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Thu Apr 11 1996

Qs: Navajo, Resources, ASL texts, Teaching

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  1. Wymann Adrian, Q: Navajo samples glossing
  2. Hany Ferdinando, Linguistic resources
  3. Paul Baltes, ASL texts
  4. Yoshihiro Masuya, Teaching Foreign Languages

Message 1: Q: Navajo samples glossing

Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 13:10:21 +0700
From: Wymann Adrian <>
Subject: Q: Navajo samples glossing
I am currently compiling material on modal expressions in a language sample
which includes Navajo. Going through various sources of published material has
provided me with numerous examples, but the going regularly gets tough when
dealing with older material, as this is often not glossed and requires some
amount of tedious work (for a linguist with no practical knowledge of Navajo)
in order to establish the morphological structure of a sentence. Despite
numerous attempts, two examples (both from Young & Morgan, 1980) have so far 
beaten me completely, and I would appreciate any help concerning the
morphological segmentation of the following two examples (diacritics omitted 
and approximate standard ASCII characters substituted for non-standard ASCII 

a) haashii neelaa naahaiidaa 'ahoot'iid jini
 "it reportedly happened quite a number of years ago"
 Young & Morgan (1980, 63)

b) dii chidi dah dideesh' aalgo 'at'e (haz'a) shila'bee
 "I can lift this car up with my (bare) arms"
 Young & Morgan (1980, 59)

Any hints sent to me directly would be much appreciated.
Adrian Wymann, Linguistics Dept., University of Berne, Switzerland
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Message 2: Linguistic resources

Date: Mon, 08 Apr 1996 09:33:46 +0700
From: Hany Ferdinando <>
Subject: Linguistic resources
Ayone can help me searching linguistic resources and newsgroup?
I need information about studying linguistics with internet facility

Hany Ferdinando (Petra Christian University)
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Message 3: ASL texts

Date: Tue, 09 Apr 1996 11:08:16 PDT
From: Paul Baltes <>
Subject: ASL texts
My department (English) is having a debate on whether to accept ASL 
as a foreign language for graduate admissions. I realize that this 
is not a unique debate within the academy, but in order to have it 
accepted to fulfill the requirement, I will need to show that ASL and 
other sign langauges have a body of literature. Does anyone know of 
any texts (i.e. The ASL translation of The Book of Mormon) , films 
(i.e. Children of a Lesser God), video/text translations of or original 
literature, poetry etc? 

Thank you. I will post a summary of any help I receive in this 

Please send any materials to: 
Paul Baltes

- -------------------------------------------------
Paul Baltes
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Message 4: Teaching Foreign Languages

Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 19:49:17 +0900
From: Yoshihiro Masuya <>
Subject: Teaching Foreign Languages
Thur, 11 April, 1996.

Dear Colleagues,

We have just started a new organization, Institute for Language and Culture 
and the jobs of its members of the staff include studies of Teaching 
Foreign Languages.

I should be grateful, if anyone tell me what journals dealing with this subject
are available.

The information given to me will be summarized on LINGUIST.

Yoshihiro Masuya.
Prof. Yoshihiro Masuya <>
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