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Mon Apr 15 1996

FYI: Lang Conf List, Labov Lecture, Literacy & spelling reform

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  1. "Roy F. Cochrun", Updates to Language Conference List
  2., Labov Lecture
  3. Chris Gledhill, Literacy and spelling reform.

Message 1: Updates to Language Conference List

Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 20:00:45 EDT
From: "Roy F. Cochrun" <>
Subject: Updates to Language Conference List

The language conference list located on the WWW at URL has been updated with over
100 new conferences since the 1 March edition.

The list includes conferences for anyone interested in any aspect of
natural language: linguists, translators, interpreters, teachers of
languages (even one's own native language to native speakers, such as
English in American high schools), those who are involved in natural
language processing, et al.

As usual, changes, updates, corrections or comments via e-mail to, please.

			--Roy Cochrun
Roy's Russian Resource:
Language Conferences:
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Message 2: Labov Lecture

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 08:29:48 CDT
From: <>
Subject: Labov Lecture

 "Why Are American Dialects Diverging?"

 William Labov of the University of Pennsylvania will present a public
 lecture on the subject of dialect divergence at the 11th annual Peter
 Tamony Memorial Lecture on American Language at the University of
 Missouri-Columbia on Thursday, April 25th. Dr. Labov's talk will be
 held at 4:15 in Ellis Library Auditorium and will be followed by a
 public reception at the Western Historical Manuscript Collection. Dr.
 Labov, an internationally recognized scholar, has been professor of
 linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania since 1971 and director
 of its Linguistics Laboratory since 1976.

 The lecture series is named in honor of Peter Tamony of San Francisco
 whose voluminous collection of slang and colloquialism citations were
 donated to the Western Historical Manuscript Collection in 1985. This
 year's lecture, in addition, recognizes the receipt of the archives of
 the Linguistic Society of America by the Western Historical Manuscript

 For further information contact Nancy Lankford at Western Historical
 Manuscript Collection, 23 Ellis Library, University of Missouri,
 Columbia, Missouri 65201; phone (573) 882-6028; e-mail
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Message 3: Literacy and spelling reform.

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 12:25:40 -0000
From: Chris Gledhill <>
Subject: Literacy and spelling reform.

Those interested in issues of literacy and orthography or spelling
standardization may be interested in the Journal of the Simplified Spelling
Society. The latest issue (1995/2) includes the following reviews and

A survey of English Spelling - Roger Mitton
Othrography vs Literacy: Findings of the IEA - Christopher Upward
Spelling reform in the low countries - Harry Cohen
The Dictionnaire Historique de l'Orthographe francaise - Susan Baddeley
German reform: two years in twighlight. - trans. Margot McCaffrey
Handwriting and its relationship to spelling reform - Patrick Groff
Finding, developing and testing materials for spelling reform - Valerie Yule
The 20th centrury Japanese writing system. Reform and change - Chris Seeley
The Ethiopic writing system: a profile - Tom Bloor

Further information available on www:
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