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Thu May 16 1996

Calls: Logical aspects of Computational ling.; Optimality

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  1. Christian RETORE, CFP: logical aspects of comp. linguistics
  2. Michael M T Henderson, Optimality Theory

Message 1: CFP: logical aspects of comp. linguistics

Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 17:45:38 +0200
From: Christian RETORE <>
Subject: CFP: logical aspects of comp. linguistics

INRIA-Lorraine and CRIN-C.N.R.S. , Nancy , 23-25 september 1996

				Call for Papers

General topic:
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There has been a growing interest in the use of logic in natural language
processing, both for syntactical and semantical models. Some recent examples
include logical deduction as a basis for parsing/generation, the use of
non-commutative linear logic as a syntactical model, the relation between
categorial grammars, CFG and TAG, natural language interfaces for automatic
theorem proving, unification for anaphora resolution, and linear logic
semantics for LFG.

This workshop is aimed at bringing together linguists, logicians, philosophers
and computer scientists in order to present the latest results in these areas
and to discuss the different approaches.

Topics (not exclusive):
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Proof-theoretical aspects of the syntactical and semantical models of natural

The use of classical and non-classical logics in computational linguistics.

Formal grammars for natural languages and their parsing: categorial grammars,
TAGs, LFGs etc.

Relations between models.

Invited speakers:
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Jean-Yves Girard (C.N.R.S. , Marseille)
Aravind Joshi (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)
Marcus Kracht (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
Dale Miller (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)
Edward Stabler (University of California at Los Angeles)

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Authors are invited to submit before May 31 a 4-page abstract (including the
bibliography) of a paper which has not been submitted elsewhere.
The favoured format is electronic submission of a LaTeX, PostScript, dvi or
ascii file.

Email submissions should be made to

Authors can also use surface mail or FAX:

LACL c/o Christian Retore
INRIA-Lorraine & CRIN-C.N.R.S.
B.P. 101
615, rue du jardin botanique
54602 Villers les Nancy cedex FRANCE

FAX: +33 83 27 83 19

The collection of the selected abstract will be available at the conference.

Full papers (up to 20 pages) will be due in November.
After the full papers are refereed, we intend to publish them as a volume
of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag.

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

31 May: 4-page abstract due
14 july: notification of acceptance
31 August: final 4-page abstract due
11 November: full paper due

Program commitee:
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M. Abrusci (U. di Bari & U. di Roma)
P. Blackburn (U. Sarrebruck)
M. Dymetman (Rank-Xerox, Grenoble)
M. Johnson (Brown U. , Providence)
A. Lecomte (U. Grenoble 2 & INRIA-Lorraine)
M. Moortgat (OTS, Utrecht)
G. Morrill (UPC, Barcelona)
A. Ranta (U. Helsinki & U. Tampere)
C. Retore (INRIA-Lorraine & CRIN-CNRS)
E. Villemonte de la Clergerie (INRIA, Rocquencourt)

Organising commitee:
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

B. Lang (INRIA, Rocquencourt)
D. Bechet, Ph. de Groote, F. Lamarche, and C. Retor\'e
(INRIA-Lorraine & CRIN-CNRS, Nancy)

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WWW homepage:
 contact: tel: +83 59 20 17
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This conference is co-organised by INRIA-Lorraine and CRIN-C.N.R.S.

Christian RETORE


INRIA Lorraine & CRIN-C.N.R.S.
615 rue du jardin botanique
BP 101
54602 Villers les Nancy cedex
TEL: 83 59 20 17 FAX: 83 27 83 19
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Message 2: Optimality Theory

Date: Wed, 15 May 1996 10:05:00 CDT
From: Michael M T Henderson <mmthUKANS.EDU>
Subject: Optimality Theory
The editors of Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics will publish a special
volume in 1996. We welcome submissions concerning Optimality Theory. Since
KWPL is a working paper, publication in it does not preclude later
publication elsewhere.
Submissions should be in good readable form (maximum 25 pages
double-spaced), not necessarily final copy for publication. Student papers
are encouraged.
Please send papers or enquiries to: Editors, KWPL
 Linguistics Dept.
 427 Blake Hall
 University of Kansas
 Lawrence KS 66045-2140
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