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Sat May 4 1996

Confs: Symposium on Chinese NPs, Nijmegen

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  1. Pan Hai-Hua, Conf. program: Symposium on Chinese NPs (24-25/6/96, Hong Kong)
  2. LIESHOUTNICI.KUN.NL, Conference Nijmegen June 5-8

Message 1: Conf. program: Symposium on Chinese NPs (24-25/6/96, Hong Kong)

Date: Fri, 03 May 1996 10:58:15 +0800
From: Pan Hai-Hua <>
Subject: Conf. program: Symposium on Chinese NPs (24-25/6/96, Hong Kong)
Conference Program:

Symposium on the Referential Properties
 of Chinese Noun Phrases

Hosted by

Linguistic Society of Hong Kong
Department of Chinese, Translation, and Linguistics,
City University of Hong Kong

June 24 - 25, 1996

Venue: Rm B4302, City University of Hong Kong

Day One, 24th, June, Monday

8:30 ~ 9:10 Registration

9:10 ~ 9:30 Opening Ceremony

Morning Sessions

Session One

9:30 ~ 10:00
Bojiang Zhang (Institute of Linguistics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
Hanyu Zenyang Biaoxian Wuzhi Chengfen (How non-referential elements are 
 expressed in Chinese)

10:00 ~ 10:30
Mary Wu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Meaning and Form: Computing Definite and Uniqueness Readings of Complex Noun 
Phrases in Mandarin Chinese

10:30 ~ 11:00
Yan Jiang (HK Polytechnic University)
Haihua Pan (City University of HK)
On the Semantic Content of Noun Phrases
11:00 ~ 11:15 Tea Break

Session Two

11:15 ~ 11:45
Dingxu Shi(HK Polytechnic University)
The Definiteness Requirement on Chinese Subject

11:45 ~ 12:15
Stephen Matthews (University of HK) 
Patrizia Pacioni (University of HK)
Specificity and Genericity of NPs in Cantonese and Mandarin

12:15 ~ 12:45
Liejiong Xu (City University of HK)
Limitations on Subjecthood of Numerically Quantified Noun Phrases: 
 A Pragmatic Approach

12:45 ~ 2:15 Lunch

Afternoon Sessions

Session One
2:15 ~ 2:45
Robert Iljic (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)
Referential Properties of Nouns Suffixed by -men

2:45 ~ 3:15
Jie Li (University of Saarland)
Predicate Type and The Semantics of Bare NPs in Chinese

3:15 ~ 3:45
Minglang Zhou(University of Oregon)
Bare Nouns in Chinese, Verbal Aspect Readings and Aktionsart

3:45 ~ 4:00 Tea Break

Session Two

4:00 ~ 4:30
Zhengsheng Zhang (San Diego State University)
Aspectual Properties of Definite and Indefinite NPs

4:30 ~ 5:00
Yuru Wu University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Scope Interpretations of Quantificational Noun Phrases in Mandarin Chinese

5:00 ~ 5:30
Chong-li Zou (Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
The Theory of Generalised Quantifiers and Chinese Quantified Sentences

Day Two, 25th, June, Tuesday

Morning Sessions

Session One

9:00 ~ 9:30
Chunyan Ning (City University of HK)
Toward An Internalistic Theory of (In)definiteness

9:30 ~ 10:00
Feng-hsi Liu (University of Arizona)
Pronouns as Variables in Chinese

10:00 ~ 10:30
Ke Zou (California State University)
Referential Effect and Resultative Verb Compounds in Chinese

10:30 ~ 11:00
Yang Gu (The Chinese University of HK)
On the Post-verbal Duration Phrases in Mandarin Chinese

11:00 ~ 11:15 Tea Break

Session Two

11:15 ~ 11:45
Lai-Shen Cheng (University of California-Irvine)
Rint Sybesma (Leiden University)
Bare NPs and The Functional Structure of NPs

11:45 ~ 12:15
Wei-tien D. Tsai (National Tsing Hua University)
Subject Specificity, Raising Modals, and Extended Mapping Hypothesis

12:15 ~ 12:45
Yuanjian He (Chinese University of HK)
More Observations on The Indefinite Use of Wh-Words In Chinese
12:45 ~ 2:15 Lunch

