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Sun May 26 1996

FYI: V.A.Fromkin elected to NAS, Concordance programs

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  1., V.A.Fromkin elected to NAS
  2. Michael Barlow, Concordance programs available

Message 1: V.A.Fromkin elected to NAS

Date: Sat, 25 May 1996 10:38:07 CST
From: <>
Subject: V.A.Fromkin elected to NAS
Believing that academic merit should be made public, I would
like to communicate to the Linguist List that earlier this month
one of our members, Victoria A. Fromkin at the University of
California at Los Angeles, was elected to the 1848-member
National Academy of Sciences (NAS) [cited in _Science_(1996):

Those unfamiliar with NAS, or what a national academy's
raison d'etre is in academe, should read Wilhelm von Humboldt's
short intervention published in _Great Ideas Today_(1969):348-355
[isbn 85229-146-9] which established the basis for national
academies in the 19th century and the idea of which is still
very much alive today.

Congratulations Professor Fromkin!

R.M. Chandler-Burns
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Message 2: Concordance programs available

Date: Sun, 26 May 1996 09:26:13 CDT
From: Michael Barlow <>
Subject: Concordance programs available

I have made a couple of Mac (HyperTalk) programs, MonoConc and ParaConc
(and their manuals), available over the web. MonoConc is a simple
KWIC concordance program that allows sorting and provides some collocate
frequency information. ParaConc is similar except that it is a bilingual
concordancer designed to work with parallel texts.

It is also possible to download a demo of MonoConc for Windows.

The sites for MonoConc and ParaConc are:

General information on corpora and text analysis is available on the
Corpus Linguistics page:

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