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Thu May 2 1996

Confs: Yiddish, Computational Linguistics

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  1. "Bruce J. Mitchell", Graduate Student Conference on Yiddish Literature, Linguistics & Culture
  2. Bernie Jones, For the list: Call for Registration - SIGPARSE 96

Message 1: Graduate Student Conference on Yiddish Literature, Linguistics & Culture

Date: Wed, 01 May 1996 19:03:20 CDT
From: "Bruce J. Mitchell" <>
Subject: Graduate Student Conference on Yiddish Literature, Linguistics & Culture

Dear Colleagues,

 Please announce to graduate students that the Department of German
and the Jewish Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
are requesting papers on any Yiddish related topic in
linguistics. Papers may be written in Yiddish, German or English and
should be twenty to thirty minutes in length. Send one-page abstracts
by 1 August, 1996, to the University of Wisconsin, Department of
Germanic Languages & Literatures, 818 Van Hise Hall, Madison, WI,
53706, to the attention of Bruce Mitchell.

 Papers will be read on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 8th, 9th,
and 10th, 1996.


Bruce J. Mitchell
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Message 2: For the list: Call for Registration - SIGPARSE 96

Date: Thu, 02 May 1996 11:56:40 BST
From: Bernie Jones <>
Subject: For the list: Call for Registration - SIGPARSE 96

An informal meeting sponsored by the Special Interest Group on Parsing 


 Friday, June 28, 1996 
 in conjunction with the 34th Annual Meeting of the 
 Association for Computational Linguistics 
 University of California, Santa Cruz 
 Santa Cruz, California, USA 

More information about the ACL Meeting can be obtained from:

Interest in punctuation in the fields of `straight' and computational
linguistics has greatly increased in the last five years. This is
partially due to the publication, in 1990, of Geoffrey Nunberg's book
"The Linguistics of Punctuation", but also due to the fact that it has
been recognised that true understanding and processing of written
language will be almost impossible if punctuation is not taken into

Almost any structure-giving, or graphical, device in text could be
described as punctuation, which therefore covers devices ranging from
hyphens, apostrophes and the marks we conventionally think of when
talking about punctuation, through to broadly structural phenomena
such as paragraphing, indentation and underlining.

This workshop will present original research addressing various
aspects of punctuation within computational linguistics, in a variety
of topics including, amongst others, syntax, semantics, machine
translation, generation and text structure.

The workshop will also feature an invited talk by Geoffrey Nunberg, of
Xerox PARC, and, time and interest permitting, a general discussion
session of issues raised by the workshop.

The Syntax and Semantics of Punctuation and its Use in Interpretation. 
 Ted Briscoe (Computer Laboratory, Cambridge University, UK) 
Punctuation in Quoted Speech 
 Christine Doran (Department of Linguistics, University of 
 Pennsylvania, USA) 
Layout and Language: lists and tables in technical documents 
 Shona Douglas and Matthew Hurst (Language Technology Group, 
 HCRC, University of Edinburgh, UK) 
Punctuation in the Bravice English-to-Japanese Machine Translation System 
 Jan Fornell (Yokohama, Japan) 
Role of Punctuation in Disambiguation of Coordinate Compounds 
 Young-Gie Min (Department of Linguistics, Univeristy of Arizona, USA) 
Semantic and Layout Properties of Text Punctuation 
 Elsa Pascual and Jacques Virbel (Institut de Recherche en Informatique 
 de Toulouse, CNRS/Universite P. Sabatier, France) 
An Information-Based Treatment of Punctuation 
 Bilge Say and Varol Akman (Department of Computer Engineering and 
 Information Science, Bilkent Univeristy, Turkey) 
A Divide-and-Conquer Strategy for Parsing 
 Peh Li Shiuan and Christopher Ting Hian Ann (Defence Science 
 Organisation, Singapore and National University of Singapore) 
Considerations on Parsing a Poorly Punctuated Text in French 
 Marthe Simard (Departement des Lettres et de Linguistique, Universite 
 Laval, Canada) 


The registration fee is GBP (Pounds Sterling) 30 for participants who
register by May 17th 1996, and GBP 35 for payment received by June
14th 1996. Those wishing to register later than June 14th 1996 should
do so on site. In this case, please send in the form anyway,
indicating you will pay in Santa Cruz.

Registration includes a copy of the proceedings and refreshments
during the day.

Acceptable forms of payment are cheques, in pounds sterling only,
payable to ``University of Edinburgh'' or credit card
(VISA/Mastercard) payment. For participants registering on site,
payment will be possible in either pounds sterling (cash or cheque) or
US dollars (cash only). Unfortunately we will be unable to accept
credit card payment if you choose to register on site.

E-mail registrations are possible (for credit-card payment) but for
reasons of security, registration by fax is strongly preferred!

Please submit the following form along with payment:




Email address:

Telephone/Fax number:

Payment method:

If paying by credit card, please complete the following section:


I wish to pay the sum of GBP 30.00 / GBP 35.00 (delete as
applicable) by credit card.

Credit card type (Visa/Mastercard only): 

Name, as it appears on card:

Card Number:

Valid from:

Expiry date:

Signed: Date:


Please send to:

SIGPARSE96, c/o Bernie Jones
Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh
2 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh EH8 9LW, United Kingdom
fax: +44 131 650 6626

Please contact the above with any problems or queries you might have.
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