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Wed May 29 1996

Calls: European Association for Machine Translation

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  1. Colin Brace, WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: Call for Participation: EAMT '96 (Vienna)

Message 1: WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: Call for Participation: EAMT '96 (Vienna)

Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 14:40:14 BST
From: Colin Brace <>
Subject: WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: Call for Participation: EAMT '96 (Vienna)

 F I R S T C A L L F O R P A R T I C I P A T I O N


 "Machine Translation: Language Resources, Terminology,
 Economics and User Needs."

 29-30 August, Vienna, Austria

Following up the highly successful Machine Translation Summit held last
year in Luxembourg, the European Association for Machine Translation
(EAMT) will be holding a workshop on MT in conjunction with the Fourth
International Terminology and Knowledge Engineering (TKE) congress being
held in Vienna this year from the 26th to the 30th of August. The EAMT
workshop will be taking place on Thursday the 29th and Friday the 30th of

The theme of this year's EAMT workshop, the only MT-specific event slated
to be held in Europe this year, is "Machine Translation: Language
Resources, Terminology, Economics and User Needs." Focusing on the
real-world application of translation technology, the workshop will cover
such topics as controlled languages, domain-specific lexica, exchange and
re-use of terminology, standardization of coding, pre- and post-editing,
and the economics of using (or not using) translation software. Emphasis
will be on practical issues such as setting up and running translation
services involving MT systems, particularly in countries which have
recently joined the European Union.

Six sessions have been scheduled with the following themes:

 * Standardization of coding

 * Exchange and re-use of terminology

 * Domain-specific lexica

 * Controlled languages, and pre- and post-editing

 * Integration of MT in information management

 * Economics of MT

The first four sessions will take place on Thursday 29 August, starting at
9.30 and ending at 18.00. The fifth and sixth sessions will be held on
Friday 30 August from 9.30 to 13.00. There will be ample opportunity for
discussion, with half-hour coffee/chat breaks between sessions and a
lunch break on Thursday.

Most sessions will have two speakers and last 75 to 80 minutes; the fourth
session will be longer (2 hours) and have three speakers. There will be
ample opportunity for participants to raise
questions, clarify points, and discuss relevant issues.


Among the speakers tentatively scheduled to give presentations are:

Daniel Grasmick (SAP): t.b.a.

Lee Humphreys (GSI-Erli): "Use of linguistic resources like translation
memories in MT systems"

Svetlana Sokolova (Stylus): "Building of domain-specific MT dictionaries"

Friederike Bruckert (Logos): t.b.a.

John Smart (Smart): "Pre- and post-editing tools, controlled languages"

Harri Arnola (Kielikone Oy): "MT in Finland"

Annelise Bech (Lingtech): "Building a domain-based term database"

J"org Sch"utz (IAI, Saarbr"ucken): "Network-based MT services"

Jochen Hummel (Trados): "Practical aspects of integration of MT into
translation memories"

Plus two speakers from the European Commission on the topics "Eurodicautom
import into Systran and export from Systran into TIF" and "Feasibility
study on the use of MT in the European Commission."


The registration fees for the two-day EAMT workshop are:

 Regular fee: AS 2500

 University staff/supporting organizations: AS 1800

 Members of GTW, TermNet, IITF, DTT, EAMT: AS 1800

 Student fee: AS 800


The EAMT is an organization dedicated to the growing community of people
interested in MT and translation tools, including users, developers, and
researchers, of this increasingly viable technology. The EAMT is one of
three regional associations of the International Association for Machine
Translation (IAMT), which is enjoying an increasing number of members
worldwide. The EAMT is the only organization of its kind in Europe and
serves as an important conduit for sharing information about MT.

Together with its sister associations, the EAMT publishes a newsletter,
"MT News International," three times a year. It includes news of upcoming
events, such as workshops and conferences, reports of previous events,
company and product news, and updates of research developments.

Every two years, the IAMT organizes the MT Summit, a unique conference
dedicated to the world of translation technology. The MT Summit alternates
between Europe, North America, and Asia. In 1995, the MT Summit was held
in Luxembourg at the European Commission; in 1997, it will take place in
San Diego, California. In years when the Summit is not being held in
Europe, the EAMT organizes an annual workshop on MT, usually in
conjunction with another event.

The current members of the EAMT organizing committee are:

 John Hutchins, East Anglia, UK (chair)
 Viggo Hansen, Copenhagen, DK (secretary)
 Doris Marty-Albisser, Zurich, CH (treasurer)
 Dimitri Theologitis, Luxembourg
 Bente Maegaard, Copenhagen, DK
 Colin Brace, Amsterdam, NL


For last-minute information about the EAMT TKE '96 workshop or general
information about the EAMT, send an email message to:

To register for the EAMT TKE '96 workshop or to obtain more information
about TKE '96, contact:

 TKE '96
 Gruengasse 9/17
 A-1050 Wien, Austria
 Tel.: +43-1-5867763
 Fax.: +43-1-5867764
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