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  1. Miriam Meyerhoff, NWAVE 24 publication
  2. Jose Camacho, NACCL7/ICCL4 Proceedings

Message 1: NWAVE 24 publication

Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 17:13:58 EDT
From: Miriam Meyerhoff <>
Subject: NWAVE 24 publication
Last year, the 24th meeting of NWAVE was held at the University of
Pennsylvania, and the Penn Linguistics Club took this opportunity to put
together a selection of papers from NWAVE 24. These have been published as
part of the UPenn Working Papers in Linguistics series. We are now pleased
to announce the availability of:

_(N)WAVES and MEANS: A selection of papers from NWAVE 24. University of
Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics_ 3, 1. pp276.

The papers are a small, but we hope representative, selection of the themes
of the conference. It includes several papers looking at syntactic
variation (within formal and functional frameworks), papers which look at
the gap between perception and production in unstable (changing or L2)
sound systems, a group of papers dealing with speakers' positioning of
selves within social space by choosing one of several speech varieties or
linguistic markers available to them, and papers in social
dialectology. The full Table of Contents follows.

Copies of (N)WAVES and MEANS can be ordered from the UPenn Linguistics Club
for $12 each. Please make out checks to "UPenn Linguistics Club" and send

UPenn Working Papers in Linguistics
Dept of Linguistics
619 Williams Hall
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305

Miriam Meyerhoff (for the Editors)

(N)WAVES and MEANS: A selection of papers from NWAVE 24. University of
Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics. 3, 1 (1996).

Table of Contents

Post-Saussurean Linguistics: Toward an integrated theory of
 language: Gregory R. Guy
A Proposed Explanation of the Specific/Nonspecific TU Constraint
 Ranking in Spanish: Richard Cameron
Subject Pronoun Variation in Central Romance: David Heap
Accounting for Morpho-Syntactic Change in Spanish: The present
 perfect case: Maria Jose Serrano
Past Marking in Gullah: Tracey L. Weldon
Acoustic Analysis and Language Attitudes in Detroit: Nancy
Reaching Criterion in Phonetic Transcription: Validity and reliability
 of non-native speakers: Lisa Ann Lane, Robert Knippen,
 Jeannette Denton and Daniel Suslak
On the Acquisition of Variable Phonology in L2: Naomi Nagy,
 Christine Moisset and Gillian Sankoff
The Short 'a' Pattern of Philadelphia among African-American
 Speakers: Anita Henderson
Isolation within Isolation: The invisible Outer Banks dialect: Walt
 Wolfram and Kirk Hazen
Sociolinguistic Interviewer Style Variation: Hyperconvergence in the
 Other Informant: James Peterson
Men's Identities and Patterns of Variation: Scott Fabius Kiesling
On the Mediation of Class, Race & Gender: Intonation on
 Sports Radio Talk Shows: Daniel Lefkowitz
Variation in /ai/ in Northern British English, with comments on
 Canadian Raising: James Milroy
The Status of 'h aspire' in French Today: Christine Moisset
Dialect Levelling, Koineisation and the Speech of the Adult Migrant:
 Paul Kerswill
The Reversal of a Sound Change in Cincinnati: Stephanie M. Strassel
 and Charles Boberg
The Quantitative Analysis of Turntaking in Multiparticipant
 Conversations:Sylvie Dubois, Martine Boutin, and David Sankoff

Tables of Contents for past volumes of the Working Papers can be requested
from the address above or accessed at:
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Message 2: NACCL7/ICCL4 Proceedings

Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 12:39:02 PDT
From: Jose Camacho <>
Subject: NACCL7/ICCL4 Proceedings
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Chinese Linguistics
(ICCL4) and 7th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics
(NACCL7). Ed. by . GSIL Publications, University of Southern California

Volume 1: Pragmatics, Syntax and Semantics.


