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Tue May 7 1996

Confs: Lg diversity/cognitive rep., Chinese ling (1996 NACCL8)

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  1. Laboratoire LLACAN, Language Diversity and Cognitive Representations
  2. Jerry Packard, 1996 NACCL8 schedule

Message 1: Language Diversity and Cognitive Representations

Date: Fri, 03 May 1996 18:59:59 BST
From: Laboratoire LLACAN <>
Subject: Language Diversity and Cognitive Representations

International Conference

November 8-9, 1996

Ecole Normale Superieure

Catherine Fuchs ( and Stephane Robert
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
phone: (33)-(1)-42-53-75-87
fax: (33)-(1)-42-53-75-86

4 ter, route des Gardes
92190 MEUDON
tel : 1-45 07 58 16
fax : 1-45 07 58 27
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Message 2: 1996 NACCL8 schedule

Date: Mon, 06 May 1996 16:20:39 CDT
From: Jerry Packard <>
Subject: 1996 NACCL8 schedule

The following is a list of presentations and activities for the Eighth North
American Conference on Chinese Linguistics. 

 Conference Date: May 17-19, 1996

 Place: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

 Email Address:

 Postal Address:
 C. C. Cheng, NACCL96
 Language Learning Laboratory
 University of Illinois
 G70 Foreign Languages Building
 707 South Mathews
 Urbana, IL 61801

 Internet URL:
 Various announcements and information on the University of Illinois
 are posted here.

 Registration fee: US$40


Each paper (except keynote presentations) is alotted 20 minutes for
presentation, plus 10 minutes of discussion.

FRIDAY, MAY 17, 1996

Plenary Session 8:45 - 9:00 Welcome

Plenary Session 9:00 - 10:00 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION, Chair: Jerry
Packard TANG, TING-CHI - National Tsing-Hua University "On
Reduplication of Adjectives in Chinese: A Comparative Study of
Mandarin and Southern Min"

Sessions 10:30 - 12:30

Session A1 Syntax, Chair: Thomas Ernst
Paul, Waltraud - "Verb Raising in Mandarin Chinese"
Hwang, Jya-Lin - "The Emergence of Serial Verb Constructions in 
Mandarin Chinese and Its X-bar Projections"
Liu, Luther Chen-sheng - "A Note on Chinese Comparatives"
Sung, Kuo-ming - "Multiple Dou-Quantification and Leftward Condition"

Session B1 Discourse, Chair: Tsai-fa Cheng
You, Yu-Ling - "Interpreting Chinese Zero-anaphora: Examining the 
Recovery Rules in Text"
Su, Lily I-wen - "Anaphora and Discourse Structure in Spoken Chinese"
Chang, Chih-Ping - "Resumptive Pronouns in Chinese, Japanese, and 
Korean Relative Clause Construction"
Yu, Hsiao-jung - "The Interrogatives Employed in Hongloumeng and 
Their Bearing on the Problems of Authorship"

Session C1 Phonology, Chair: Margaret Yan
Zhang, Zheng-sheng - "Contrastive Stress and Focus in Mandarin 
Liao, Rongrong - "The Influence of Strong Emphasis on Pitch Range 
and Tonal
Duanmu, San - "Pre-juncture Lengthening and Foot Binarity"
Chan, Marjorie K.M. - "Some Thoughts on the Typology of Sound 
Symbolism and The Chinese Language"

Sessions 2:00 - 3:30

Session A2 Syntax, Chair: Waltraud Paul
Wu, Mary - "Associative Phrase Revisited"
Ernst, Thomas - "Chinese Evidence For Semi-Arguments"
Zhou, Xuan - "The Mandarin Aspectual Particle Le"

Session B2 Discourse, Chair: Yen-Hwei Lin
Chang, Miao-hsia, et al - "The Preferred Information Sequence 
in Chinese Written Discourse"
Wang, Yu-Fang - "How Mandarin Chinese People Use Temporal Clauses 
in Conversation"
Lu, Wen-ying - "Clarifying the Speaker's Doubts: Pragmatic Use 
Conditions That Distinguish Appropriate Uses of ma, ba, and a"

