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Thu Apr 18 1996

Sum: Introductory linguistics texts

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  1., Thanks for all the fish, I mean, texts!

Message 1: Thanks for all the fish, I mean, texts!

Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 10:20:31 PST
From: <>
Subject: Thanks for all the fish, I mean, texts!

Thanks to everyone who recommended an introductory text on
linguistics. The response was overwhelming, and I was unable to
respond personally to everyone who suggested a few of their favorites.

Here is the list of citations that I compiled from your responses -

Akmajian, A. (1990). Linguistics, an Introduction to Language and
Communication (3rd ed.). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Burling, R. (1992). Patterns of Language: Structure, Variation, Change
. San Diego: Academic Press.

Clark, V. (1994). Language: Introductory Readings . New York: St.
Martin's Press.

Finegan, E., & Besnier, N. (1989). Language: Its Structure and Use
. San Diego: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanich.

Fromkin, V., & Rodman, R. (1993). An Introduction to Language (5th
ed.). Fort Worth: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanich.

Jannedy, S., Poletto, R., & Weldon, T. L., Eds., (1994). Language
Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language and Linguistics (6th
ed.). Columbus: Ohio State University.

Kenworthy, J. (1991). Language in Action: An Introduction to Modern
Linguistics . New York: Longman.

O'Grady, W., & Dobrovolksy, M., Eds., (1993). Contemporary Linguistics:
An Introduction . New York: St. Martin's Press.

Trask, R. L. (1995). Language, the Basics . New York: Routledge.

A few notes on preferences -

The most commonly recommended texts were Fromkin & Rodman, _Language
Files_, and the O'Grady and Dobrovolsky works. I remember the
_Language Files_ with some fondness from my student days, and I
especially liked the incorporation of the excercises with the text.
No one on the list recommended the Akmajian text - I found it by going
to an on-line library database at Portland State University.

Thanks again. Y'all were very helpful.

Sean Hess
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