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  1. "Max Wheeler", TOC: TPhS 93 (1995)

Message 1: TOC: TPhS 93 (1995)

Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 17:24:30 GMT
From: "Max Wheeler" <>
Subject: TOC: TPhS 93 (1995)


Allen, W. Sidney
 On 'tenseness' in modern Icelandic

Coleman, Julie
 The chronology of French and Latin loan words in English

Davies, Ian, Greville Corbett, and Jos- Bayo Margalef
 Colour terms in Catalan: an investigation of eighty
 informants concentrating on the purple and blue regions

Manaster Ramer, Alexis
 Turkish rhymes and antirhymes in phonological theory

McMahon, April M. S. and Robert McMahon
 Linguistics, genetics and archaeology: internal and
 external evidence in the Amerind controversy

Press, J. Ian
 Barriers to the standardization of the Breton language

Suzuki, Seiichi
 The decline of the foot as a supersyllabic mora-counting
 unit in Early Germanic

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