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Tue May 7 1996

Calls: ICCPOL'97 call, Workshop on NLP

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  1. YANG SUYING, ICCPOL'97 call for papers
  2. Stefan Langer, Workshop on NLP in communication aids

Message 1: ICCPOL'97 call for papers

Date: Tue, 07 May 1996 10:06:44 +0800
Subject: ICCPOL'97 call for papers

- ------------------------CUT HERE-------------------------

ICCPOL'97 Call for Papers

17th International Conference on
Computer Processing of Oriental Languages

Hong Kong, April 2-4, 1997

You are invited to participate in the 17th International Conference
on Computer Processing of Oriental Languages to be held on April
2-4, 1997 at the Lam Woo International Conference Centre in Hong Kong.

Oriental language processing on information super highways

This conference serves as an international forum for linguists,
computer scientists, information engineers and system users with
interests in computer processing and understanding of Oriental
languages. Papers are to be presented in either oral or poster
session and include the following subject categories:

 . Digital libraries
 . Document image analysis and OCR
 . Human computer interaction
 . Information retrieval
 . Input methodologies
 . Machine translation
 . Multimedia computing
 . Multi-lingual computing
 . Natural language processing
 . Novel font design and generation
 . Speech understanding and generation
 . World Wide Web, and other areas of linguistics

High quality papers presenting innovative ideas, design principles,
theoretical analysis, implementation techniques, programming concepts,
experimental results, and in-depth tutorials are solicited. The use of
prototypes and demonstration video for presentations is encouraged.

A published proceedings will be available at the conference. In addition,
selected papers will be considered for special issues of these journals:

 . Computer Processing of Oriental Languages
 . Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University,
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

You are invited to submit four copies of a full paper no longer than 20
double-spaced pages for oral session, or four copies of a two-page
double-spaced abstract for poster session. Papers for oral or poster
sessions should be submitted to the following address:

Prof. Seong-Whan Lee
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Korea University
Anam-dong, Seongbuk-ku, Seoul 136-701, Korea
Tel: (+82)-2-920-2168
Fax: (+82)-2-926-2168

August 31, 1996 Paper submission due
November 30, 1996 Notification of acceptance
January 31, 1997 Final camera ready manuscript due

Chinese Language Computer Society,
Center for Korean Language Engineering,
Hong Kong Baptist University,
Language Information Sciences Research Center, City U. of Hong Kong

For more details, visit the WWW page,
or contact

Ms. Claudia M. Y. Chui
ICCPOL'97 Secretariat
c/o Department of Computing Studies
Hong Kong Baptist U., Hong Kong
Tel: (+852)2339-7079
Fax: (+852)2339-7892

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

General Chair: Yuan Y. Tang Hong Kong Baptist U., Hong Kong

General Co-Chairs: Patrick S.P. Wang Northeastern U., Boston
 Ernest C. M. Lam Hong Kong Baptist U., Hong Kong

Program Chair: Seong-Whan Lee Korea U., Seoul

Program Co-Chairs: Sadaoki Furui NTT, Tokyo
 Kang Kwong Luke U. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Program Committee:
Chorkin Chan U. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Lydia Chan National U. of Singapore, Singapore
Shi-Kuo Chang U. of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
Ken-Jian Chen Academia Sinica, Taipei
H. D. Cheng	 Utah State U., Logan
Key-Sun Choi KAIST, Taejon
Ru Wei Dai Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
Xiaoqing Ding Tsinghua U., Beijing
Terumasa Ehara NHK, Tokyo
Hiromichi Fujisawa Hitachi, Central Research Lab., Tokyo
Changning Huang Tsinghua U., Beijing
Hitoshi Iida ATR, Kyoto
Young Whan Kim Korea Telecom, Seoul
Louisa Lam Institute of Education, Hong Kong
Hsi-Jian Lee National Chiao Tung U., Taipei
Lin-Shan Lee National Taiwan U., Taipei
Guo-jie Li National Res. Center for Intell. Comp. Sys., Beijing
Jiming Liu Hong Kong Baptist U., Hong Kong
Chin Lu Chinese U. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Shunji Mori U. of Aizu, Aizu
Dong In Park Center for Korean Language Eng., Taejon
Ching Y. Suen Concordia U., Montreal
Takenobu Tokunaga Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Tokyo
Benjamin K. Tsou City U. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Ke Zhong Xie Central South U. of Tech., Changsha
Tian Shun Yao Northeastern U., Shenyang
Dit-Yan Yeung Hong Kong U. of Sci. & Tech., Hong Kong

