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Thu May 2 1996

Qs: Summer School,Software,Definition,Emoticons,Phonations

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  1. Lin Chian -Jer, Qs:Summer School on linguistics
  2. Kirk Sullivan, Software for teaching phonology
  3. "J. Treffers-Daller", definition of utterances
  4., Emoticons :-)
  5., Phonological Relevance of Voice Register / Phonation

Message 1: Qs:Summer School on linguistics

Date: Thu, 02 May 1996 18:01:52 +0700
From: Lin Chian -Jer <>
Subject: Qs:Summer School on linguistics

Dear subscribers,

I am looking for universities or departments in the world, which offer
Summer school courses on linguistics. If you know any, or if you know
how I could get more information on this, please be so kind as to mail
me (and tell me the web sites, if there is any). I'll select some
useful information and post a summary later. Thank you.
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Message 2: Software for teaching phonology

Date: Thu, 02 May 1996 14:57:32 +0200
From: Kirk Sullivan <>
Subject: Software for teaching phonology

 Software for teaching phonology

 We are looking for suitable software to be used in undergraduate
courses in phonology. We are interested in software which simulates the
 phonological processes. Our interest even extends to databases of
 phonological systems. Our aim is to set up class room experiments and
 demos suitable for self-instruction as part of undergraduate courses in
 phonology. One example of the kind of software that we are particularly
 interested in learning about is one where you can alter different
 parameter settings and get an immediate response showing the effect of
 such a manipulation. Since we are teaching a broad range of phonological
 approaches from SPE style phonology to OT, programs within any of the
 different schools of phonology would be welcome. The platform the program
 is written for (Mac, PC, UNIX station) is not of importance, particularly
 if we are able to have access to the source-code and permission to develop
 the code to suit out purposes. Naturally we would keep you informed about
 the developments. If you have developed a program that you feel would fit
 in with our requirements please let us know. The program does not
 necessarily have to be a free-ware program. Commercially available
 programs are also of interest. We will publish a summary once we have got
 some grasp of what the situation looks like.

Anders Eriksson and Kirk Sullivan
Department of Phonetics
Umea University
S-901 87 Umea
Phone: +46 90 - 16 69 02, +46 90 16 95 49; Fax: +46 90 - 16 63 77
Email: {anderse,kirk}
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Message 3: definition of utterances

Date: Thu, 02 May 1996 14:55:10
From: "J. Treffers-Daller" <>
Subject: definition of utterances

I am interested in operational definitions of utterances, as I have
to divide spoken speech (bilingual data) into utterances. I have
worked with the definition of Hunt (1970) of T-units (minimal terminal
unit). Hunt defines a T-unit as "one main clause plus any subordinate
clause or non-clausal structure that is attached to it or embedded in
it." Does anyone know about more recent, better definitions?(If there
has been a discussion about this topic already, could the person who
posted a summary, send me this summary please?)

My email address is:

thank you very much
Jeanine Treffers-Daller
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Message 4: Emoticons :-)

Date: Thu, 02 May 1996 15:30:27 +0200
From: <>
Subject: Emoticons :-)


We are studying sociology and we have to write a paper about emoticons
(smileys, etc.) from a linguistic point of view. As we didn4t found a lot of
literature, we would be glad if somebody could help us. Maybe somebody has
already written a paper or has some information about this topic. Please send
us your work, ideas, etc. through Email. (English or german articles are

Thanks in advance!

	Daniel Boos
	Frank David
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Message 5: Phonological Relevance of Voice Register / Phonation

Date: Thu, 02 May 1996 14:56:27 BST
From: <>
Subject: Phonological Relevance of Voice Register / Phonation

Dear list,

Hanspeter Herzel, a physicist working on biophysical models
of phonation, would like to know if there are
any languages/dialects where presence or absence of
subharmonics or biphonation is incorporated into the
phonological feature system.

His e-mail is:

Thank you!

Maria Wolters
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