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Wed Apr 10 1996

Sum: Phonology software

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  1. Michel JACOBSON, Summary: Phonology Softwares

Message 1: Summary: Phonology Softwares

Date: Tue, 09 Apr 1996 22:14:13 BST
From: Michel JACOBSON <>
Subject: Summary: Phonology Softwares
Hello, All:

Recently (two weeks ago) I posted a query on "Phonology softwares". I
asked people to let me know if projects on automatic phonologic
analyses have already been developped or are intend to be.

I receved 6 answers. I thank all of them who respond to me.

 "FindPhone" program (for MS-DOS) developed by David Bevan, and
produced by the SIL, seem to be similar to my project. FindPhone
version 6.0 is available for US$38.00 from International Computer
Services email:

 "LinguaLinks" is a new sil project which include phonology tools.
More informations on the sil WWW site.

WEB site:
 In sum the WEB site the most favorite seem to be the SIL WWW
site http: Everybody are agreed about this. No other site
are mentioned but the sil WEB site contains links to others sites like
EIDENBOURG university ...

 One of you told me to take a look to MacWhinney,
B. (1991). The CHILDES Project: Tools for analyzing talk. Lawrence

Thank you for your help, and tell me if you know something more or new
about phonology softwares.

 Michel. Jacobson
 6, rue Paul BERT
 92000 Nanterre, France
 tel: 33 1 47 24 55 05
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