Afternoon Sessions

Parallel One: On "dou" Quantification

Session One

2:15 ~ 2:45
Shi-Zhe Huang (University of Pennsylvania)
Unexpected Definiteness Effect and The Function of "dou"

2:45 ~ 3:15
Ning Zhang (University of Toronto)
On Eventuality Quantifier "dou"

3:15 ~ 3:45
Yan Jiang (HK Polytechnic University)
"dou" as a Procedural Interpreter

3:45 ~ 4:00 Tea Break

Session Two

4:00 ~ 4:30
Sui-Sang Mok (University of California-San Diego)
Randall Rose (University of California-San Diego)
The Semantics and Pragmatics of "dou": A Non-Quantificational Account

4:30 ~ 5:00
Shu-ing Shyu (National Sun Yat-Sen University)
A Type of Universally Quantified NPs

5:00 ~ 5:30
Tzong-Hong Lin(National Tsing Hua University)
On "ge" and Other Related Problems

End of Parallel One
Parallel Two: Discourse Studies

2:15 ~ 2:45
David C S Li (City University of HK)
Conflict Between Syntax and Pragmatics: Expressing Indefinite Reference in 
Cantonese News Stories on TV

2:45 ~ 3:15
Dongying Wu (HK Polytechnic University)
Mingliang Hu (Bowdoin College)
Discourse Manipulable Participant and NP Reiteration in Chinese News Discourse

3:15 ~ 3:45
Jonathan Webster (City University of HK)
Semantic Properties of Thematic Noun Phrases in Chinese

End of Parallel Two

3:45 ~ 4:00 Tea Break

Parallel Three: NP Reference and Related Issues

4:00 ~ 4:30
Mei Fang (Institute of Linguistics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
Fei Shizhi Daici 'ta', `zhe' yu Kouyu zhong de Huati hua (Non-substantive 
pronouns `ta', `zhe' and topicalization in spontaneous speech)

4:30 ~ 5:00
Binfu Lu (University of Southern California)
Referentiality and Word Order in Chinese NP

5:00 ~ 5:30
Hongming Zhang (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Accessibility of Referentiality/Non-Referentiality to Phonology -- Evidence 
from Tone Sandhi in Wuming Chuang

End of Parallel Three


Hotel information 

	Here is the hotel information on 5 of the most economical hotels in 
	Hong Kong. The first four are conveniently located. Caritas Bianchi 
	Lodge, YMCA Tsimshatsui, YMCA Waterloo Rd are within walking distance 
	from the MTR station. There is a mini-bus route going from Anne Black 
	Guest House to MTR station (Mongkok). (The exchange rate to US dollars
 is USD $1 : HKD$ 7.8.)

a) Anne Black (YWCA) Guest House
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 Daily rates (inc. service charge):
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 Single room (w/ bath): HK$ 605 
 double room (w/ shared bath): HK$ 520 
 double room (w/ bath): HK$ 726

b) Caritas Bianchi Lodge
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 Phone: (852)-2388-1111
 fax: (852)-2770-6669

 Daily rates (inc. breakfast)
 Single room (w/ bath): HK$ 650 (plus 10% service charge)
 Double room (w/ bath): HK$ 750 (plus 10% service charge) 

c) YMCA hotel 
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 23 Waterloo Rd.
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 Phone: (852)-2771-9111
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 Daily rates:
 single and double (w/bath) HK$ 880 (inc. service charge)

e) Chinese University of Hong Kong Guest House
(accessible by train, in the suburbs; booking must be made through CUHK staff; 
please contact Thomas Lee at
 phone: (852)-26036411; 2603-6422; fax: (852)-2603-5272
 (accessible by train, in the suburbs; booking must be done through 
 CUHK staff)

 Daily rates:
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 twin (w/ shared bath) HK$ 400

Traffic Information

By KCR (train) or MTR (subway)

Get off at Kowloon tong and look for Exit C. City University is right 
 opposite the train/subway station.

>From Kai Tak Airport

1. Airbus No. 7 (A7) runs every 10 minutes between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. 
 from the airport to Kowloon tong. The bus terminal is at Exit A(2) 
 of the Kowloon tong MTR station. Walk through the subway station to 
 reach Exit C. The fare is HK$6.70.