Chang, L. and J. Huang: The Initial Investigation of Chinese Classifiers
Chang, S. and T. Tang: The Structural Analysis of Complement Clauses of Control
 	Verbs in Chinese
Chu, C.: Source and Management: Two Tiers of Information Structure.
Fong, V.: A CP/IP Typology of Embedded Clauses in Cantonese
Gao, Q.: Against Lexical Rules: Two Case Studies in Chinese
Her, O. and H. Huang: Locative Inversion and Relational-Changing Rules
Hong, W.: ``How do they Request?'' A Comparative Study of Chinese and German
Hsieh, H.: A Taxonomy of Grammatical Interactions
Hu, W.: Iconicity in Presentative Sentences
Lai, H.: Rejected Expectations: The Two Time-Related Scalar Particles CAI and
	JIU in Mandarin Chinese
Li, X.: Dou as Event Quantifier
Li, Y.: Minimal Reconstruction
Liu, F.: The Meaning of Hai
Lu, Z.: Chinese Aspect: An Obligatory Head of The Sentence
Mok, S.: The Comparative Marker gwo in Cantonese
Reynolds, R.: "Passive" Morphology in Mandarin
Shi, D.: Chinese as a Null Subject Language
Ting, J.: Deriving the Secondary Topic Construction in Mandarin Chinese
Wang, Z.: Adjective-Noun Construction in Modern Chinese
Wu, M.: Representing Definiteness in non-article-bearing Languages: NP Internal
 	Word Order in Mandarin and Finish
Wu, X.: Time, Scope, Conceptual Distance and Zai+NL
Xu, J.: The Placement of Chinese Focus Mark shi and Pied-piping in LF
Ying, H: Towards a Unified Account of Chinese Reflexives
Yong, S.: The Grammatical Functions of Verb-Complements in Mandarin Chinese
Yu, N. and R. Troike: Parataxis and `Double Subjects' in Chinese
Zhang, N.: The Syntactic Properties of Mandarin A-not-A Questions
Zhang, Z.: The Grammar of Aspect in Mandarin Chinese
Zhou, X.: Transitivity in Chinese: Two-role Material Processes
Zou, K.: Negation of ba Constructions

Volume 2: Discourse, Historical Linguistics, Morphology, Phonology and


Ao, B.: Typology of the Chinese Syllable Coda
Chan, M.: Sound Symbolism and the Chinese Language
Chang, C.: Reduplication in Mandarin: Formation and Meaning
Chang, W.: The Analysis of "Ji-Yuen"
Cheng-Chang, S.: The Consonant System in Old Chinese
Chung, R.: Autosegmental Domains of Southern Min Nasalization
Duanmu, S.: Alignment and Cyclicity in Optimality Theory
Eon, I.: Analysis of Characters with Multiple Readings in Modern Sino-Korean
He, S. and L. Liu: Syntax and Semantic Constraints on Affixation after
 Affixation in
 Mandarin Chinese
Hsu, H.: Trisyllabic Tone Sandhi in Lijin: A Constraint-Based Analsysis
Huang, H.: Place Assimilation in Mandarin Chinese
Lee, C. and H. Tao: A Social Account of Two Unusual Uses of Third Person
	Pronouns in Hong Lou Meng
Li, R.: On the Typology of Chinese Dialects
Liao, R. : Pitch Undulation and Tonal Realization in the Formation of Mandarin
Lin, H.: Phonetics of Phonology: Mandarin Neutral Tone Revisited
Lin, Y.: Coda Attrition and Optimality Theory
Packard, J.: Chinese Evidence Against Inflection-Derivation as a Universal
Pu, M. and and Y. Li: Ambiguity Resolution and Pronominalization in Chinese
Pulleyblank, E.: Role of Glottal Stop in Old Chinese
Starosta, S. and S. Ng: Compounding Confusion in Chinese Word Formation
Tsai, C.: Effects on Semantic Transparency and Morphological Structure on the
	Representation and Recognition of Chinese Disyllabic Words
Tsay, J.: Physical Constraints in the Phonology of Fuzhou
Wang, H.: Are Taiwanese Syllables Segmented into Phoneme-Sized Units?
Wang, Y.: The Functions of ranhou in Chinese Oral Discourse
Wei, Y.: Speech Errors in Chinese and Factors that Influence Speech Production
Wu, D.: Linguistic Simplification in Chinese Display Advertisements
Wu, X.: A Morpho-Phonological Perspective on the so-called Neutral Tone in
	Mandarin Chinese
Xu, D: The Use of Mandarin by Singaporean Taxi Drivers
Xu, D.: On the Prosodic Structure of a Sentence
Yeh, M.: Historical Development of hai
Zhang, X. and Cheung, Y.: Development of a Flexible Concordance Program for
	Large Corpora
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