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TOC: ESCOL '95 proceedings

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  1. Justin Spence, TOC: ESCOL '95 proceedings

Message 1: TOC: ESCOL '95 proceedings

Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 18:05:28 EDT
From: Justin Spence <>
Subject: TOC: ESCOL '95 proceedings
The proceedings volume for the 1995 Eastern States Conference on
Linguistics is now available from CLC Publications. The cost is $20.00
plus shipping for students, $22.00 plus shipping for non-students. The
following is the table of contents from the volume. To find out how to
order, send e-mail to


David Basilico
 Asymmetric Object Positions
Zeljko Boskovic
 Null Case and Certain Differences between French and English
Donald G. Churma and Yili Shi
 Glottal Consonants and the 'Sonority' Hierarchy
William D. Davies and Stanley Dubinsky
 Licensing Conditions for Sentential
 Implications for a Theory of Lexical Insertion
Samira Farwaneh
 The Interaction of Stress and Epenthesis in Arabic
Steven Gross
 Underspecification and Parametric Variation in Fon Vowel
Eric Haeberli
 On Crossing A-Dependencies
Koji Hoshi
 On the Necessity of a "Cooperian" Treatment of E-Type Pronouns:
 Evidence from the Head-Internal Relative Clause in Japanese
Roumyana Izvorski
 (Non-) Matching Effects in Free Relatives and pro-Drop
Christopher Kennedy
 An Indexical Account of Certain Ambiguities
Jeong-Seok Kim
 Feature Geometry, Spread Coronal, and Economy of Derivation
Robert Knippen
 Implicature as Cognition
Fumiko Kumashiro
 On Phonotactic Interactions: Loss of Directionality in Sanskrit
Eun-Joo Kwak
 The Ambiguity of Plurals and Distributivity
Kwangho Lee
 Korean A-Chains and the Chain Condition
Sechang Lee
 Neutralization and Strengthening Processes in Korean
Barbara Luka
 Have We Found English Yet? Investigating Linguistic Experience
 and Introspection
James D. McCawley
 An Overview of "Appositive" Constructions in English
Naomi Nagy and Donna Jo Napoli
 An OT Account of Italian Codas
Lynn Nichols
 A Constraint on A-Positions and the Projection Principle
Shuichi Nobe
 On the Relationships between Spontaneous Gestures and
 Acoustic Aspects of Speech
Mari Broman Olsen
 All Oppositions Are Not Equipollent: Privative Aspect Features
Sandeep Prasada
 Knowledge of the Count/Mass Noun Distinction: The Relation
 of Syntactic, Semantic and Conceptual Structure
Milagrosa Ramos-Santacruz
 On the Derivation and Interpretation of Sluicing
Deborah Schlindwein Schmidt
 Absolute Neutralization and Underspecification
 in Hungarian Vowel Harmony
Keun-Won Sohn
 On the Existence of Overt QR
Grace Song
 Causation, Adicity and Lexical Aspect
Chang-Kook Suh
 Variation as Optimality in Marshallese Word-initial Geminates
Josef Taglicht
 Syntactic Constraints on Intonational Phrasing
Ellen Thompson
 The Discourse Representation of Temporal then
Hiroyuki Ura
 Copy-Raising in Igbo and a Theory of Feature Checking
Lindsay J. Whaley
 Kinyarwanda Topics and Object-Subject Reversal
Maarten de Wind
 Inverted Subjects in French, Nominative Case-checking and
 Expletive Pro in Antisymmetric Minimalism
Mary Wu
 NP-Internal Focus and Contextually Relevant Sets
Ed Zoerner
 Replacing the CSC
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