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Fri Apr 12 1996

Qs: Adult lang acq, Dictionary project, Black Eng

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  1. Leslie Oberman, Adult Language Learning.
  2. Ruediger Schuetz, Dictionary project
  3. Martin Matthew Jacobsen, Q: Black English

Message 1: Adult Language Learning.

Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 18:06:02 +0600
From: Leslie Oberman <>
Subject: Adult Language Learning.

In the 1990 copy of 'The Modern Language Journal 74' there is
an ad for a symposium to be held on the 12-13th October 1990
by the Ohio State University on the theme; 'Research Perspectives
in Language Learning and Acquisition'. It also states that papers
will be considered for publication by 'The Modern Language Journal'.
My question is, whether any of these papers were published? May be
I'm blind but I can't find them. Can someone en-lighten me as to 
where I can get copies of the papers that supposedly were 
delivered at this symposium. As I'm doing a research paper on the 
use of English in adult Japanese language classrooms, I feel they 
may be of some use. 
Leslie Oberman 
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Message 2: Dictionary project

Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 10:00:47 +0200
From: Ruediger Schuetz <>
Subject: Dictionary project

I am working for a major software publisher in Germany. We are
planning to release a bilingual dictionary English/German with an
amount of 120,000 items completely. My questions: Do you know sources
for licensing material, and what are their conditions? Can you help me
with further information?

Thanks in advance.

Ruediger Schuetz
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Message 3: Q: Black English

Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 00:49:32 CDT
From: Martin Matthew Jacobsen <>
Subject: Q: Black English

I have noticed that my African-American students use the word
'individual' in an interesting way. It's almost always a noun, and often
functions as more than one part of speech in the same sentence (ie. The
individual told the other individual. . . ). This usage emerges at the
consultative style level or higher, and usually has a public element to
it. I have observed this use in both written and oral situations
(usually First Year Comp. classes where African-Americans constitute
about 10% of the class). Men tend to use the innovation more often than
women (though I have had mostly males to observe).

If any of you have noticed this or know anything about it, let me know.
I'll post a summary if sufficient responses warrant it.

Marty Jacobsen
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