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TOC: Yearbook Language and Cognition 5

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  1. "Yearbook", Now available: Yearbook Language and Cognition 5

Message 1: Now available: Yearbook Language and Cognition 5

Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 10:52:03 +0200
From: "Yearbook" <>
Subject: Now available: Yearbook Language and Cognition 5
Subject: Yearbook Language and Cognition 5
NOW AVAILABLE: Yearbook Language and Cognition 5, edited by Roel
Jonkers, Edith Kaan and Anko Wiegel, 224 pp., paperback, ISSN
0927-2194, price approx. $25 (including s/h).
This yearbook of the Research Group for Theoretical and Experimental
Linguistics of the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) contains
16 contributions considering current topics in linguistic research.
Areas covered are phonology, semantics, syntax, psycholinguistics and
computational linguistics.
Table of Contents

Werner Abraham: "Morphological Case: No Need for Functional
Projections in German"//Roelien Bastiaanse, Roel Jonkers and Uke
Moltmaker-Osinga "Aspects of lexical verbs in the spontaneous speech
of agrammatic and anomic patients"//Gosse Bouma, Rob Koeling, Mark-Jan
Nederhof and Gertjan van Noord "Grammatical Analysis in a Spoken
Dialog System"//Erik Fudge and Dicky Gilbers "On the Underlying Vowel
in Dutch 'Stuk'"//Jack Hoeksema and Henny Klein "From comparative to
adverb of degree: Dutch 'even'"//Edith Kaan "Parsing Embedded
Wh-Questions in Dutch"//Brigitte Kampers-Manhe "Postverbal Subject in
French Subjunctive Clauses: a Case of Stylistic Inversion?" Andreas
Kathol "The Syntax of Wh-Quantifier Retrieval"//Jan Koster "Saussure
Meets The Brain"//Monique J.A. Lamers "Parsing Dutch Sentences:
Ambiguity Resolution"//Sjaak de Meij "Monotonic phasal
adverbials"//Paulien Rijkhoek "Result Clauses and Conjunction" Rick
Ruhland "Frequency analyses in language development"//Hotze Rullmann
and Jan-Wouter Zwart "On Saying 'Dat'"//Victor Sanchez Valencia
"Quantifiers in Natural Language: A non-existence result" Ron van
Zonneveld "Expletives as Core Syntax".
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