of semantic information in a machine 
translation prototype"

- --- Break

11.30 U.M. Schmitt, R. Widdig & B. Schinzel (University of 
Freiburg in Breisgau, De), "Extended monadic second order logic 
for grammar writing and automatic parser building"
12.05 M.T. Lopez Soto (University of Sevilla, Es), "A statistical 
approach to solving the structural ambiguity of English in a MT system"
12.40 J.F. Quesada (Centre for Scientific Computation of 
Andalucia, Es), "Bidirectional and event-driven parsing with 
multi-virtual trees"
13.15 G. Georgescu (University of Bucharest, Ro), "The 
syntactic complexity of internal contextual grammars and languages"

- -------- Lunch

15.45 E. Barcena (University of Sevilla, Es), "Example-based vs. 
rule-based approaches to machine translation"
16.20 D. Nikolaenko (St. Petersburg State University, Ru), 
"Automatical classification of ancient manuscripts according 
to textual proximity"
16.55 I. Pimenta Rodrigues & J.G. Lopes (New University of 
Lisboa, Pt), "AI5 - An interval algebra for the temporal relations 
conveyed by a text"
17.30 L.A. Reed (Pennsylvania State University, USA), 
"Closest similar worlds and French coherent infinitival constructions"
18.05 M. Cassandro (University of Roma), A. Galves (University of Sao
Paulo) & C. Galves (University of Campinas), "Structure recognition and
language change in a generalized GW model"
18.40 Closing words
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