Organizing Committee:
Publication: Enoch C. W. Tse Hong Kong Baptist U.
 Hon Wah Tam Hong Kong Baptist U.
Registration: Cheung Hoi Leung U. of Hong Kong	
 Kok-Wee Gan Hong Kong U. of Sci. & Tech.
Tutorial/Poster: Jiming Liu Hong Kong Baptist U.
 Kin Hong Lee Chinese U. of Hong Kong
Publicity: Yong Tang Wu Hong Kong Baptist U.
 Taiyi Huang Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
Financial: Kelvin C. K. Wong Hong Kong Baptist U.
 Suying Yang Hong Kong Baptist U.
Local Arrangements: Pong Chi Yuen Hong Kong Baptist U.
 Irene C. Y. Au Hong Kong Baptist U.
Secretary: Claudia M. Y. Chui Hong Kong Baptist U.

Advisory Committee:
Tien Chi Chen Chinese U. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Yaohan Chu U. of Maryland, Maryland
Yung Taek Kim Seoul National U., Seoul
Chao-Ning Liu Centry Development, Taipei
Ching Y. Suen Concordia U., Montreal
Wellington C.P. Yu Kingdom Pacific Centure Management, San Jose
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Message 2: Workshop on NLP in communication aids

Date: Tue, 07 May 1996 09:57:50 -0000
From: Stefan Langer <>
Subject: Workshop on NLP in communication aids
Dundee, Scotland, 26th and 27th September 1996
Announcement and call for contributions

++ Please forward to other people who might be interested. ++

Please contact us or use form if you have any comments or if you are
interested in participation. Please register before 10th June 1996.
WWW-announcement and form also to be found at:


Thursday 26th and Friday 27th September 1996 at Dundee University, Scotland, UK
The main workshop will be held on Friday 27th, discussion groups and
instructional courses will take place on Thursday 26th.

The workshop is being organised by the MicroCentre, University of Dundee

If you need it, we can send you travel and accommodation information, and we
can also help you with accomodation booking.


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) means any form of
communication that can be used instead of speech or ordinary writing. Many
people with speech impairment can't use ordinary spoken language and
therefore rely on special devices to communicate.
Computer based electronic devices occupy a very important place among
communication aids. So far, most of the currently used devices don't make
much use of techniques from natural language processing (NLP), but there is
a growing interest in evaluating those techniques for use in AAC. Syntactic
and semantic information can be used for word prediction in order to speed
up composition of messages; intelligent text retrieval, based on large
lexicons, can be useful for communication aids relying on pre-stored
messages. Pragmatic knowledge can be used to organise messages in a
user-friendly way.
The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers who are interested
in investigating connections between natural language processing and AAC.
The workshop will concern itself with the lexicon, semantics and syntax and
pragmatics. Another subject will be intelligent text retrieval for message
based communication aids. It is not planned to discuss speech synthesis,
although AAC-specific topics from this area might be included if there is
enough interest.


Researchers in Computational Linguistics, Computer Science, Linguistics,
Information Retrieval and Artificial Intelligence who are interested in the
field of AAC
Researchers in AAC who are using or intend to use techniques from NLP
Researchers who have designed or are designing a communication aid which
makes use of any kind of NLP (lexical, syntactic or semantic knowledge etc.).


Anything from traditional presentations to suggestions for subjects for a
short seminar is welcome. You can also show research prototypes or
communication aids making use of NLP.


* which communication aids do currently use NLP techniques?
* which techniques from NLP can be applied successfully in AAC?
* which are the benefits for AAC?
* use of lexicons in communication aids: types of information, size ...
* message and text retrieval for communication aids and information retrieval
* statistical NLP and AAC
* intelligent word prediction: any use for syntax & semantics?
* language acquisition and rehabilitation: improving language skills with
intelligent AAC-devices


There will be a small fee (UK pounds 15, ~ECU 19, ~$ 22) to cover costs. The
fee is to be paid by cheque (payable to the University of Dundee: UK
participants) or at the workshop (overseas).


Registration, questions, ideas, feedback to:

Stefan Langer
MicroCentre, University of Dundee
Park Wynd
Scotland, UK
Tel: +44 1382 345080
Fax: +44 1382 345509
WWW-announcement and registration form:


 (please tick appropriate items)
0 - Yes I want to register for the workshop and I could come on both
Thursday and Friday
0 - Yes, I want to come, but only for the main workshop on Friday
0 - In principle, I would be interested in a workshop on natural language
processing and AAC, but I'm not sure that I can come.

I'm especially interested in the following fields/topics:

I want to make a presentation (please give title and/or other specification:

Other comments:

I need help with accommodation (please specify category, date etc.):

Stefan Langer Tel: +44 1382 345080
MicroCentre Fax: +44 1382 345509
University of Dundee e-mail:
Dundee DD1 4HN
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