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Wed Apr 10 1996

FYI: PAMLA deadline, New list, Teaching materials

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  1. Thomas F. Shannon, PAMLA deadline extended
  3. Chris Brew, HPSG and ALE teaching materials

Message 1: PAMLA deadline extended

Date: Wed, 03 Apr 1996 14:49:48 PST
From: Thomas F. Shannon <>
Subject: PAMLA deadline extended
Dear colleagues,

As organizer of the Linguistics Session at this year's PAMLA meeting, I'm
writing to let you know that I'm extending the original April 1 deadline
for abstracts to accommodate (& encourage!) late submissions.

The 1996 meeting of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association
(formerly Philological Association of the Pacific Coast) will be held
November 8-10 at UC Irvine. While the conference is mainly devoted to
literature, there are sessions devoted to other topics, including ours on
Linguistics. It's also a nice opportunity to meet colleagues in foreign
languages from around California & the West Coast. Presentors must be PAMLA
members by May 1 (dues are $20 per annum). If you are interested in making
a presentation, please send me a brief abstract (50-100 words) ASAP.

Since Linguistics usually comes up short at such meetings, support from
linguists in language and linguistics departments would be especially
appreciated. If you can't submit an abstract, please consider attending.
Please also pass the word along to colleagues.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best wishes

Thomas F. Shannon
Presiding Officer,
Linguistics Session, 1996 PAMLA

Thomas F. Shannon |Email:
Professsor of Germanic |Home phone: 1-707-745-4403
Linguistics & Dutch Studies |Dept. phone: 1-510-642-7445
Department of German |Office phone:1-510-642-2004
5317 Dwinelle Hall |Office Fax: 1-510-642-3243
University of California |Home Fax: 1-707-747-1453
Berkeley, CA 94720-3243 USA |
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Message 2: GB2MP

Date: 03 Apr 1996 18:27:06 CST
Subject: GB2MP


There's a new forum on line for Chomskyan syntax!

GB2MP is a discussion list for issues in Chomskyan syntax of
approximately the last fifteen years. Topics include issues from
Government-Binding Theory to the Minimalist Program (hence the name),
and everything Chomskyan and syntactic in between. Issues in
morphology and semantics, as they relate to syntax, are also welcome.

To sign on to GB2MP, send this message:

 subscribe gb2mp your-address (your name, optional)

 (NOTE: If you do include your name in this message, it *must* appear in
 parentheses, as shown, or mail delivery problems will result.)

to this address:

 (NOTE: majordomo is case-sensitive about the list name; gb2mp should
 be in all lower case.)

Or, if you prefer to receive messages in digest form (all
the postings from each day rounded up into a single message),
subscribe with the following command to the majordomo address:

 subscribe gb2mp-digest your-address (your-name, optional)

For more information, contact the moderators:

 Marianna Pool <>
 Tony Wright <>
 David Gohre <>

And please help us spread the word about GB2MP to colleagues.


Tony Wright <>
St. Philip's College
San Antonio, Texas, USA
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Message 3: HPSG and ALE teaching materials

Date: Thu, 04 Apr 1996 18:15:06 +0100
From: Chris Brew <>
Subject: HPSG and ALE teaching materials
HPSG Grammars in ALE

The Language Technology Group of the Human Communication Research centre
is pleased to
announce the release of teaching materials for HPSG grammars under Bob
Carpenter's ALE
formalism. A hypertext version of the document can be found at:

<>; with
the sample grammars at:

and LaTeX and Postscript source in:


The material has been class tested and proved successful, both at
masters level and in an intensive
3-day course. The main author is Colin Matheson, with substantial
contributions from Suresh
Manandhar and Claire Grover. The has been prepared with the aid of
funding from the Joint
Information Systems Committee's New Technology Initiative, under the
project ``Tools for
Language Education''

Alternate versions are also available on request from The
hyperlinked version is usually the most convenient
 (the document is over 100 pages). We expect to
be updating this document a little more in the coming weeks.

- ----------------------------------------------------------------
Address: Language Technology Group,
 HCRC, 2 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh EH8 9LW
Telephone: +44 131 650 4631
Fax: +44 131 650 4587
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