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Tue Apr 23 1996

Qs: Finno-Ugrists,Citing On-Line, Superhighway

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  1. Johanna Laakso, Appeal from Finno-Ugrists in Helsinki
  2. "David Weiss", query- citing on-line refer
  3. Waruno Mahdi, Query: "Internet"/"Superhighway"

Message 1: Appeal from Finno-Ugrists in Helsinki

Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 12:05:11 +0300
From: Johanna Laakso <>
Subject: Appeal from Finno-Ugrists in Helsinki

=09=09Helsinki, 16.4.1996

Dear colleagues

As you may know Raija Bartens Professor Ordinarius of Finno-Ugrian=20
Linguistics at Helsinki University is due for retirement in the
near=20 future. The university and the Faculty of Humanities have
decided to=20 change some offices of professor into "a removable and
periodic post".=20 The Faculty of Humanities is now planning to change
the professor's=20 office of Finno-Ugrian Linguistics into "a
removable and periodic post".

The office is more than 100 years old and we, at our Department,
consider= =20 this position an internationally important one. Changed
into "a removable= =20 and periodic post" would mean there would be no
guarantee for the=20 continuation of the professorship at the
termination of the five-year=20 period. After five years the
professorship could simply be removed to=20 another field! The
Department of Finno-Ugrian Linguistics has argued=20 against this
plan, but until now despite our efforts it seems unlikely=20 that any
changes to this arrangement will be maid (see enclosure). This=20
proposal concerning the future of the professorship will be presented
by=20 the Faculty of Humanities and the final decision will be made by
the=20 Rector of the University.

Dear colleagues, we now ask you to support our efforts to maintain
the=20 office of Professor Ordinarius office of Finno-Ugrian
linguistics at=20 Helsinki University. We invite you to send your
opinion in writing (an=20 express letter is desirable) to the Faculty
of Humanities (Humanistinen=20 tiedekunta, PL 3 (Fabianinkatu 33),
FIN-00014 Helsingin yliopisto, Finland;= =20 the e-mail address of
secretary of Department Leena Barros is:=20 We would also be grateful if you could send
a=20 copy of it to our Department (Suomalais-ugrilainen laitos,
Castrenianum,=20 PL 3 (Fabianinkatu 33), FIN-00014 Helsingin
yliopisto; telefax=20 +358-(9)0-191 23329; the administrator of our
Department is Katariina=20 Gr=E4mer, e-mail: Thank you!

On behalf of the Department of Finno-Ugrian studies (University of
Helsinki= )
Seppo Suhonen=09=09=09Raija Bartens
Professor of Finnic languages=09Professor of Finno-Ugrian linguistics
Chairman of the Department of Finno-Ugrian Studies
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Message 2: query- citing on-line refer

Date: 22 Apr 1996 14:31:36 +0800
From: "David Weiss" <>
Subject: query- citing on-line refer
 Griffin Bacal Internet Mail
 Direct inquiries to 04.22.96
 2:27 PM
 query: citing on-line references

I'm sure this question has been asked and answered before, but can
anyone provide me with the proper format for referencing materials
that appear on-line, such as websites?


David Weiss, New York University
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Message 3: Query: "Internet"/"Superhighway"

Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 14:24:34 +0200
From: Waruno Mahdi <>
Subject: Query: "Internet"/"Superhighway"
Could you please help me find out how one says "Internet" and
"Superhighway" (as in "Information S...") in any of the following

 Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Khmer, Thai,
 Bengali, Hindi/Urdu, Tadjik, Uzbek, Kazak, Turkmen, Parsi, Turkish,
 Arabic, Suaheli, Malagasy, Zulu, Khoisan, Afrikaans, Portuguese,
 Icelandic, Finnish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian,
Georgian, Azeri,
 Armenian, Hungarian, Albanian, Greek, Maltese, Basque.
Please e-mail directly to me. I'll post a summary with acknowledgements.

Thanks in advance,

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Waruno Mahdi tel: +49 30 8413 5408
Faradayweg 4-6 fax: +49 30 8413 3155
14195 Berlin email:
Germany WWW:
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