Session C2 Phonology

Sessions 3:45 - 5:45

Session A3 Syntax, Chair: Kuo-Ming Sung
Ting, Pang-hsin - "'Reverse' Word Order in the Morphological 
Construction of Compounds in Chinese Dialects"
Hsieh, Miao-Ling - "On the Functions of Three Forms of Negation 
in Chinese"
Yong, Shin - "Does Mandarin Have the Situational Alteration 
Between an Activity and an Accomplishment?"
Shi, Dingxu - "On Verb Reduplication"

Session B3 Applied, Chair: Kevin Miller
Hong, Wei - "Sociopragmatics in Language Teaching: With Examples 
of Chinese Requests"
Wang, Yabing - "The Two-Step Schema in Chinese Locative Phrase: 
The Locative Marker 'zai' "
Crawford, William B. - "Can They Talk Their Way to Better Reading?" 
- An Experiment in the Use of Oral Drill to Develop Reading Skills"
Chen, Wenzhi - "Video Images and Long-Term Retention in Learning 

Session C3 Lexicon, Chair: Yang Gu
Chen, Si-Qing - "The Identification and Recovery of Chinese Acronyms"
Nielsen, Sarah - "Classifying Chinese -le and de: Cases of Lexical or
Phrasal Affixation?"
Ford, Ed - "The Metaphor "existence is possession": Linking Different 
Usages of you"

Workshop 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Cheng, Chin-Chuan - Chinese Computing Workshop

SATURDAY, MAY 18, 1996
Sessions 9:00 - 10:30
Each has 20 minutes to speak and 10 minutes of discussion.

Session A4 Syntax 1, Chair: Jane Tang
Zou, Ke - "Resultative V-V Compounds and Nonpersonal Subjects"
Liu, Xianmin - "Verb-Copying Construction and Imperfectivity"
Hsieh, Kuei-lan - "Rongyi/Nan Tough Sentences in Mandarin"

Session B4

Session C4 Lexicon, Chair: Hongming Zhang
Good, Robert L. - "The Automatic Identification of Transliterated 
Loanwords in Chinese"
Chen, Shu-Fen - "A Study of Sanskrit Loanwords in Chinese"
Packard, Jerome - "An X-bar System of Word Formation For Mandarin"

Session D4 Syntax 2, Chair: Hsin-I Hsieh
Li, Paul - "Some Aspect Markers in Taiwanese"
Huang, Shuanfan - "On the emergence of a definite article in 
spoken Chinese"
Lin, Huei-Ling - "A Lexical-Syntactic Analysis of Resultative 
Compounds in Chinese"

Sessions 10:45 - 12:15
Each has 20 minutes to speak and 10 minutes of discussion.

Session A5 Syntax, Chair: Lisa Cheng
Zhang, Ning - "Two Types of Object Shift"
Tang, Sze-Wing - "Lexical Quantifiers and Event Quantification"
Lu, Bingfu - "The Internal Structure of Chinese NP"

Session B5 Pragmatics, Chair: Chiu-Yu Tseng
Min, Hui-Tzu - "The Code-Switching Behavior of Two Chinese-English 
Speaking Children"
Tseng, Miao-Fen - "An examination of Chinese invitational discourse: 
How Chinese accept an invitation?"
Chen, Eileen Shu-Hui - "Pragmatic Comprehension: Development of
Mandarin-Speaking Children's Strategies for Interpretation of 
Given and New"

Session C5 Chinese Characters, Chair: Ovid Tzeng
Chuang, Yuangshan - "Statistical Analyses of Characters in Primary 
and Junior High School Students' Chinese Writings in Taiwan"
Chao, Ruth - "Segmentation of Chinese Characters in the Dictionary 
of Chinese Character Attributes"
Lai, Chiu-Yueh - "What is Wrong with Classifying the Chinese Script 
As a "Morphosyllabic" System of Writing?"

