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  1. "John Bulger", posting for LINGUIST

Message 1: posting for LINGUIST

Date: Wed, 08 May 1996 11:32:11 PST
From: "John Bulger" <BULGERHUMnet.UCLA.EDU>
Subject: posting for LINGUIST

 UCLA Occasional Papers in Linguistics, volume #16
 Tone and Accent in Oklahoma Cherokee by Richard Wright
 Laryngeal Metathesis and Vowel Deletion in Cherokee by
 Edward S. Flemming
 The Cherokee Laryngeal Alternation Rule by Pamela Munro
 Classificatory Verbs in Cherokee by Barbara Blankenship
 Animacy and Agreement in Cherokee by Michael Dukes
 Cherokee Possession and the Status of -jeeli by Robert S. Williams
 Cherokee Clause Structure by Filippo Beghelli
 Cherokee Agentive Nominalizations by Brian Potter
 US $8.00 Send check or money order to: UCLA Dept. of Linguistics,
 3125 Campbell Hall, 405 Hilgard Ave., LA, CA 90095-1543


Pearson, Matthew and Paul, Ileana, eds. THE STRUCTURE OF MALAGASY,
 VOLUME 1. UCLA Occasional Papers in Linguistics, vol. 17
 Quantity and Moras: An Amicable Separation by Sean Erwin
 Malagasy Morphology: Basic Rules by Edward L. Keenan and
 Jean Paulin Razafinmamonjy
 The Active Marker and Nasals in Malagasy by Ileana Paul
 Morphological Causatives in Malagasy by Clement Luc Andrianierenana
 The Malagasy Genitive by Ileana Paul
 Morphology is Structure: A Malagasy Test Case by Edward L. Keenan
 Domain Phrases and Topic Arguments in Malagasy Existentials by
 Matthew Pearson
 Multilingualism in Daily Life by Marie Jeanne Razanamanana
 Does the Brain Possess a Syntactic Parser? by Christian Lehmann
 US$8.00 Send check or money order to: UCLA Dept. of Linguistics,
 3125 Campbell Hall, 405 Hilgard Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90095-1543

		UCLA Occasional Papers in Linguistics, vol. #15
 (NB: This volume replaces the previous vol. #15
 PHASING AND RECOVERABILITY by Daniel Silverman, which
 has be renumbered as UCLA Dissertations in Linguistics, #1)
 Arguing against recent proposals regarding the Tagalog
 'subject', including that Tagalog does have a well-defined
 subject (Kroeger 1993), that it has two subject positions
 (Guilfoyle, Hung and Travis 1992), and that it is an
 ergative language, Schachter suggests instead that Tagalog
 challenges the universality of the subject, and that, rather
 than being a syntactic primitive, the subject may instead
 be a composite of semantic and pragmatic properties.
 US $3.00. Send check or money order to: UCLA Dept. of Ling-
 uistics, 405 Hilgard Ave., LA, CA 90095-1543


Functionalism and Grammar
T. GIVON (University of Oregon)

This book is Professor Givon's long-awaited critical examination of
the fundamental theoretical and methodological underpinnings of the
functionalist approach to grammar. It challenges functionalists to
take their own medicine and establish non-circular empirical
definitions of both 'function' and 'structure'. Ideological
hand-waving, however fervent and right-thinking, is seldom an adequate
substitute for analytic rigor and empirical responsibility. If the
reductionist extremism of the structuralist schools is to be
challenged on solid intellectual grounds, the challenge cannot itself
be equally extreme in its reductionism.

The book is divided into nine chapters:
1. Prospectus, somewhat jaundiced (overview)
2. Markedness as meta-iconicity: Distributional and cognitive correlates of
 syntactic structure
3. The functional basis of grammatical typology
4. Modal prototypes of truth and action
5. Taking structure seriously: Constituency and the VP node
6. Taking structure seriously II: Grammatical relations and clause union
7. The distribution of grammar in text: On interpreting conditional
8. Coming to terms with cognition: Coherence in text vs. coherence in mind
9. On the co-evolution of language, mind and brain
John Benjamins Publishing xxi, 477 pp. + index
US& Canada:Hb 1 55619 500 1 US$89.00/Pb 1 55619 501 X US$34.95
Rest of world:90 272 2147 2 Hfl.150,--/Pb:90 272 2148 0 Hfl.70,--

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