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Mon May 20 1996

Sum: Questions on HPSG

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  1. Pius ten Hacken, Summary:questions on HPSG

Message 1: Summary:questions on HPSG

Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 16:49:39 BST
From: Pius ten Hacken <>
Subject: Summary:questions on HPSG

Last week I asked for help with some basic questions on HPSG for the
preparation of a part of a course on grammar formalisms in NLP. I had
reactions from Nissim Francez, Kiyoshi Ishikawa, Vera Kamphuis, Philip
Miller, Charles Rowe, Ivan Sag, Peter Sells, Nick Sherrard, Stephen
Smith, and Craig Thiersch.

I will summarize here only the reactions pointing to generally
available resources that will be of use for a larger audience.

1. Web pages

Nick Sherrard pointed me to the following address:


This is an extremely useful one, because it has hot links to many
other relevant sites. One of these was also mentioned by Peter
Sells and Ivan Sag, viz. Here teaching
material can be found. (1) also contains information on recent and
upcoming workshops and conferences and interviews with some of the
main representatives of HPSG. A hot link gives access to a web-
page with an HPSG bibliography in Berlin.

2. HPSG List

Craig Thiersch mentioned an HPSG List comparable to the Linguist List,
but of course more specialized. On (1) additional information can be
found. In order to subscribe to the HPSG mailing list, send the line:

subscribe hpsg

to the address: (Note that as with all
Majordomo commands, this line has to be in the body of the message,
not in the "Subject:" line.)

3. Books

Stephen Smith mentioned a book which is due to appear in

Borsley, Robert (1996), "Modern Phrase Structure Grammar", Oxford:

It provides an introduction (with exercises) to GPSG and HPSG and
will cost 16.99 pound sterling.

I thank all those who reacted, especially the people who offered
to answer my questions.

Pius ten Hacken


Dr. Pius ten Hacken
Institut fuer Informatik/Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft
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