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Thu May 16 1996

Sum: Language in Recipes

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  1. elisa vazquez iglesias, Sum: language in recipes

Message 1: Sum: language in recipes

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 18:46:31 +0200
From: elisa vazquez iglesias <>
Subject: Sum: language in recipes

Dear linguists,

First, I would like to thank those linguists who replied to my posting and
provided me with useful comments: Brunette Louise, Jane A.Edwards, Marian
Shapley, Karl-Michael Schneider, Mark Mandel, Chris Culy, Tim Stowell,
Antoine Lonnet, Neal Norrick, Mauro Ruggirello, And Rosta, Gabi Fiedler,
Sandra Golstein, Max Wheeler, Sharon Rose, Peter Daniels and Dorothy Disterheft

For anyone interested in the language of recipes, these are the main
references that I have been sent:

Haegeman, L.1987. Register variation in English: Some theoretical
information". Journal of English Linguistics 20.2 : 230-248

Hopper, P.J and Sandra Thompson.1980. Transitivity in grammar and
discourse, Language 56 : 251-299.

Massam, D.1987. Middles, tough, and recipe context constructions in
English, NELS 18:315-322.

Massam, D.1992. Null objects and non-thematic subjects, JL 28:115-137.

Massam and Roberge.1989. "Recipe Context Null Objects", LI 20.1

Norrick, N. "Recipes as texts: Technical language in the kitchen",
SPRACHE, DISKURS UND TEXT, ed. R.Jongen et al, Tuebingen, Niemeyer.

Norrick, N. 1983. "Technical instructions", All kinds of English,
ed.H.J.Diller et al., Heidelberg.

Sadock, J. 1974. CLS 10

Thank you for your help.

		Elisa Vazquez Iglesias
		Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
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