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Sat Apr 13 1996

FYI: New list, Web site, cours, Finno-Ugrian sites

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  1., New List
  2. Henriette Gezundhajt, New Web site
  3. EUL`ALIA DE BOBES I SOLER, cours announcement
  4. Johanna Laakso, Finno-Ugrian Web Sites

Message 1: New List

Date: Mon, 08 Apr 1996 08:48:48 MDT
From: <>
Subject: New List
Greetings, everyone!
Precedence: bulk

I just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to gb2mp.
This idea first began to germinate last January, and I didn't think it would
take this long to come in to full bloom, but then again, I had no idea
back then what was involved in setting up a forum of this kind.

I'd like to express my most profound gratitude to Marianna Pool and the
Colegio de Mexico, Mexico City, which is our host site. Without Marianna's
hard work, and the Colegio's graciousness in agreeing to host us, this
list would not have been possible.

Special thanks go also to David Gohre, our co-moderator, for his willingness
to serve in that role andmore generally for his help and encouragement.

I'd also like to thank the moderators of LINGUIST, in particular Helen Dry,
Anthony Rodrigues Aristar, and Daniel Seely, who offered encouragement and
invaluable advice to us in setting up gb2mp.

Thanks also to Bill Turkel for his help in publicizing our new list.

And thanks to everyone on the gb and gb2mp distribution lists for the last
year, who have been so patient and encouraging.

I'd like at this point to say a few words about how this list will be
moderated. GB2MP is a moderated list in the sense that each post submitted
for distribution is reviewed by a moderator prior to being sent out.

The advantage of this is that you won't be seeing personal notes directed to
one person, requests to unsubscribe, or "the Florida real-estate deal of a
lifetime" on gb2mp.

Disadvantages exist also, obviously, in terms of the turn-around time to
get messages out, but I don't believe this will be too troublesome.

It is my pleasure to say, at this time, let the discussions begin!

Tony Wright <>
St. Philip's College
San Antonio, Texas, USA
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Message 2: New Web site

Date: Mon, 08 Apr 1996 17:50:06 EDT
From: Henriette Gezundhajt <>
Subject: New Web site
The Linguistics Section of Department of French of the Univeristy of 
Toronto now has a cyber-home.

Check out the preliminary version of our website at :

The page is currently in English but we are working on a bilingual version.

In the future, we will have a virtual colloquium, a francophone linguistics
discussion group and lots of other neat stuff francophone linguistics stuff.
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Message 3: cours announcement

Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 13:21:54 BST
Subject: cours announcement

I am posting this on behalf the organizers of the cours announced. Please
if you need any additional informacion ask for it at the following e-mail

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Curso de verano
 Almunecar (Granada, Espa~a) del 9-14 de septiembre de 1996
 direccion: Dra. Pamela Faber (Universidad de Granada)

 A partir de la decada de los ochenta, los estudios sobre la
 traduccion se han convertido en una disciplina independiente y la
 traduccion ha sido objeto de investigacion por parte de diversas
 teorias linguisticas y no linguisticas (literatura comparada,
 psicologia, antropologia, etc.), debido, sobre todo, a su caracter
 interdisciplinario. Las tendencias mas recientes de la teoria linguistica
 contemporanea se caracterizan por una revalorizacion del significado,
 plasmada fundamentalmente en el componente lexico y en el lexicon mental
 de las lenguas naturales. Estas investigaciones, aplicadas al proceso
 de traduccion, estan resultando muy sugerentes, ya que inducen a una
 reflexion constructiva sobre el proceso mental que realizan traductores
 e interpretes y que puede facilitarnos ideas novedosas acerca de lo que
 realmente ocurre durante el proceso de traduccion.
 A lo largo del Curso TRADUCCION Y LINGUISTICA, se repasaran los aspectos
 y los conceptos mas relevantes de la linguistica que han venido demostrando
 su aplicacion a la traduccion, a la vez que se examinaran nuevas vias de
 investigacion. El panorama general de la relacion entre linguistica y
 traduccion, lo ofrecen los profesores Coseriu y Nida. Los profesores Butler,
 Luque, Subirats, Mairal y Faber haran hincapie en aplicaciones mas especificas
 al proceso de traduccion de las diferentes escuelas y teorias linguisticas.

 Dr. Eugenio COSERIU (Universidad de Tubinga)
 "Por una linguistica de la traduccion"

 Dr. Eugene NIDA
 "Aspectos linguisticos de la traduccion"

 Dr. Christopher BUTLER (Universidad de York)
 "Functional Grammar applied to Translation"

 Dr. Juan de Dios LUQUE DURAN (Universidad de Granada)
 "Los diccionarios explicativo-combinatorios de la Escuela de Moscu y su
 aplicacion a la traduccion"

 Dr. Carlos SUBIRATS RUGGEBERG (Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona)
 "Diccionarios electronicos del espanol: aplicaciones al analisis
 automatico y a la traduccion automatica"

 Dr. Ricardo MAIRAL USON (Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia)
 "El Modelo Lexematico-Funcional y su aplicacion a la traduccion"

 Dra. Pamela FABER (Universidad de Granada)
 "Estructura lexica y dependencia conceptual como base de equivalencias
 en la traduccion"

Para solicitar informacion sobre la matricula, ponganse en contacto con el
Prof.Dr.D. Juan Francisco Garcia Casanova:

Centro Mediterraneo de la Universidad de Granada
C. Rector Lopez de Argueta, s/n
Edificio San Jeronimo

 Tel: (958)-24-292
 Fax: (958)-24-29-23
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Message 4: Finno-Ugrian Web Sites

Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 09:41:58 +0300
From: Johanna Laakso <>
Subject: Finno-Ugrian Web Sites
Two (relatively) new WWW sites especially for those interested in Finnish
linguistics and Finno-Ugrian studies:

the Society and *TOC's of many of the most important Finno-Ugrian 
publication series* (M=E9moires de la Soci=E9t=E9 Finno-Ougrienne, 
Journal de la Soci==E9t=E9=20 inno-Ougrienne, Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen, 
Lexica Societatis Finno-Ugricae...):

Information about the Society and *some (as yet, only the freshest) TOC's
of "Virittaja"*, Finland's oldest and most important linguistic quarterly
published in Finnish. (From 1995 on, the English summaries of all articles
are also in the Web!)


- ----- Johanna Laakso <Johanna.LaaksoHelsinki.FI> -------------
- ---- Helsingin yliopisto, Suomalais-ugrilainen laitos ---------
- University of Helsinki, Department of Finno-Ugrian Studies ---
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