2. Taxi fare from the Airport to City University is approximately HK$40, 
 equivalent to US$5.


Preregistration Form

Symposium on Referential Properties of Chinese Noun Phrases 
June 24-25, 1996

Name: Mr./Mrs./Miss/Dr./Prof. 
___________________________________________ Chinese _______________________
First Middle Last Name 

Affiliation: _________________________________________________________________
			Department Institution
Mailing Address: check one ____ Institutional address 
					____ Home address



Telephones: ___________________________ E-mail: _____________________________

FAX: ________________________________

Payment enclosed: check one ______ HK$300 /US$35 (student) 
				______ HK$500/US$65 (non-student) 

(inclusive of teas, one reception, one dinner, and a Symposium packet)

Please make your check or money order payable to Linguistic Society of Hong 
Kong, and return completed form to: 

			Dr. Tim D. X. Shi
			Department of Chinese and Bilingual Education
			Polytechnic University of Hong Kong
			Hong Kong
			Tel.: (852)-2766-7440
			FAX: (852)-2334-0185

Check here _____ Sex: ____ if you desire a crash space (Priority will be 
			 given to students).

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Message 2: Conference Nijmegen June 5-8

Date: Fri, 03 May 1996 15:23:10 BST
Subject: Conference Nijmegen June 5-8

3rd International Conference

Special topic: Brain research in speech production

June 5-8, 1996

University of Nijmegen
Dept. of Voice and Speech Pathology
Institute of Otorhinolaryngology
University Hospital Nijmegen
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Keynote addresses:

R. Kent		Speech motor models and developments in neuro-
		physiological science: New perspectives
J. Lauter	Ins and outs of brain imaging techniques in
		speech production
P. Fox		Modelling to speech motor system from neuro-imaging
P. Indefrey	PET research in speech and language production
B. Gordon	Speech and language research with electrical brain
P. Hagoort	Possibilities of event related potential research
		on speech production
W. Webster	Principles of brain organization related to late-
		ralization of language and speech motor functions
		in normal speakers and stutterers
V. Gracco	A neuromotor perspective on speech production
L. Goldstein	The gestural phonology model
A. Meyer	Towards a theory of phonetic encoding in language
M. McClean	Functional components of the motor system: An
		approach to understanding the mechanisms of speech
S. Barlow	Neuronal group selection and emergent orofacial
		motor control

Furthermore, there will be a number of papers and poster presentations
from leading research units on a large variety of topics related to
speech motor production, neuro-imaging in speech and language
research, and developmental aspects in speech production.

The conference is organized by the Department of Voice and Speech
Pathology of the Institute of Otorhinolaryngology of the University
Hospital Nijmegen in close co-operation with:

- NICI (Nijmegen Institute of Cognition and Information)
- Interfacultary Research Unit for Language and Speech of the
 University of Nijmegen
- Institute of Medical Psychology of University Hospital Nijmegen

Registration fees: NGL 595
This includes program booklet with abstracts, welcome party, lunch
buffets, coffee/tea, dinner party on Friday evening in Doorneburg
Castle, farewell cocktail, bustransfer from the conference center to
the hotel.


As after the previous conference proceedings will be published by
Elsevier Science Publishers in Excerpta Medica International Congress
Series. The proceedings can be ordered only in advance at the
registration form or during the conference for a pre-subscription
price of NGL 155. Because of the limited edition booksellers' price
after the conference will be about NGL 275.

**Contact for further information**

Conference Agency University of Nijmegen
c/o Mrs. Mary Bluyssen
PO Box 9111
6500 HN Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Telephone: 	+31.24.361.2184
Fax:		+31.24.356.7956

The organizing committee

Herman F.M. Peters, Ph.D.
Wouter Hulstijn, Ph.D.
Pascal H.H.M. van Lieshout, Ph.D.

(End information)


Dr. Pascal H.H.M. van Lieshout E-mail: LIESHOUTNICI.KUN.NL

(Mo, Tu, Fri)		 (We, Thu)
NICI		 AND	 ENT-clinic, Dept. of Voice & Speech Disorders
P.O. Box 9104		 P.O. Box 9101
6500 HE Nijmegen	 6500 HB Nijmegen
The Netherlands		 The Netherlands
+31 (24)3615508 	 +31 (24)3614817	
+31 (24)3616066 (fax)	 +31 (24)3565401 (fax)
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