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Sun Jun 2 1996

Sum: books on L2 writing/pedagogy

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  1. Apisak Pupipat, Sum of some books on L2 writing/pedagogy

Message 1: Sum of some books on L2 writing/pedagogy

Date: Sun, 02 Jun 1996 00:01:12 EDT
From: Apisak Pupipat <>
Subject: Sum of some books on L2 writing/pedagogy

	Some time ago I asked for info on interesting books on L2
writing/pedagogy. My thanks go to the people who replied, esp.

-Gwyn Williams:
who introduces the English language teaching in Asia Mailing list

-Alice Horning:

-Gabrielle Goodwin:

-Andrea Osburne:

-David, McMurray:


	So, here are the info I've got from them plus from my additional
small research. If you have some more to add, pls feel free to send them
to me at:

apisak pupipat...
Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City, USA
A.) Books on L2 writing/pedagogy
1. Kroll, Barbara (Ed.) (1990) "Second Language Writing: Research Insights
for the Classroom." Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
ISBN: 0-521-38778-7
Comments: This book is the most popular among my responders. For me, it's
very well researched, neatly organized, and comprehensive.

2. Reid, Joy (1993) "Teaching ESL Writing." Englewood Cliffs, New
Jersey: Regents/Prentice Hall.
ISBN: 0-13-888215-0
Comments: Also, good for both theoretical & pedagogical issues. Very
popular. An excellent activity book for several people.

3. Connor, Ulla, & Ann M. Johns (Eds.) (1990) "Coherence in Writing:
Research and Pedagogical Perspectives." Alexandria, Virginia: TESOL.
ISBN: 0939791-34-X
Comments: Ranges from the theoretical to the classroom (including also
the late Hinds' frequently-quoted article on contrastive rhetoric,
something on English for Science and Technology by Johns herself, Swales
and Jacobs, and an article on computer-assisted-instruction).

4. Leki, Iona (1992) "Understanding ESL Writers: A Guide for Teachers."
Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Boynton/Cook Publishers (Heinemann).
ISBN: 0-86709-303-X
Comments: A small yet coherent and informative book.

5. Belcher, Diane, & George Braine (Eds.) (1995) "Academic Writing in a
SecondLanguage: Essays on Research and Pedagogy." Norwood, New Jersey: Ablex.
ISBN: 1-56750-116-8
Comments: Topics also include from genre analysis and citations in Chinese
& English academic prose to writing in business and science & technology,
and to assessment and ethnography.

6. Leeds, Bruce (Ed.) (1996) "Writing in a Second Language: Insights from
First and Second Language Teaching and Research." New York:
Londman/Addison-Wesley. ISBN: 0-201-82589-9
Comments: Covers excellent past articles, from L2 & L2 composing, writing
& reading, revision to teacher feedback and assessment. Also contains
Raimes's excellent survey article (1991).

7. Ventola, Eija, & Anna Mauranen (Eds.) (1996) "Academic Writing:
Intercultural and Textual Issues." Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
ISBN: 90 272 5053 7 (Eur.)/1-55619-802-7 (US)
Comments: Contains stuff on contrastive rhetoric of academic prose, e.g.
Swales, Connor, Cmejrkova & Myers.

8. Horning, Alice (1987) "Teaching Writing as a Second Language."
Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press.
And, by the same author:
"Psycholinguistics of Readable Writing" (1993).
Comments (by author): Research on reading, writing, linguistics and
(Contact the author herself for more info.)

9. Perl, Sondra (Ed.) (1994) "Landmark Essays on Writing Process."
Davis, California: Hermagoras Press.
ISBN: 1-880393-13-1
Comments: Like the Leeds volume, it's another compendium of representative
articles from Emig (1971) to Flower & Hayes (1980) to Murray (1991) and
Sommers (1992).

10. Hillocks, George, Jr. (1995) "Teaching Writing as Reflective
New York: Teachers College Press.
ISBN: 0-8077-3434-9
Comments: Perhaps more philosophical than the above titles but readable
and applicable to the classroom. Contains Derida and Vygotsky.

11. Cooper, Marilyn M., & Michael Holzman (1989) "Writing as Social
Action." Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Boynton/Cook Publishers (Heinemann).
ISBN: 0-86709-244-0
Comments: Besides Cooper's own frequently-cited "Ecology of Writing"
(1986), this collection deals with issues like literacy, protocols,
coherence/cohesion, and community as educator.

12. Purves, Alan C. (Ed.) (1988) "Writing across Languages and Cultures:
Issues in Contrastive Rhetoric." Newbury Park, California: Sage.
Comments: Another often-cited volume with lots of insights.

B.) Books on academic/ESP/EST writing
1. Swales, John M., & Christine B. Feak (1994) "Academic Writing for
Graduate Students: A Course for Nonnative Speakers of English." Ann
Arbor: University of Michigan Press.
ISBN: 0-472-08263-9
Comments: To me, another excellent work by Swales & his student. Highly
recommended. Comes with a teacher manual (commentary), too.

2. Murray, Donald M. (1993) "Write to Learn" (Fourth ed.). Fort Worth,
Texas: Harcourt Brace College Publishers.
ISBN: 0-15-500203-1
Comments: A concise volume by a well-known (Pulitzer-prize winner) author.

3. Reid, Joy, & M. Lindstrom (1985) "Process of Paragraph Writing."
Prentice Hall/Regent.
Comments (by David McMurray): "Classic/good coverage of basic writing

4. Oshima, Alice, & Ann Hogue (1991) "Writing Academic English." Addison
Comments: To me, this is an excellent book for EAP students.

5. Rooks, George M. (1988) "Pragraph Power."
Comments (by David McMurray): "Have used for hundreds of students, works
well for intermediate & advanced"

6. Suid, Murray, & Wanda Lincoln (1989) "Recipes for Writing." Addison
Comments (by David McMurray): "fun & creative"
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