Session D5 Syntax, Chair: Audrey Li
Chang, Miao-Hsia - "The Grammaticalization of Beh in Taiwanese Hokkian"
Chang, Alice Yin Wa - "Entailment Relations Between the Different
Interpretations of an Ambiguous Chinese Serial Verb Construction"
Hsieh, Hsin-I - "Diffusionism, Interactionism, and Dynamism: Language 
as a Window on the Mind"

Sessions 2:00 - 3:30

Session A6 Syntax, Chair: James Huang
Cheng, Lisa & Tang, Jane - "On the Syntactic Projection of Tense in 
Mandarin Chinese"
Ting, Jen - "A Non-Uniform Analysis of the Bei-Construction in 
Mandarin Chinese"
Kuo, Shiun-Zu - "Null Objects in Chinese: Either Covert Anaphors 
or Pronomials, But Not Variables Nor Silent Epithets"

Session B6 Applied, Chair: Wenzhi Chen
Chen, Dongdong - "Interesting or Interested: Do Chinese Students 
Know the Difference?"
Hu, Xiaolin - "The Introduction of SOV Structure in Chinese Class: 
its timing and its importance"
Jing, Tiwei - "Signboards: a Mirror of Socio-Cultural Values"

Session C6 Phonology, Chair: Majorie Chan
Zhang, Hongming - "On Directions and Tiers of Tone-Spreading: Case 
study of Danyang"
Chung, Raung-fu - "The Nature of Southern Min Segments"
Lin, Yen-Hwei - "Surface Vowels and Markedness"

Session D6 Semantics, Chair: Shuan-fan Huang
Yu, Ning - "Cognitive Semantics and the State-as Location Metaphor"
Hsu, Kylie - "A Cognitively-Based Semantic Categorization of 
Ongoing Situations"
Gu, Yang - "On the Lexical-Semantic and Syntactic Properties of TAKE"

SESSIONS 3:45 - 5:45

Session A7 Syntax, Chair: Ting-Chi Tang
Tai, James H-Y. - "A Relativist View of Syntax-Semantics Mismatches"
Wu, Shinian - "Effects of Chinese Syntactic Structuring on Use 
Patterns of Certain Linguistic Features in Chinese and English"
Li, Yen-hui Audrey - "Definiteness Effect and Clausal Structures"
He, Yuanjian - "Feature checking: A novel approach to "A-not-AB" 
questions in Mandarin Chinese"

Session B7 Classical, Chair: Pang-Hsin Ting
Reynolds, Robert - "Word Classes in Classical Chinese"
Tsai-fa Cheng - "Shanggu rencheng daici de gebian wenti"
Liu, Jia - "The Development of Adverbial Suffixes in Old Chinese 
and Early Middle Chinese"

Session C7 Phonology, Chair: Raung-fu Chung
Zee, Eric - "A Palatographic, Linguagraphic, and Acoustical 
Investigation of Syllable-Initial Retroflex Obstruents in 
Bejing Madarin"
Yan, Margaret Mian - "Phonology and Colloquial Rhyming in Anxi 
Fon, Janice - "Contextual Tonal Variation in Trisyllabic Words 
in Mandarin Chinese"
Yang, Rose - "Patterns of Tonal Parsing in Taiwanese Quadrisyllabic 

Session D7 Psycholinguistics, Chair: Jerry Packard
Tzeng, Ovid - "Cognitive Profiles of Reading-Disabled Chinese 
Children: Why Phonemic Awareness is Critical"
Miller, Kevin - "Linguistic Structure and Cognitive Development:
Chinese/English Comparisions"
Yau, Jia-Ling - "Numerical Tasks Can Serve As A Measurement for 
Determining Language Domination"
Tseng, Chiu-yu - "Impaired Chinese Speech and Its Possible 

Evening Activities 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Business: NACCL9, 1997

SUNDAY, MAY 19, 1996

Session 9:00 - 10:00 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION, 
Chair: Chin-Chuan Cheng
CHEN, MATTHEW Y. - University of California at San Diego
"On Tone and Accent"

Session 10:00 - 10:15 Closing Remarks
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