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Wed May 1 1996

Qs: Bilingual corpora, E-mail, Spanglish, Dative subjects

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  1. Ludovica Serratrice, Bilingual corpora
  2. Kirk McElhearn, E-mail
  3. Juan Bernardo Llanos Lamarque, "SPANGLISH" resources needed
  4. HOWARD GREGORY, Dative Subjects

Message 1: Bilingual corpora

Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 14:44:16 BST
From: Ludovica Serratrice <>
Subject: Bilingual corpora
Dear all,

I am desperately seeking English/Italian bilingual corpora from
children aged between 1;8 and 3;6 (approximately). Unfortunately there
arent' any on CHILDES and I was wondering whether anyone could help me
find at least one. Since I have a feeling that it won't be easy, I am
also willing to consider English/Spanish corpora in the same age
range. I would be EXTREMELY GRATEFUL if someone could point me in the
right direction. Thanks for your help.

Ludovica Serratrice
Department of Linguistics
University of Edinburgh
40, George Square
Edinburgh EH8 9LL
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Message 2: E-mail

Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 18:49:37 +0200
From: Kirk McElhearn <>
Subject: E-mail

For a Master's dissertation in applied linguistics, for Aston
University in Birmingham, in the UK, I am planning to investigate the
notions of speech community/discourse community within e-mail mailing
lists, using a framework of speech events, and ethnography of
communication. I will also examine some of the exchanges used on
mailing lists, and look at how they relate to similar exchanges in
face-to-face interaction.

Would anyone know of any such work that may have been done,
specifically dealing with e-mail, or newsgroups?

Thanks very much for any information you may be able to give me.


Kirk McElhearn

Translations from French to English, English to French
Traductions francais-anglais, anglais-francais

91 rue de la Mesangerie
37540 St Cyr sur Loire
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Message 3: "SPANGLISH" resources needed

Date: Wed, 01 May 1996 15:24:50
From: Juan Bernardo Llanos Lamarque <>
Subject: "SPANGLISH" resources needed

A friend of mine is writing her doctoral thesis and needs materials

 - "Spanglish" or "Espangles" in Florida (U.S.A)

I would appreciate any info (books and other resources) that you could
send me.

Thank you very much.
 (o o)
 | Juan Bernardo Llanos |
 | Pte. J.E. Uriburu 1234 - 12A |
 | 1114 - Buenos Aires |
 | |
 | Tel/Fax: (541) 826-4938 |
 | E-mail: |
 (_| |_)
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Message 4: Dative Subjects

Date: Wed, 01 May 1996 15:17:37 GMT
Subject: Dative Subjects

I would be grateful for information on how different languages pattern
with respect to these two features:

(i) Ability of the RECIPIENT argument of a ditransitive verb to be
the surface Subject of a Passive sentence.
 (e.g. English "HE was given a book").

(ii) "Dative Subjects" - possession by Dative-marked NP's of
Subject-like properties such as control.
 (e.g. Russian "Mne (DAT.) nravit-sya..."
 (cf. Perlmutter and Postal, 1984))
 Italian "Mi (DAT.) piace..."
 (cf. Belletti and Rizzi (1986))).

I would be particularly interested if any languages known to
Linguistlist subscribers have BOTH or NEITHER of these properties. (I
would like, as the basis for some current research, to be able to make
the generalization that the two are in complementary distribution).

With thanks,

Howard Gregory
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